Prepositions used with "instance"

"of instance" or "in instance"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases instance of is used

I am sure you can think of instances of this actually happening.

I've heard of instances where the cable car is not functional for the day.

I speak not just of Hillsborough but a variety of instances in recent times (example).

And there were lots of instances where the Norwegian ref didn't give Canada an advantage.

The first was the unavailability of instances and volumes running in the affected datacenter.

OSAS is implicated in a number of instances including hypertension and an increased risk of being involved in a road traffic.

That may be the case, but there are plenty of instances where people wished they had listened to their premonitions or feelings of presentiment.

There are dozens of instances out there, and I'd fairly certain I remember at least some of them being criticized in front page posts right here.

In 23% of cases instance in is used

In instances where such a style would be more expensive, i.

Humble Lion have produced mixed performances - looking good in instances and looking poor in others.

This is particularly true in instances when suspected offenders are government officials, influential and moneyed personalities, and even multinational corporations.

In instances where the number of bodies brought by security personnel exceeded the initial count given by security personnel, more than one body was buried in each grave.

For why else would he prefer anonymity? In instances when these anonymous sources prove to be true, reliable, and serve the public good, we don't only hound them we keep them for life.

Who told you the court system establishes the ' Truth '? Even in instances where there is reasonable evidence, the legal system can create ' reasonable doubt ' to acquit money-powered accused.

In 14% of cases instance for is used

Just to give you some for instances.

For instances jobs related to medical field, engineering, etc.

For instances of when your trusted medical experts simply don't know, look up Lorenzo's Oil.

As for instance, in the Second Apsidal Temple inscription at Nagarjunikonda24 (3rd century, A.

A trip is the complete cycle of pulling the drilling equipment out of the well and putting it back in, as for instance when a piece of equipment fails or needs replacing.

The Pakistan Army today has many old Regiments which are very rich in tradition and history as for instance this year the elite PIFFERS mark the 150th anniversary since their formation.

In 10% of cases instance to is used

Bishop Pennel correctly alluded to instances of Christian extremism with the example of arsons, firebombing etc of abortion clinics.

The placement of separated children in privately run hostels which lack the necessary adult supervision and care has been directly linked to instances of children going missing.

In 6% of cases instance with is used

Section 9 38 of the Act deals with instances of change of address and removal of goods.

History is teplete with instances of Caliphs being brought to the court and publicly criticised by ordinary men and women.

Electoral politics have been studded with instances at which non- Govigama castes tried to challenge the Govigama monopoly on national leadership -- the Sarath Fonseka case is an example.

In 5% of cases instance as is used

These datastores are used to store metadata for resources such as instances, volumes, and snapshots.

There have been times when the Supreme Court has stood up against governments to protect fundamental rights, as well as instances of judicial overreach.

In 3% of cases instance across is used

In my previous career, I came across instances where being a reservist did adversely -- wrongly -- affect someone's promotion opportunities.

Commission chair Joseph Warioba said his team has come across instances in which organizations were instructing their members to say certain things and to ask for certain reforms.

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