Prepositions used with "island"

"of island", "on island" or "to island"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases island of is used

What follows may be the death of island living as we know it.

The west coast of Pemba is full of islands, bays and lagoons.

The best-known destination in Northland is the Bay of Islands.

One such place is Whangamumu Harbour, just south of Cape Brett and the Bay of Islands.

This group of islands, owned by Spain, are found off the west coast of northern Africa.

This national marine park is dotted with dozens of islands, limestone cliffs and caves.

If you are an ocean loving person then you will never want to leave the Bay of Islands once you have set your foot on it.

Murano is a series of islands off Venice in northern Italy, an area that is famous for its glassmakers and chandelier design.

A full day of island hopping will cost between P1000 and P1200 for the boat hire - this is very cheap if there are four of you.

And when you see the first glimpse of the sea at the top of the hill at Opua, you know you've arrived in the magical Bay of Islands.

In 11% of cases island on is used

Anyways, Malaysia's best beaches are located on Islands.

Any answers/payoff I was looking for, I was looking for in the on island stuff.

As with Foxes and Stoats, surplus killing occurs which can lead to problems on islands with bird colonies.

The survivors took refuge on islands in Lake Horowhenua, from where they were removed as the Ngati Toa required meat.

Over the 51 years between censuses the numbers of species on islands remained almost perfectly constant, but turnover was as high as 62%, i.

Over the 51 years between censuses the numbers of species on islands remained almost perfectly constant, but turnover was as high as 62%, i.

The area receives more rainfall than any other area on island resulting in verdant pastures, rivers and landscapes teaming with indigenous flora and fauna.

The location roughly falls in Asian countries, Australia, Africa, South and Central America, Mexico and on islands in the Pacific, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean.

In 11% of cases island to is used

If you want to go to island you have to hire a boat.

But Spam-for-dinner doesn't have to be refined to island cuisine.

They evolved from boats to islands which house up to 8 families.

This poses a very dangerous threat to islands as well as coastal areas of all counties.

Sometimes I call this the hospital run: backroads from Gleneagles to Island to Adventist.

The turnover rate should be inversely related to island distance (isolation) according to the theory.

Well, if you can not afford to go to Islands, your options are Port Dickson, Cherating, Teluk Cempedak, Terrenganu.

It is about 1 km from the pier to the airport, 1 km from the airport to Island City Mall and the Integrated Bus Terminal.

Why should turnover be related to island area or isolation? Consider first 2 islands at equal distance from the source, but differing in area.

Meanwhile, more and more of the world's affluent elite head to island supported by increasing numbers of VIP areas such as those found in Pacha, Amnesia, and new super-venue Ushuaia.

In 4% of cases island by is used

She'll get taken prisoner by island scavengers.

Although many were already spoken for by islands like Nila, Teun, and Serua we did have 7 we could donate to Dr.

It was released by Island Records on February 8, 2011 as the lead single from her seventh studio album Love? (2011).

By Island standards, Vanuatu is a very safe place, and much is made about it being the friendliest place in the world.

In 4% of cases island from is used

From Island City Mall, we took a jeep to Panglao Island.

It is a world apart, yet only moments from island shopping, dining and recreation.

For many generations before Samoa was discovered, the Samoans travelled from island to island in home-built canoes.

The process of re-equilibration, however, involved extinction of species from islands supersaturated due to their reduction in size.

But in the end, the Supreme Award went to a flavoursome Polish-inspired number: a Smoked Kielbasa from Island Bay &; Strathmore Butcheries in Wellington.

In 4% of cases island in is used

They live in islands of affluence and influence in seas of effluence.

Although comparatively little American capital was invested in island industries, U.

Limited culling also occurs in island populations of Forester Kangaroo in order to combat over-population and disease.

His work is helping to protect endangered native species and to maintain New Zealand's reputation as a world leader in island conservation.

In 4% of cases island with is used

We've been talking with Island (their record label) about when we'll put it out.

In prehistoric times it was a large lake dotted with islands, the highest of which were the hill of Aileach, and the hill of Oaks on which Derry City is situated.

Living here for twenty three years, with two grown up children, she is settled and content with island life, feeling more at home here than in the depths of Wiltshire.

The smaller, sub-islands were then censused repeatedly over a time interval sufficient to permit re-equilibration to find out how species numbers changed with island area.

After the movie became a hit in most of Europe, USA, Australia it was not released in Africa and South America as well as most of Asia, I parted company with Island Records.

In 3% of cases island at is used

Over 30 designers showed collections aimed firmly at island life.

Later, Wellington would get its own (at Island Bay) and to some degree Christchurch too.

What is certain, is that Goat Island is in no way representative of the normal situation.

The first marine reserve at Goat Island, adjacent to the Leigh Marine Laboratory, was gazetted in 1975.

While diving at Island Bay in Wellington, my camera suddenly was jerked sideways, as an octopus was intent on keeping it.

We observed that the collapse happened suddenly after heavy rains and mud storms in winter, that we think, were related to the widening of Goat Island Road.

The diagram shows how the crayfish population at the Goat Island marine reserve increased rapidly to a maximum level in only five years, but suddenly collapsed in 1998.

Note also that since 1992, the Goat Island marine reserve has suffered other severe symptoms of degradation, such as the complete kelpbed death of 92/93 and the urchin kill afterwards.

To give an idea about these points, taking photographs of big snapper is much easier inside marine reserves, yet the best dive spots around Leigh are not found inside the Goat Island marine reserve.

In 3% of cases island for is used

Honda bay is well known for island hopping and snorkeling activities.

I clearly understand why the boat we used for island hopping was not allowed to go to the sanctuary.

Beaches Like I said, Ibiza is known for island parties, visiting the place is not complete without going to one of the wonderful beaches in this island.

In 1% of cases island over is used

I've hung out of light aircraft over islands in The Maldives - trusting strangers not to let go of my ankles.

No compromise over East China Sea islands Tensions in the East China Sea have risen dramatically in recent months over islands known as the Diaoyus to Beijing and claimed by Tokyo as the Senkakus.

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