Prepositions used with "interpretation"

"of interpretation" or "to interpretation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases interpretation of is used

Naturally, I feel compelled to offer a couple of interpretations.

Each translation contains an element of interpretation by the translator.

The poetry of thought is also the poetry of interpretation: exegesis has its own aesthetics.

Meaning doesn't lie in an event that occurred years ago, it always resides in current systems of interpretation.

In the state of pure awareness objects are experienced as sensory qualities, without the intrusion of interpretation.

The modern reader must make a special effort of interpretation to get back to what is now of interest in these texts.

UK A fragile truce is in place in Gaza and now begins the battle of interpretation of who was to blame and who was hurt most.

The work has lost its uniqueness and become many images in many different contexts, each open to new forms of interpretation.

Again, it is not possible here to discuss the complex problems of interpretation in this regard, nor do I dismiss them lightly.

In 25% of cases interpretation to is used

His suspicions prior to his death are left up to interpretation.

The symbol is multifaceted, versatile and open to interpretation.

The power, as crazy and open to interpretation as it is, has boundaries.

Synonymous with the American Dream, success is open to interpretation as well.

In my book all signage/signals are open to interpretation in view of those two goals.

The market scene is interesting, because it is definitely more open to interpretation in my opinion.

Every time a new set of criteria is produced it tends to be more open to interpretation and less rigid than earlier sets.

The Hadees was pretty clearcut and not really open to interpretation, and the commentary completely negates the one day and one night part.

Translation, that is open to interpretation, but I would take it as its none of my business and should not be predicting things to the level of nonsense.

The employment law test is long, complicated and open to interpretation -- what a surprise! But there are a few fundamental points that can help guide you.

In 14% of cases interpretation for is used

Whether or not it's imperialistic is up for interpretation, I suppose.

There is no wriggle room for interpretation, as there is in Judaism or Christianity.

Besides that, just giving the chords gives room for interpretation - how you want to play the song is up to you.

The Committee on the Rights of the Child is the highest international authority for interpretation of the Convention.

There was lots of room for interpretation because she was fiery and mischievous, and then completely torn and heartbroken.

It would provide readers with contemporary understanding of advances in judicial decision-making and tools for interpretation.

Most of the time, you find that the directions you are given are not as specific as they could be and you have scope for interpretation.

In order to entirely avoid the application of an exclusion zone, the 30-degree radial limits were not used for interpretation of the results.

Alternative recommendations for interpretation of immunoblots have not been rigorously validated and are very likely to lead to an inappropriate diagnosis.

If we can not interpret something by comparing the symbols to each other in Revelation and the rest of the Bible, then we have no basis for interpretation at all.

In 9% of cases interpretation in is used

We can respect our differences in interpretation on that issue.

It was both interesting on facts but differing in interpretation.

My answer may not satisfy you but it is good to hash out these differences in interpretation.

In the event of a dispute in interpretation, form clauses are interpreted against the drafter.

They have been placed there by the ICC to avoid radical shifts in interpretations of the law.

Any interpretation and method is as good as any other and archaeologists should not have the upper hand in interpretation.

In 4% of cases interpretation on is used

But what really sets this museum apart from most fossil exhibitions I've visited is its focus on interpretation and public education.

Fine (1973) is still a highly sophisticated survey of and contribution to various foundational issues in probability, with an emphasis on interpretations.

Note that the Signs of the Zodiac are normally deemed to start and end anything between the 18th and the 24th day of each month, depending on interpretation.

In 2% of cases interpretation about is used

But there is something to be said about interpretation of signals; yet, at the end of the day, there is an ultimate truth.

In 1% of cases interpretation over is used

The jurisdiction of the court is outlined in Article 9 and Article 76 of the Revised Treaty and allows rulings on disputes between states over interpretations of the Revised Treaty.

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