Prepositions used with "insight"

"of insight" or "with insight"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases insight of is used
    Jeff writes at his blog, A Dash of insight.
    Forgive my lack of insight into your mental stablility.
    Even the practice of insight meditation is usually a kid of pose.
    The selection of insight over the other two applicants caused an outcry from the space community.
    The work of insight Share is great source for good approaches and activities for participatory video.
    When it comes to wear these great boots, a bit of insight on how to wear them would be really helpful.
    Despite this, the piece manages to convey a lot of the complexity to the reader and provides a number of insights.
    Likewise we have realized that revised action patterns, new ways of behaving, may come about as a result of insight.
    Like or Dislike: 0 0 http: **28;1552;TOOLONG Mike McGrail One of the best pieces of insight I've read in a long time.
    The uncovering of insights that drives solutions not just across channels but across business becomes even more important.

    In 16% of cases insight with is used
    The paper, in partnership with insight Cruises, has launched.
    She has difficulty with insight -- into herself and into others.
    She guides with insight, humour and wisdom to the turnaround process of life and manifest remarkable outcomes.
    Hah love it just fcking hoping more sensible people with insight reading this and blimey thinking for themselves.
    Please anyone with insight into this please reply, i am not imagining these horrible feelings for the last 3 months.
    I felt relieved to be starting an internship with insight Consultants, less than a month after I sat my final college exam.
    After treatment many clients describe a feeling of deep inner peace, with insight, renewal, and strength to continue their healing process.
    Not only that, he spend time coaching and mentoring me with insight and compassion because he believed in God's call and gifting in my life.
    The Forbidden Planet team put their heads together and came back with these 10 tempting, geeky, recommendations complete with insight and commentary.
    More than that, even, the sound of a poem can actually become its meaning, as our ear supplies us with insights and feelings that our other senses might miss.

    In 10% of cases insight for is used
    For introspection and for insight, we need to slow our busy minds.
    My SON IN LAW -- is my source for insight into the mind of the Likkudnics who roam these webs.
    Passman is by far the best book to read for insight into the pros and the cons of the music business.
    In this state, nature's essence allures the conscience ' s essence for insight vision of nature's elements.

    In 3% of cases insight by is used
    There is the case where right view is assisted by virtue, assisted by learning, assisted by discussion, assisted by tranquility, assisted by insight.
    Thus, the strategic decision to launch a new product range is often backed up by insights ensuring there is commercial potential and a return on investment.

    In 3% of cases insight to is used
    Used properly, it can lead to insight.

    In 2% of cases insight Through is used
    Through insight we can understand by direct experience the momentary death, that is, the impermanence, of nama and rupa.
    The truth is that Hindu sages, through insights they developed in meditation, got vague ideas about kamma and rebirth, which the Buddha later expounded more fully and accurately.

    In 1% of cases insight from is used
    I still draw from insights obtained from the programme, and I'd still in touch with the other participants.

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