Prepositions used with "it"

"of it", "in it" or "for it"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 29% of cases it of is used

The elasticity of IT is the key.

Philip has over 23 years of IT experience.

Dear Manish -- I have total 14 years of IT experiance.

Both Roger and Hilary are committed to the increasing use of IT as a flock management tool.

Apptio provides businesses with information about the total cost of IT and outsourcing projects.

In this article, I'd trying to differentiate and describe the different flavours of IT Automation.

If you are going for IT consultancy, it is better to choose a consultancy that has a team of IT experts working for them.

This is true even for people within the same organisation (Marketing Director vs Head of IT, Account Director vs Designer).

What has been the Indian government's response to virtualization of IT? To me the Indian government is frozen on decisions.

In 25% of cases it in is used

I started in IT as a mainframe programmer.

Therefore, we would be buyers in IT stocks on dips.

This then may survive foreseeable developments in IT.

We are currently looking for new graduates for employment opportunities in IT starting now.

I Then explained to the guy that I worked in IT and that there was nothing wrong with my PC.

She has an MBA in IT and Business Management from Schiller International University, Florida.

During a long career with HSBC, he held various positions in IT, including the position of Group Chief Information Officer.

I think Jeremy's point is that it's hard for them to do so until employers start actually caring about professionalism in IT.

His next major book (Katsh, 1995) came as many more people - even lawyers - were becoming much more familiar with changes in IT.

The CIOs that Gartner questioned during the last three months of 2011 represent more than US$321 billion in IT budgets and work.

In 17% of cases it for is used

Currently seeking for IT placement.

GO FOR IT! But the nose and lip thing?

Luckily we have a lot in the tin for IT as well.

GO FOR IT! Also, I have attached a link to a lovely guide to the beginnings of flirtation.

For IT Professionals there are some interesting Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics out there.

He's main goal is inspire other people to play and share the same passion that he feels for IT.

India is not just for IT/ITES, we have our foot steps already set in for Automobile, Electronics Manufacturing sectors.

If you are going for IT consultancy, it is better to choose a consultancy that has a team of IT experts working for them.

GMs for IT were supposed to work on procuring computers, developing and buying software, and training officials of the SCBs.

Expected outcome I am hoping that despite the teething problems, the National Programme for IT will eventually prove successful.

In 6% of cases it on is used


Whenever a story is published about money wasted by the government on IT there is a public backlash.

This could lead spending on IT services providers as businesses look for the right skills to do this.

I work on IT at a telecom, and the data on climate really seems tiny compared to the GB that we process everyday.

The central government at the moment is preoccupied with other issues and not because it does not want to progress on IT.

The same applied to the contribution of FDI and technology; although more expenses on IT, especially the internet leads to more spillovers.

The development teams rely on IT to create, maintain and provision agile development environments, but IT is unable to keep up with the demand.

Vaughan is one of the world's experts on IT business operations and deserves to be heard on a larger platform, one which CompTIA will now provide.

Wini Group as a company focuses on IT Security, Risk and Compliance and business solutions with strong partnership with over 30 global IT security firms.

Thanks to the private sectors for bringing the name of India in IT world, by just focusing on IT service Industry, where no research and innovations are.

In 6% of cases it to is used

Later I transcribed it to IT format and finalised it.

All those fresh-faced graduates now going into IT should beware.

It is in fact closer to, and best viewed as, David Lynch paying homage to IT 'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

At age 22, I was a maths lecturer in Trinity College, giving lectures to IT night degree students.

Sometimes it's wholly unknown to IT staff and sometimes it's not, though IT isn't exactly consulted.

Other advice would be to branch out into IT project management - that's where the really big bucks are.

Put your Heart to It LEO is the second of the fiery trinity, the other two being Aries and Sagittarius.

What is clear, however, is that the notion of activity-based costing (ABC) has yet to make inroads into IT.

Be sure to educate yourself to the options available because when it comes to IT what you don't know can cost you.

GET USED TO IT! I KNOW how much it costs to make things like this because I do it all the time and people all have opinions.

In 5% of cases it about is used

Various internet marketer's don't know jerk about I.T too!

Gartner also questioned the CIOs about IT budgets for 2012, which globally will remain essentially flat.

