Prepositions used with "introduction"

"of introduction", "for introduction" or "with introduction"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 46% of cases introduction of is used
    The date of introduction is not known.
    Well, except maybe, for one particular kind of introduction.
    People are disregarded as unqualified within minutes of introduction.
    The Consulate will provide you with a letter of introduction to present to the FRRO.
    He took with him a letter of introduction to d'Alembert from Le Canu, his teacher at Caen.
    Karen has a letter of introduction which you will need when seeking donations from businesses.
    A colon is generally a punctuation mark of introduction, signalling ' look ahead ', rather than of separating or stopping things.
    As a young man he sailed to America from England, carrying letters of introduction from Benjamin Franklin, whom he had met in London.
    And with those four words of introduction from The Queen to Daniel Craig's 007 in a scene recorded in Buckingham Palace, corgis in attendance.

    In 13% of cases introduction for is used
    Suggestions are always appreciated too! What's a board without a place for introductions? Exactly.
    Gauge what public opinion is on various measures before they are really considered for introduction.
    LRB1834, ready for introduction) to limit the discretion of the judiciary to cases that exhibit evidence of abuse or neglect.
    As at March 2007, the federal government's list of legislation proposed for introduction includes the Family Law (Same Sex Adoption) Bill.
    The unusual request for introduction of drug testing has puzzled and dismayed all teachers and employees working at the British university.

    In 13% of cases introduction with is used
    Bruce, The Acts of the Apostles: The Greek Text With introduction and Commentary, 3rd rev.
    With introductions out of the way, we paddled over to Chinaman's beach before going through a theory session on the beach.
    With introduction of affordable computers, technologists, scientist, and Cloud Computing Companies explored methods to make computing power available to more users.

    In 6% of cases introduction by is used
    In 1976 this process was revolutionised by introduction of crystallographic data files, which made coordinates available to the scientific community.

    In 6% of cases introduction from is used
    These include everything from introduction sessions, to sessions on understanding measurement, to post-campaign debrief sessions.

    In 4% of cases introduction after is used
    The ' newbies ' (Rhode Island Reds) after introduction to the flock showed signs of ' runny ' beaks and coughing which has continued until last week.

    In 3% of cases introduction in is used
    Move 2: Establishing a niche In many ways, Move 2 is the key move in introductions.

    In 1% of cases introduction as is used
    This capable young Geologist is proficient in English and has computer capabilities in Microsoft office applications and Georient as well as introduction level capability in Surpac and GIS.

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