Prepositions used with "islam"

"of islam" or "in islam"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 51% of cases islam of is used

He was a bitter enemy of Islam.

I just quote the leaders of Islam.

This is a pure exploitation of Islam.

Since 9/11, muslims have committed 19,180 separate terror attacks in the name of Islam.

We tell people about Islam, because we wish they too can share in the message of Islam.

We are in need of people really learning about the basics of Islam, rather than engaging themselves in these matters.

Any means that does not embody the core truths and ethics of Islam is not from Islam and thus denounced as aberration.

This is not to suggest in any way that those who attack the great Madhhab s are the conscious tools of Islam's enemies.

This in spite of the fact that most American Muslims don't even practice the strict, ultra-conservative brand of Islam.

In 19% of cases islam in is used

There is NO COPYRIGHT in Islam.

In Islam this is known as Zakat.

A bid'ah is a major sin in Islam.

Muslims have never prayed close to it, and it has never had a special relevance in Islam.

But after becoming a Muslim, I have found so many new friends who are my sisters in Islam.

His heart is not in Islam so shaytan tricked him to take the form of Jesus who said I can do nothing of my own power.

For example in Islam there is no such thing as Clergy, although in some Shia beliefs the Imams might equate to clerics.

If euthanasia was permissible in Islam then I believe Allah must had sent his message through his prophets or in Quran.

Banker-Customer relationships in Islam are established on a profit/loss income sharing arrangement instead of interest.

In 12% of cases islam to is used

Add that to Islam vs everyone else.

We must oppose Umno and ' turn ' to Islam.

And to find that answer I turned to Islam.

My government and our media capitulated to Islam years ago, after the Rushdie incident.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted Juayreah's tribe (Beni Al Mostalag) to convert to Islam.

One of the reasons he was attracted to Islam was that alcohol is forbidden for Muslims.

Nevertheless Storm noted despite his strict adherence to Islam, he permitted his wife to watch TV and listen to music.

Equally painful is the mindless damage to Buddhist religious places in Bangladesh because of Facebook insults to Islam.

The latter event came as a near death-blow to Islam, which was till then enjoying centuries of unchallenged domination.

I am happy that my mother finally reverted to Islam at about 80 years old and she is independent still at about 86 in Lagos.

In 5% of cases islam about is used

I knew about Islam through these Muslims though.

This was the first time for me to hear about Islam.

I kept my interest about Islam to myself; it remained merely a big curiosity for me.

He was talking about Islam the Deen he was assigned by God to propagate God's religion.

There's also a lot of videos scattered on Youtube about Islam criticizing Christianity.

If you merely say anything that's derogatory about Islam, then they immediately go to violence, which I've experienced.

I was not aware of anything about Islamic doctrine and ideology at that time, but I really had deep interest in theology.

And he told her more about Islam, brought her Islamic books in German, and tried to answer her questions about the religion.

I think that among many other misconceptions about Islam is the notion that it unconditionally allows a Muslim to have four wives.

In 3% of cases islam by is used

The society, as a whole did not accept the reformation started by Islam.

Christianity would be dissapear from there, ocuppied by islam, of course.

This honoring of the neighbor is an example of the tolerance promoted by Islam.

A similar instance can be observed in the case of the political set up envisaged by Islam.

So she attains the social manners that are encouraged by Islam, and earns the reward of Allah (S.

Adding the prefix ' Islam ' therefore implies that this irrational fear is triggered by Islam and directed at Muslims.

Following are some of the issues, that I have also observed, which highly violate the women rights as granted by Islam.

But this should not stop her from having fun occasionally, in ways that are permitted by Islam, which leaves room for such entertainment.

In 3% of cases islam on is used

I never claim to be an expert on Islam.

Before any of you comment on Islam please educate yourself.

There are a number of good introductory books on Islam available.

On two occasions at least, Ayoub testified as a specialist on Islam in Canadian trials.

A great deal of the early work on Islam to come out of the sub-Continent was of this nature.

I can't make up my mind whether the plethora of CiF pieces on Islam is a good or a bad thing.

