Prepositions used with "input"

"of input" or "for input"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 45% of cases input of is used

The Dark Fantasy album had alot of input from some great people, RZA etc.

That is the reproduction costs of inputs at the point they enter production.

Input The first line of input contains integers n and h (2?? n?? 10 5,? 0?? h?? 10 8).

Rather, the links are implicitly defined in the exchange of input and Output Resources.

Attention may alternate, but even so keeps all channels of input on the edge of attention.

With these policy in place, all choices can be made by looking only at the next token of input.

Thus, in effect, the service provider in any case can not claim the CENVAT credit of inputs (goods) used in execution of works contract.

These state that the course must have 100 hours of input, 6 hours of teaching practice and be monitored by an independent, external body.

Thus the provider of works contract service can claim CENVAT credit of Input Services and Capital Goods as per the CENVAT Credit rules 2004.

As I understand there is an extensive plan, which was developed with some level of input from residents of Humber Bay Shores, for Lake Shore Blvd.

In 18% of cases input for is used

Similar stages exist for input and output factors.

I'd not talking about when someone tweets a request for input.

The specification of the Amount Attribute for Input Resources is optional.

The increased demand for inputs from the export sector also creates inflationary pressure.

Online consultations are also open to the public and stakeholders for input from July 31 to August 31, 2012.

It also generates what are known as ' backwards multipliers ' in the form of demand for inputs, particularly from engineering and mining equipment suppliers.

Slate: These are the Tablet which were not having any dedicated keyboard similar like chalk slates, for input any kind of text, user is required to use a stick to write on it.

By now you probably know how this goes; Paul Borawski, the Executive Director of ASQ, makes a blog post, we offer our commentary, and then Paul uses that for input into future work.

In 15% of cases input on is used

DFRC permits duty free import charges on inputs used in the export product.

DFRC permits duty free import charges on inputs used in the export product.

The Duty Remission Plan enables post export replenishment remission of duty on inputs used in the export product.

The Duty Remission Plan enables post export replenishment remission of duty on inputs used in the export product.

Thanks jensis! ABC Tune Search A smart ABC pattern matching website, which does some intelligent, fuzzy search matching on input snippets of ABC.

Reddy's Lab Limited (2009 (9) TMI 287 -- CESTAT, BANGALORE) it was held that credit of service tax paid on input or Air Travel service is eligible.

Based on input from the petroleum industry, India has revised its model production-sharing contract and has streamlined the bidding and review process.

That means a service provider in this case shall be eligible to take the credit of service tax paid on input services as well as duty paid on the capital goods.

Finally, and mostimportantly, an agenda for action will be prepared based on inputs fromthe participants and a new charter for education in the 21st century will be finalized.

As per earlier provisions, the service provider had the option to pay service tax on full value of contract and thereafter claim CENVAT credit on inputs (goods) used in execution of works contract.

In 10% of cases input with is used

Developed with input from physicians and nurses from across the U.

The Woman's Condom was developed with input from women and their partners on four continents.

Other farmers rely on him for advice, and even to help with inputs, such as cocoa seedlings.

Here -- with input from from two F1 team strategists is a look at the considerations which go into planning the race strategy.

With inputs from Aruna and her team at Prayatna, we began to pay attention to Sriya's specific learning problems in more detail.

They follow a similar argument to that above (though with input from Canadian and UK cases as well as the UN rulings on the ICCPR ), and reach the same broad conclusion.

He now guides the group's day to day operations and as Board Executive Director he maintains a greater responsibility with input into the Group's strategy and governance.

This ambitious agenda for growth that we outlined with GrowSmart Maine -- with input from stakeholders throughout the state -- offered a path forward for economic success in the state.

In 4% of cases input in is used

Tiny differences in input can generate very different output.

Lots of different futures could emerge from a single pattern given any slight variation in input.

The supplier will no longer be wiling to sell the commodity at the previous prices as before the increases in inputs.

Future expectations were little-changed since September, however, while developments in input and output prices put further pressure on profit margins.

E, The correlation in input activity between FS interneurons and MS neurons that is particularly visible if the FS neuron is hyperpolarized by steady state current injections (49 DIV).

In 2% of cases input as is used

Parameters: fun -- a Python function that takes Theano variables as inputs, and returns a Theano variable.

Even though they've been chosen for the leadership roles after a team vote, as well as input from the coaching staff, it's still up to every player to see this through.

They will also receive a year's worth of support from a business advisor to help them take their idea forward, as well as input from Scotland's enterprise agencies and industry representatives.

In 2% of cases input from is used

ALL new TV 's, Plasma and LCD/LED, suffer from input lag when measured against an older CRT TV or optimized computer monitor.

In 2% of cases input to is used

I think companies that are more open to input from those other than the top of the chain, ie.

Simulations for Burkina Faso suggest, for example, that equalizing access to inputs would increase output by 10-20% (Udry).

In 2% of cases input without is used

The Earth will meet its own destiny without input from us.

Rusli put it in July, he went solo without input from CEO Mark Zuckerberg or COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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