Prepositions used with "innovation"

"of innovation" or "for innovation"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 43% of cases innovation of is used

Litigation instead of innovation.

A great mix of innovation and tradition.

Its story is one of innovation, of progression.

Looking back at the past year is a whirlwind of innovation, change and integration.

Private sector is piggy-backing off of innovations resulting from government funding.

Consider alternative energy, an emerging industry where there is plenty of innovation.

Tentative Last Date:22-06-2012 About the organization: KELTRON's history is a saga of innovation in electronics.

We have become advocates of looking at emerging economies not just as markets but also as sources of innovation.

Basically the study questions whether the pace of innovation we've enjoyed for more than 250 years can continue.

In 21% of cases innovation for is used

So there is wide potential for innovation.

They will open up your mind for innovation.

Ask for innovation but under an optional line item.

CIOs think the front-end of the business is where there is the most room for innovation.

Today, I plan to spend more time investigating the offerings and looking for innovation.

It won an award for Innovation at the recent PLASA trade show in London where it was hailed.

You want to go to a place where the need for innovation is greater than the potential pool of talent can deliver.

National policies need to promote the capability for developing indigenous technologies and creating demand for innovation.

One of his highlights was winning the 2008 Transpower Landcare Trust Grants Award for innovation in sustainable farm forestry.

Two, have a different set of reward and recognition mechanisms for innovation -- it's critical to focus on motivating right-brained.

In 9% of cases innovation on is used

Finally, companies can become so market dominant that they defocus on innovation.

But it looks like Microsoft in not keen on price wars but would like to focus more on innovations.

So - a tax on innovation? or a tax on musicians and the music industry? The debate seems set to run.

TEDA also focused on innovation by building an innovation park, an R &D; centre and industrial clusters.

All participants will benefit from professional support and guidance on innovation and entrepreneurship.

In the last few years, a focus on innovation and local-fit products has allowed to boost our market share.

CFR's business model is well suited for emerging markets, with its emphasis on innovation, flexibility and execution.

Allard created Alchemie to focus on innovation process to make sure that the efforts of Pioneer were not scattershot.

In addition, values need to be placed on innovation and new ideas while making research tools and structures available.

Vodka is a category that has universal appeal and we continue to put a strong focus on innovation and expansion across the sector.

In 9% of cases innovation to is used

It would put the banks closer to innovation.

However, its not of much use when coming to innovation.

There is no limit to innovation at Sany Heavy Industries Co.

Break down barriers to innovation with real-time communication, authoring and social messaging.

The overall challenges to innovation are like a rocket trying to escape the earth's gravitational field.

Based on my experience I contend that these beliefs are an organization's biggest barrier to innovation.

Abu Sakara has reveled his government will set up a 10 million cedi Research and Development Fund dedicated to innovations.

The music industry and indeed all media companies have to become more open to innovation and proactive rather than defensive.

It's a great firm, but when it comes to innovation and style, and so much else, there's no replacing the great Arab-American entrepreneur.

But they applied continuous effort to innovation, change, and were lucky enough to have some powerful management able to leverage content.

In 8% of cases innovation in is used

Besides that, they're extremely interested in innovations in the urban context or related subjects.

Nor, to be objective, did science play a large role in innovation, at least by the standards of a later age.

We need to do more: we propose tax and financial incentives for business to encourage investment in innovation.

In innovation, it's someone who brings together diverse elements -- teams or individuals -- to create a reaction.

He breaks down the key elements involved in innovation and uses real world examples to show how they were executed.

I will give it to him to re-invent the obvious, something lacking in the this ' drowning in innovation ' gadget world.

Telecentres and networks, leaders in innovation and social enterprise, technology entrepreneurs, academia and Telecentre.

Can you talk a little about the importance of failure in innovation? You call it failure; I call it knowledge-building exercises.

In 3% of cases innovation with is used

He advises a number of companies and government agencies on matters connected with innovation.

The FG of Nigeria introduced the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria -- YouWIN programme in 2011 www.

Out of the features, Windows 7 Activation, the following latest Operating system offers a multi-touch help support together with innovations around performance.

Aside of the capabilities, Windows 7 Ultimate Key, this specific brand-new Os in this handset is made with a multi-touch help along with innovations in functioning.

Shame on you, you are some one who really don, t know what he is writing, again and again, STOP! inciting racial hatred, STOP! incitement and hypocrisy and come up with innovations.

Unlike many of the languages described earlier in this section, these languages were not designed with innovation as a primary goal, and instead emphasised consolidation and popularisation.

In 2% of cases innovation about is used

It's all about innovation and the pace of innovation.

Peter now lectures, researches and writes about innovation at NUI Maynooth.

That signals something important: European government cares about innovation in tech and perhaps innovating with it.

It's time to think about innovation and in the form decided by the concept CAMER: ing, is a camera that is worn on the finger.

In 2% of cases innovation by is used

He said that in the past, wealth was generated not by innovation and creativity, but by foreign investment, government contracts, and privatization.

Instead, the future of TV will be driven by innovation and a vision for more meaningful entertainment and engagement (no it won't be called entergagement).

I want A man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new American Dream economy driven by innovation and creativity, but sic education and -- yes -- by cooperation.

In 2% of cases innovation through is used

He seems stuck, though, in a place he can not escape through innovation and scientific progress.

Her passion is with regard to social entrepreneurship to solve social concerns through innovations.

The market shows massive potential and, through innovation, Apple can continue to grow at their phenomenal rate.

As professionals, we take pride in our work and strive to solve your business challenges through innovation and technology.

In 1% of cases innovation into is used

It's not the effort that companies put into innovation that decides success.

It was also obvious that increased knowledge fed into innovations and inventions.

At the same time, ELIXIR will help Europe's research community translate these discoveries into innovations in a host of important sectors, from medicine to agriculture and the environment.

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