Prepositions used with "injury"

"of injury" or "to injury"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 38% of cases injury of is used

There were reports of injuries.

There were no reports of injuries.

Prevention of injury to public property 152.

Bicycle injuries Similar to most mechanisms of injury, bicycle crashes are preventable.

However, we forget that our feet are at a continuous risk of injury during the exercise.

This is the first time i've ever had this kind of injury and I consider myself fortunate.

If you sat in your room with your eyes closed and your fingers in your ears, your risk of injury would be much less.

Bush's years in office, five prior to the 2004 election, and about 46 deaths and dozens of injuries in those attacks.

Water containers and feed bins should be constructed and sited in a manner that minimises the risk of injury to horses.

The England camp has been struck by a series of injury problems; from little niggles to damage that's sent players home.

In 19% of cases injury to is used

Sadly, thats a lot down to injuries.

This is simply adding insult to injury.

The debacle here has added insult to injury.

If it's a matter of not being able to participate in the bike tour due to injury, etc.

Blasphemous provocations by some media mavericks in France are adding insult to injury.

The Lions ' season has been a difficult one due to injuries but the ability of coach V.

When body cells are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, they become much more susceptible to injury, disease and death.

Tax-freee debt forgiveness for the Ponzi schemers that pockets hundreds of thousand dollars is adding insult to injury.

These trees will over grow and they will be suspended over the roof and they will easily break off leading to injuries.

We knew the Bush administration opposed the whole idea of an independent inquiry, but this adds supreme insult to injury.

In 11% of cases injury from is used

Batman had 5 or 6 months to recover from injuries.

Herman Lathers can be that guy again when he returns from injury.

James Nolan, caught in the riots, died from injuries received from police.

It doesn't seem like he loves the lifestyle and he fears long-term damage from injury.

Well, it was I who said that after Sturridge, just back from injury, wrapped up the points.

On a brighter note, Kaka is back from injury and has been named in the squad list against Getafe.

One man on the way back from injury, Jonny Evans, played in Northern Ireland's matches against Luxembourg and Russia.

Zinc is an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals in your body, and is also important for healing from injuries.

JUSTICE IFTIKHAR MUHAMMAD CHAUDHRY CHIEF JUSTICE OF PAKISTAN for saving countless people and birds from injuries and.

He's obviously returning from injury and we sort of managed him through that but he reported as being fine after the game.

In 11% of cases injury with is used

Let's hope for some luck with injuries and go for it.

Next morning, his family members found his body with injury marks.

The Yanks high-priced pitching staff is also hampered with injuries.

In another case a couple escaped the fire with injuries but their son was missing.

Or you can see him as a great player, with age not on his side and with injury issues.

The conductor of the trailer was said to have died while the driver survived with injury.

Throw in a bit of luck with injuries and when i say luck, I mean GOOD luck! AND we can definitely win something.

Thiago has been unlucky with injuries over the past year but his drive in the middle of the park is a huge asset.

Because of our evolved instincts, we are naturally more sympathetic towards persons with injuries that we can see.

Watson has been terribly unlucky with injuries during his career but there are no excuses once he gets on the field.

In 5% of cases injury by is used

Sisko's team is plagued by injuries and inexperience.

He was sidelined by injuries and actually lost his form.

I like Rosicky, but he has been robbed of his best years by injury.

He has been stymied by injuries for large portions of the past 3 seasons, including this one.

Each had their life forever altered by injury and, in the process, redefined the term ' success.

Fremantle was also hampered by injury early with ruckman Aaron Sandilands ' game over before it started.

Vick has had some bad games for sure, but when you ask any QB to throw 50 times a game, your O-line is decimated by injury (i.

I fall off the wagon sometimes, sometimes get sidelined by injury, but I always come back to running like a comfy pair of blue jeans-always there when I need it.

He has been marred by injury the past two years, but getting off to a positive start with a full training regime should bode better for him entering the 2012-13 campaign.

Who knew the Fish would score fewer runs than any NL team other than Houston, with Logan Morrison's season wrecked by injuries and several other players badly underachieving.

