Prepositions used with "investment"

"of investment", "on investment" or "for investment"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases investment of is used

The fund sources of investment were still sufficient.

The financial crisis scared away a lot of investment.

There are loads of choices for this type of investment.

Yet the rate of investment over the same period was around 20 per cent of the gnp.

They are the types of investments that help support long-term economic prosperity.

Chelsea have an aging squad in need of investment which they may, of course, yet get.

In East Africa we have a lot of investments already and we plan to expand within the companies that we have today.

Manufacturing needs a big amount of investment initially and lots of paper also need to approved by our government.

One can't help forming an impression that in the matter of investments, she prefers investment flows from the West.

We offer a wide range of investment incentives just like several other popular investment destinations in the world.

In 21% of cases investment on is used

Thats a 65% return on investment.

Do not follow any unsolicited advice on investments.

Do not follow any unsolicited advice on investments.

Never ever jump in on investment deals or products that we do nt fully understand.

For many, much or all of it comes from inheritances and money made on investments.

The Wilpons are also not getting the pre Madoff scandal 18% return on investments.

Having spent 400 million dollars without any ROI, return on investment would have any CEO pulling out their hair.

I would be perfectly willing to go back to that even though I benefit from current low rates on investment income.

There, the wealth were able to earn an effective 10% return on a $10 million investment with an insured investment.

The figure represented a 23% increase on investment plans set out in a previous survey in the first quarter of 2012.

In 17% of cases investment for is used

Then, save the money for investment.

Lack of capital for investment in alternative industries.

They're also delighted with the extra billions for investment.

Some people are buying apartments in the Dominican Republic for investment purposes.

The mere threat of an edict would be enough to limit long-term loans for investment.

It intends to keep the listing status with a view of using the cash for investments.

Business people will look for fresh avenues for investments and will register growth in their income and profit.

She said, technical textile consumption expansion, if not for investment, India must continue to rely on imports.

These are not true contributions as they do not go to a pension fund for investment as in private sector schemes.

As a result, the NBI said that the commoners formed groups in order to meet the P250,000 requirement for investment.

In 8% of cases investment in is used

A big worry is the decline in investment.

That is reflected in investment performance.

Both in jobs and in investment and equipment.

The immediate impact is being felt acutely in investment in new equipment and facilities.

In contrast, there were declines in investment in computers and other office equipment (-7.

In the last 6 months, we have facilitated over 300,000 euros in investment and 150,000 euros in prizes.

She has also worked in investment banking, managing system integration projects for the Royal Bank of Scotland (UK).

Prior to joining FINCA in 2005, Sona worked in investment banking in New York and management consulting in Washington, DC.

At the same time, the cooperation in investment and other fields between the two countries has also made various developments.

The mainframes were expensive and it was important for the organizations to find ways to maximize the earnings in investments.

In 6% of cases investment to is used

The same applies to investment.

William Coughlin, CFA - Advisor to Investment Committee Mr.

TRIMs relates more to trade than to investment policy as a whole.

The tax applies to investment income, defined as interest, dividends, capital gains and net rents.

Government policies are now directed to removing the stumbling blocks to investment into this sector.

More to the point, all the time look into the specific location of your house you need to investment.

When it comes to investments, I think it is always wise to be suspicious of anything that sounds to good to be true.

A major disincentive to investment in renewable energy in Jamaica was the low tariff being offered to energy producers.

No matter from which source it comes, or in what proportion, this tax is harmful to production, to purchasing power, and to investment.

She has no objection to investment flows from India, but is concerned that this could lead to pressure from Beijing Images for more Chinese investments.

In 4% of cases investment with is used

We have to find ways to link innovation with investment and enterprise.

By 25 she outright owned a house and car, with investment property well in hand.

Regulation 12 deals with investment of the fund where as regulation 13 deals with payment out of the fund.

Until war and arms are deemed illegal, trouble me not with your petty concerns with investment in such matters.

The Labour government there combined more targeted stimulus spending with investment in economic infrastructure.

In fact, I have seen studies showing how women outperform men with investments primarily because they follow a more basic path.

Total visitors in 2011 were 250,000, including 13,000 school children, and the number of visitors will continue to grow with investment.

Information technologies and connectivity to the Internet were at the core of these efforts with investments to date of over $30 million.

Mistake Number 12 Being Caught By an Investment Scam Despite all the negative publicity, thousands of consumers are caught with investment scams.

I would have spent much more on public works programs particularly with investment aimed at education, health, and (most importantly) renewable energy.

In 3% of cases investment from is used

Commissions, fees and other charges can reduce returns from investments.

Also the portfolio is of the highest quality as 99 percent of rents are derived from investment grade rated tenants.

We do not accept any liability directly or indirectly that may arise from investment decision-making based on this report.

All income from investments such as interest, dividends, profits and rental income could be credited to the RANSI account.

All income from investments such as interest, dividends, profits and rental income could be credited to the RANSI account.

Newspapers that move too fast away from investment in their print editions risk losing paying readers into this digital black hole.

Now, however, the returns from investments have plummeted so steeply that, as I understand it, the funds available have been slashed to $5.

The results from the model and behavioral experiments suggest that the strategies are a function of the risk adjusted returns obtained from investments.

The remainder is provided by income earned from investments, donations from faith groups and civic organizations and grants from development assistance organizations.

In 2% of cases investment about is used

If you are truely unfammiliar about investments FD may be the best for you.

If you are truely unfammiliar about investments FD may be the best for you.

These professionals can steer you away from risky moves and help you learn more about investments.

About investment, the economist said investment environment will have to be ensured with required infrastructure support.

What a pity Hutton was not able to speak about investment in science and technology, in the same way as he speaks about sport.

Whatever your ability to earn, you need to protect it first for your loved ones before thinking about investments and savings etc.

A few people grumbled about the very idea of a doctor having anything useful to say about investments, but over time he came to dominate the discussion.

Investigating the stock market does not require certain amount in running a business or maybe a loan, marvelous intelligence nicely information about investments.

In 1% of cases investment into is used

Which translate directly into investment capital for these regions.

It channels the savings of families into investments that raise incomes.

Jumping into investments Related to the above is when I jumped into investments.

Within a few years everyone (and their dentist) was piling into investment banking.

At the bilateral level, Tanzania has entered into investment promotion and protection agreements with many countries.

You are strongly advised to consult your personal or local tax, financial and investment advisor prior to venturing into investments of any sort.

In 1% of cases investment through is used

This can be accomplished through investments in Generation IV nuclear power.

A nephew of king Abdullah, prince Talal has amassed a fortune through investments in real estate and the stock market.

Very destructive to a profession that relies on the common good through investment rather than the politics of division.

Interestingly, Xinhua has been trying for the better part of three decades to become a world news agency, through investments in training, technology, new services, and people.

The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) was established in January 2004 as a division of CEF, and supports the development of renewable energy and alternative fuels through investment.

This method of amassing wealth through investment was called capitalism; a capitalist invests money in an enterprise with the objective of receiving more in return than was initially invested.

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