The thing about Jobs was that he eventually became passionate about IT and became incredibly good at it.

What will you say about IT inside Intel? Intel is a global company and, keeping in line with this, Intel's IT is a global asset.

However, I feel that the mid-size companies are yet not fully aware about IT benefits and unfortunately have a conservative approach.

And if you think I no nothing about IT, I used to build computers, and run a dual boot XP/Ubuntu setup, XP for 3D CAD engineering design.

What is FTP? I know a lot would- be that want to start an online business but are afraid of staring because they don't know jerk about I.T.

He only was passionate about IT late on, presumably because it made him more money than going on a spiritual journey which was his interest in the first place.

The other good thing about IT though is that you don't have to be a manager and have all the hassle that goes with it to earn megabucks if you can specialise in something on the technical side.

In 5% of cases it with is used

I belong to the old generation and not fully conversant with IT.

Though he is now into research and developmental work, he continues to be well adept with IT.

Only 25 percent reported a discussion with IT, suggesting that 75 percent were left to exercise their own judgment.

As someone who works with IT companies to help them with PSA deployments, I found the integration sessions very useful.

Customer hence need not worry about buying, managing, maintaining, upgrading along with obsolescence challenges associated with IT.

However, the Kinect has changed something so significant, so utterly mind-blowing that most of the time, I switch it on just so I can play with IT.

With IT planning to migrations off Windows XP, the roll-out of new MS server products and Office 2013, supporting Macs is probably the last thing IT admins need.

With IT Partners Consulting as your valued business partner, you get the expertise necessary to create and realize business value, and to run SAP projects successfully.

IT became a proven practice around Y2K, finance started taking off around five to seven years ago and we're now seeing finance almost catch up with IT in percentage terms.

And the one thing that remains true is that organisations that innovate with IT will be the ones that come out of recession the strongest, and thrive through the recovery.

In 3% of cases it at is used



He is working at IT Links, a software house, and owns YasirSaeed.

In the past 12 months, more than 150,000 job losses have been reported at IT vendors worldwide.

IF I DO NT WANT TO LOOK AT IT, IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!! Don't people get that?? When good citzens fear their gov.

The biggest message I heard: DO SOMETHING and KEEP AT IT -- Choose the activity you feel comfortable with and work on it consistently.

The ethics of an organization and of the people who staff that organization is an often overlooked aspect of the organization and today I will look at IT Ethics.

Librescu, when he saw the evil standing in the door - which he had seen before six decades earlier and thus recognized - didn't run AWAY from the evil, he ran STRAIGHT AT IT.

The reason outsourcing became popular in the first place is that IT departments completely failed to engage with the rest of their business in terms that the business could understand.

In 3% of cases it by is used

The list of the services provided by IT consultants is very long.

Only once it has proven itself does it stand any chance of being purchased by IT departments.

Secondly, it is used by IT people to describe the systems, software and applications that provide the process framework.

While this philosophy has worked fine in the consumer space, it's been almost universally frowned upon by IT departments.

In fact, the tourism and the hospitality industry is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world, followed by IT.

PUE is a measure of data center efficiency: the total power going into the building is compared to the amount of juice consumed by IT gear.

But some people are not willing to take risk while earning more money by IT but Some people has to take risk and try to be a entrepreneur, they are not having that much of money.

Rate this: +15 -2 Murali said: (Fri, Aug 5, 2011 05:38:56 AM) Even parents are not supporting for new innovation they need to settle in life as soon as possible this can be provided only by IT field.

In 2% of cases it from is used

Case in point, take a look at this new report from IT security consultant Mark Burnett.

In addition to products, they also buy services ranging from IT to HVAC and construction.

From IT workstations to healthcare and Government protocols, everything is getting ported to a cloud environment.

If it was that easy, to just run, why don't more people do it? Because It's Easier to Run Away From It Most people find it ridiculously easy to be armchair supporters.

Abstract At a time of growing IT expenditure and increased accountability for delivering value from IT, executives are asking if it makes sense to run IT as a business.

Free up IT - No more maintenance hassle ACM very much puts the business user in the day to day driving seat, hence moving the burden of content creation and maintenance away from IT.

Subjects range from IT and business communications to management and computing, whilst Maths and English are available for anyone wanting to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

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