In 5% of cases injury for is used

E protocol for injury treatment.

The paper is also adjusted for injuries in toto.

This use of the forearm in this fashion has potential for injury.

A factor that may be important to consider for injury prevention is the weight of the gloves being used.

I'd in my 4th week now and still undecided as I have always seen surgery as a last option for injuries.

Remember to keep safe The ACC processes thousands of clains a year for injuries sustained as a result of DIY accidents.

When contact lenses are worn (and where a hazard exists ), extra precautions are required to reduce the potential for injury.

Developing a sound muscular strength base will enable a player to pass and jump more effectively and reduce the potential for injury.

In 5% of cases injury through is used

This was the first Test in ages and Watson didn't play through injury.

Then there is the hugely unfortunate loss of Giuseppe Rossi through injury, not once, but twice.

When the team hit a road block, either on the pitch or through injury, that's when the problems arise.

Was absent through injury for most of the season and when the 33-year-old did play, he was lacking match fitness.

Injuries -We started the season well but unfortunately lost some of our senior players through injury hence the mixed-run.

What a fitting tribute to young William Murphy, who, through injury, had missed the Duhallow final &; all subsequent games.

Solomon also spoke of his delight after seeing midfielder Paul Babai return to action following a lengthy spell out through injury.

But Beckham has been written off before and having missed (like Landon Donovan) much of September through injury he may be determined to prove a point.

Unfortunately Barmby missed the last two months of the 2000-01 season, when Liverpool played three cup finals, FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup, through injury.

Cuala were missing a number of their ' marquee ' players through injury but took the field with an eagerness and determination to see-off the Northsider challenge.

In 3% of cases injury in is used

Arouna Kone pulled one back for the hosts in injury time.

Table 4 lists the results of the fight participations resulting in injury.

Toure shot well over in injury time as City?? s night ended in disappointment and Real.

Walcott found the net before the break and in injury time, while Olivier Giroud and Koscielny also struck.

Although the specific cause is unknown in many cases, epilepsy can be related to brain injury, tumors, or infections.

The lack of medical facilities and proper treatment resulted in injuries that had a crippling effect on him in later years.

We had two chances after that -- Bale and Jermain Defoe -- to set a few hearts beating faster but Walcott had the final word in injury time.

Fortunately, most childhood falls or blows to the head result in injury to the scalp only, which is usually more frightening than threatening.

This was the fateful day in Lahore when gunmen targeted the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team resulting in injuries and fatalities causing the tour to be cancelled.

Then came a hat-trick in a dramatic 3-2 win over Southampton at St Mary 's, with van Persie scoring twice as United came from behind to snatch a winner in injury time.

In 2% of cases injury on is used

United is still blaming on injury.

There is certainly a big focus on injury prevention.

He focuses on injury law at his firm, Hupy and Abraham, S.

Fewer than 1 in 10 news stories on injury events framed as ' freak accidents ' included a clear prevention message.

Finally, we close with a discussion that places our proposed methodology in the broader work on injury surveillance.

It is recommended that collecting information on injuries sustained during sparring/training be a matter of priority.

During this initial review it was discovered that many stories focused on injuries sustained by professional athletes.

So there are many studies on injuries through sport, some on eye injury in sport, but few on eye injuries through squash.

The aim was to contribute to the limited empirical literature on lay discourse on injury in order to inform prevention efforts.

The distribution of boxing injuries by body region from the VPBCSB database is similar to the study on injuries in professional boxers in New York in 1988.

In 2% of cases injury without is used

Morgan escaped without injuries.

I'd now running faster times and without injury.

The driver and 10 passengers got out without injury.

An unknown number of passengers got off the bus without injury.

Residents who were home at the time of the blaze where able to get out without injury.

Although Roy had fantastic numbers throughout the season, it wasn't a season without injury.

It's a very sad state of affairs, and while some will naturally point to Diaby's big pay packet as a consolation, I bet he'd swap all the cash in the world for a career without injuries.

Responsibilities It is a prime responsibility of all staff to ensure that their jobs are performed safely and without injury to themselves, other members of the staff or members of the community.

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