Prepositions used with "issue"

"of issue" or "on issue"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases issue of is used

I had no end of issues with the 2.

This brings up all kinds of issues.

But Point 3 ignores a lot of issues.

People should also be made well aware of issues of stagnant water and how to avoid it.

And it opened my mind to alot of issues that helped me later on when I was growing up.

A sense of issue fatigue can take hold, born of the difficulty of making rapid progress.

This bill would eliminate a lot of the sort of issues that plague the agency and make space exploration so expensive.

You don't need to wish to have to think about this kind of issues, therefore make certain if you're usually cautious.

I stuck with the series however and Issue #2 was a turning point and by the final page of Issue #3, I was totally sold.

There is a deadline of one month from date of issue of the parent verification list within which the appeal can be made.

In 27% of cases issue on is used

Thus, I do not delve on issues.

He's right on issue, they have seeking clever.

He has worked on issues related to HIV and AIDS since1988.

When it comes right down to it Romney has almost the same positions on issues as Obama.

The meeting will see heated debate on issues such as banking union and eurozone budgets.

The Church is due to publish a review of its stance on issues around sexuality next year.

Infact there is need for a specialized unit trained on issues of trafficking within the security enforcement agents.

I am looking for an honest dialogue on issues of teaching and learning and ways to be more effective in the classroom.

Papers, presentations, workshops and pre-formed panels are invited on issues related to any of the following themes: 1.

Bekele concludes by encouraging Africa to continue focusing on issue based matters and prepare for the delegation of the.

In 7% of cases issue to is used

I have been critical of Jonathan's style and slow approach to issues.

Use the cards alone or with others to seek innovative solutions to issues.

In addition to issues around legality, these emails could have something else: traction.

The criterion of seriousness relates primarily to issues of cost-effectiveness and ethics.

With regard to issue #4, the first group of people who should be tracked with GPS 24/7 is law-enforcement.

However, he must know that I value him, even if and when we differ in our approaches to issues, and on perspectives.

This first contact also provides an opportunity to sensitize other organizations to issues in supported volunteering.

Malathy did not wait for Western media to start re-evaluating itself in regards to issues truth, balance, and fairness.

I n addition to issues relating to land, First Nations have also faced challenges in becoming fully recognized citizens.

In 7% of cases issue with is used

C government with issues around government corruption.

Find other people with issues that are exactly like yours.

Evidently, this young woman is dealing with issues you can't handle.

Even in retirement, the cardinal kept up with issues of importance in the life of the Church.

At the regional level we're also involved with issues with LDCs and climate change in general.

Some of them are very complex and all deal with issues in the future, which no-one can accurately predict.

We not only want to see but support reconciliation and to deal with issues that arose during the course of the conflict.

The IOC is only concerned with issues of citizenship and nationality after individual nations have granted citizenship to athletes.

The themes of Siamese Dream dealt with issues that Billy Corgan himself was going through -- both as an artist and as an individual.

It was also heavy with issues related to being a working mother, which always interests me to some extent because I can relate to it.

In 6% of cases issue about is used

It is his job to speak about issues like this.

If you are concerned about issues, let your legislator know.

Who wants to be bothered about issues like this? Definitely not me.

I'd talking about issues at the population level here, not commenting on individuals.

He decided to make the election about a cult of personality rather than about issues.

This month Vibewire will be talking about issues that are important to the LGBTIQ community.

That is precisely why I started posting about issues, because I decided I should put my bandwidth where my mouth is.

I say to you, We definitely obtain annoyed even while people think about issues that they just do not comprehend about.

James Dawes ' That the World May Know: Bearing Witness to Atrocity is also End Page 1008 worried about issues of genre.

He observed that politicians feared the ballot box as such they feared to talk about issues because they could be voted out.

In 5% of cases issue at is used

At issue now are two questions.

Its local economic sustainability thats at issue.

What is at issue now is the very nature of our democracy.

At issue was the fact that AFP had treated the picture as merchandise, not information.

The way in which he used the word at issue and its meaning where he comes from is crucial.

That is at issue here: the US housing market is way beyond any shape or form of salvation.

At issue is a government promise almost five years ago to grant them a 50 % salary increase which has never been fulfilled.

But Justices Scalia and Kennedy, who had voted to strike down the laws at issue in the 1995 and 2000 cases, were in the majority.

The First Amendment argument isn't going to win since it's the functional aspect of the link that's at issue, not the speech aspect.

This has racial implications ' when patterns of group success rather than the idiosyncrasies of individual success are at issue ' (Hochschild 1995: 32).

In 5% of cases issue in is used

Added costs associated with more detailed categories are discussed in Issue 6 below.

This harm is especially great if the decision in issue is complicated or policy-laden.

Ms O'Reilly made no submissions on this point or the other points in issue in the case.

I did not want respondents to have any suspicions that I was interested in issues of ' race '.

Two out of the ten white respondents tied in issues of ' race ' and ethnicity into their responses.

So there is significant potential, for Sri Lanka to play a greater role, in issues such as counter piracy.

I don't know how you manage to make Vixen, Fire and Ice lack personality, but it happened in issue after issue.

Currently, under family law, the child has no legal right to have their voice heard in issues like custody cases.

Quality of life will be improved when people who live and work here will have a in issues that matter most to them.

In 2% of cases issue for is used

Lighthouse for Issue Tracking 4.

Postponement for issue of process 202.

That requires both agility and a feel for issues.

Wonder if a MagPi article would be helpful, I almost wrote one on this for Issue 3 or 4.

If the progress can be maintained while also adjusting for issues like these, that's a win-win.

Section 151 deals with sanction for issue of notice u/s 148 and it nowhere refers to section 124.

Note: Sometimes, a transformer is used only for issues of isolation, the output voltage being equal to the input voltage.

For issues of this nature, I think a 3rd party regulatory agency, preferably unrelated to football handles the investigation.

The two uniface banknotes illustrated here are the only two denominations known to have been prepared by Gardiner for issue in the Rif.

On the net is usually a lot where we look for issues, and these contracts are posted on the web, as a matter of fact, the government has a web page dedicated to them.

In 1% of cases issue into is used

Facebook ran into issues using MapReduce, however.

I looked into issues that might have been caused when I upgraded to Mountain Lion.

I know it sounds mean, but when you seek no desire to read or gain further knowledge into issues.

As today more hard critical thought is put into issues like this, it is unlikely similar legislation would get up it put out for public scrutiny.

This continues into issue 15, with Raphael questioning Leonardo's decisions whilst Donatello admonishes his brother's wimpiness and ribs Michelangelo.

Indeed, when news about Otabil's claims concerning the free SHS education was published, some of us read deeper meanings into issues and took our stance therefrom.

Because of this if you happen to run into issues, not like different electronic businesses and building contractors, they won't demand pertaining to product takes years.

In 1% of cases issue over is used

The union which has since broken down completely over issues relating to infidelity has returned her to the status of single parent Nigerian celebrity.

Local communites will have the power to prohibit these stores and, if they choose to allow these busineses, will have total control over issues such as zoning and signage.

WRT to past developments and everyone finding a buyer I think folks have gone over and over issues about why the suburbs developed the way they did from 1945 to 1995 or so.

Recently, more than a few Seders have led to family bust-ups over issues like the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the Goldstone Report and the Ben-ami Kadish spy episode.

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