Prepositions used with "ipad"

"of ipad" or "for ipad"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 29% of cases ipad of is used
    They fear a mass recall of ipad 3s.
    In addition, the table excludes sales of ipad.
    Each generation of ipad requires a corresponding dock.
    However the tech specs pan out, this thing is going to cannibalize the hell out of ipad sales.
    As one person on twitter said the new ipad 4 chip will be powered by the tears of ipad 3 owners.
    All makes of ipad mini are currently showing a 2-week waiting period for shipment on Apple's site.
    No scotch tape or power tools required! Boomerang is fully compatible with all versions of ipad (*except ipad1 &ipad; Mini).
    READ MORE Acne offer a smart and elegant means of ipad transportation with their new leather case for the electronic device.
    My guess is that millions of ipads could be exchanged and this could end up damaging Apples brand and costing them a fortune.
    But Apple must have planned for the large number of ipad3? s, it must have sitting in its inventory at the moment, which are now obsolete.

    In 28% of cases ipad for is used
    Apple apps from the App Store are designed specifically for ipad.
    Right from the start, apps made for ipad also work with ipad mini.
    In a similar style of casual game, I tried out the Lego Harry Potter for ipad.
    So good! I checked out ' Jenny Pox ' for my Kindle for ipad yesterday and started it last night.
    With iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand for ipad, you can do all the fun, creative things you love to do.
    Even for my own personal use i prototype, here something i did over the weekend for ipad: http: **35;569;TOOLONG.
    Recent additions include ' clippings ' for ipad, allowing you to save articles for later reading, and enhanced graphics.
    What will happen once we start promotion of the app for ipad? We will send announcement of your ipad app by emails or via contact forms.
    Comics for ipad has been around for some time but the recent changes and updates in this fine app have really made it a super hit app among comics and reading fans everywhere.
    Form Factor &; Design Although the Nexus 7 is nothing revolutionary in terms of design, it feels good and light in the hand, as it weighs a measly 340g (versus 652g for ipad 3).

    In 13% of cases ipad on is used
    It is only playable on ipad 2 or above, such is The Room's fidelity.
    You can answer a FaceTime call not only on iPhone, but on ipad and Mac as well.
    The one thing about the third generation ipad that concerned me was the heat issue.
    Streaming hi-res movie trailers looked better on the retina ipad, but still looked great on ipad 2.
    What about the improved camera? Sure, it takes better pictures than the joke of a camera on ipad 2.
    Text is very sharp, even for very small fonts, and this makes reading on ipad much more comfortable.
    But you have another option that I think is pretty attractive: buying a used 3rd-generation ipad at a much reduced price.
    The differences between the 3rd and 4th generation ipads are mostly minor and won't affect the actual experience of using the device for many folks.
    On ipad 2, your eye can indeed discern individual pixels if you look closely enough, whereas on the retina ipad, it's like looking at a real print of the photo.
    A reader emailed me another good reason to consider an ipad with cellular connectivity (4G on the 3rd-generation ipad, 3G on the ipad 2) instead of just the wifi-only model.

    In 8% of cases ipad with is used
    Right from the start, apps made for ipad also work with ipad mini.
    It would be a best option with ipad mini because of Apple being a good brand and because of the enthusiasm for the small screen.
    Specifically, I would like to know if there is a wireless microphone that can be used with ipad, so that someone can speak into the microphone and.

    In 7% of cases ipad about is used
    Once we completed sending, we'll provide you a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the information about ipad application we've promoted for you.
    By promotion of the ipad app we mean sending its announce to editors of popular news sites that write about ipad apps and owners of most popular blogs who write about ipad apps.
    Then we get a quick hand over to Tim Cook talking about ipad and its performance to date, saying Apple had sold 100 million ipads to date thats just two and half years since the launch of the ipad.

    In 6% of cases ipad to is used
    Change the User Agent to ipad and presto the pages work fine.
    Some students are not just better than their teachers or parents when it comes to ipad tricks.
    Images, videos, galleries and text will scale down gracefully to ipad, iPhone and all mobile devices.
    The Nexus 7 at 199 is a damn steal compared to ipad prices, and it is priced in line with Amazon's cheap-but-good Fire HD devices.
    Where this is different to Apple is that Apple has iPhone to ipad app compatibility, where as Microsoft will have RT tablet to Pro app compatibility.

    In 3% of cases ipad from is used
    So, for me, the only new feature that matters enough to justify the upgrade from ipad 2 is the retina display.
    I want Security Patches, virus protection programs, and an unholy marriage between tiles and desktop environments - none of which I get from ipad.

    In 3% of cases ipad in is used
    As usual, the game is sold separately in ipad version and iPhone version.
    Their latest quarterly earnings result (for the quarter ending June 30, 2012) showed a massive jump in ipad sales - 17 million units sold, an 84% increase than in the same quarter in 2011.

    In 2% of cases ipad at is used
    It means if you were reading a web page on your iPhone, you can continue your reading at ipad from the same point.
    Don't look down at ipad 2 just because Apple shaved off $100 from its price, because Apple just opened its door wider to the public.

    In 1% of cases ipad into is used
    Get into ipad, which is an amazing example of finding the gap.

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