He is the president of the CIC's Board of directors and the chairman of the Edmonton Islamic Academy's Board of trusrees.

I am diametrically opposed to some of his views on Islam and Muslims but he isn't what you pain him out top be On to the FO.

It seems you have no understanding of Islmic theology(don't feel bad most people here who try to comment on Islam have no idea).

He has written two novels, Because of Honor (a novel on Islam in Africa) and These Good People (a novel on corruption in Africa).

In 3% of cases islam With is used

Now: contrast both of these with Islam.

Look at the Shiite Sunni issues with Islam.

The United States is not at war with Islam per se, U.

Before nato, the taliban kept a lid of opium because it was not compatible with islam.

Cultural Marxism/multiculturalism, especially in combination with Islam, will defeat itself.

What matters is whether the custom is compatible with Islam, not how widely it is spread among people.

Here she records her encounter with Islam: Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had a profound relationship with God.

As the West (and other regions/cultures) have been at war with Islam for over 1000 years, me for one don't expect it to be over soon.

Islamisation has come a long way in Bangladesh with Islam now the official religion and agitation led by the Jamaat for an Islamic Republic.

They are certainly agents of the state machine which itself is in league with Islam for reasons which have not yet been consciously identified.

In 2% of cases islam against is used

His propaganda machine against the House of Ali (AS ), in fact against Islam, began its work in earnest.

After the battle of Badr he was the commander of all the expeditions that moved towards Medina fighting against Islam.

Well Its a country where gays are not given their basic rights, Its a country where you can not speak against Islam freely.

The very Muslims fought against Islam when they got the reigns of authority, and then, they affected too much their peoples.

Till date after studying the sources of Islam, I haven't face any such situation which made me feel sorry for writing against Islam.

After going through loads of Book about Islam, I planned to start writing by myself, and for the first time I started writing publicly against Islam on August 2011.

But if a small incident occurs in anywhere in the world in which a Muslim person can be blamed, these agencies will create huge outcry against Islam and the Muslims.

National Post constantly writes and inspires hate against Muslims? Several other newspapers and media reporters run stories on daily basis against Islam and Muslims.

Their best warriors were killed, their unity against Islam was crushed, their pride was humiliated and their prestige before Arab clans was lowered by him and by him alone.

In 2% of cases islam for is used

They are not in any way fighting for Islam.

They're spineless fools, claiming to be fighting for Islam.

They are striking a blow for Islam, for the glory of their religion.

The battle of Uhad was difficult for Islam as might have been feared.

Thus it is embarrassing for Islam if no Uthmanic manuscripts can be produced.

The statistics for Islam in Jamaica estimate a total Muslim population of 5,000.

The Center has a $20 million endowment provided by the Saudis to cover for Islam.

He was for Islam and his whole life was for Islam and its establishment on earth.

The conquest of Mecca and the purging of idols from Holy Ka'aba proved a great victory for Islam.

Nations who have attacked Muslims for Islam have been brought to destruction and then ceased to be powerful.

In 1% of cases islam from is used

My parents, especially my mother, tried for several months to distance me from Islam.

But you'll find you're not as free as you think you are if you try and convert away from Islam.

Any means that does not embody the core truths and ethics of Islam is not from Islam and thus denounced as aberration.

Looking at South Asian Muslim customs, we observe that many of them are derived from Islam's close contact with Hinduism.

Their argument in Bangladesh, as in Egypt and Algeria, is that democracy is un-Islamic because laws can only come from Islam.

In Spain, the State was experiencing cases where false converts, particularly from Islam, were trying to infiltrate and overthrow the Monarchy.

The argument is such: Christians and Jews who are isolated from Islam have the possibility to go to heaven but those who have been exposed to Islam do not.

Also, those who seek to convert people away from Islam into other faiths or to destroy the Islamic government would naturally be considered as traitors and then dealt with as such.

Without the slightest embarrassment, he told me that his mission there was all about bribery, distributing free clothes, food, medicine and education to draw local people away from Islam.

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