Prepositions used with "infrastructure"

"of infrastructure" or "in infrastructure"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases infrastructure of is used

The maturity proceeds of infrastructure bonds are taxable.

Considering the kind of infrastructure, support staff etc.

Development of infrastructures, roads, airports, communica.

She oversaw a diverse mix of infrastructure and regional integration projects.

ADVANCEMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURE: Technology itself is a component of infrastructure.

Unfortunately, the system in the West Indies isn't the best in terms of infrastructure.

The Ministry of Infrastructure has reassured Tanzanians through the parliament that flyovers are on the way.

Ireland at its peak was only a shadow of thr Brittany/Normandy area in terms of infrastructure and skillsets.

India has to do a lot in terms of infrastructure, agriculture and foreign direct investment in various sectors.

Encourage the initiation of infrastructure development such as rural access roads, markets etc so as to promote.

In 23% of cases infrastructure in is used

We made historic investments in infrastructure.

For every dollar spent in infrastructure, it has a 1.

Take public investment in infrastructure as one example.

ADVANCEMENT IN INFRASTRUCTURE: Technology itself is a component of infrastructure.

Where next? WV? At some point a major reinvestment in infrastructure has to happen.

Asia needs massive investment in infrastructure, and savings can be mobilized for this.

The budget tries to address the issues in infrastructure, agriculture, industry and waste management sectors.

His career background is predominantly in infrastructure businesses including airports, ports and electricity.

Infrastructure bonds: Invest in infrastructure bonds for additional deduction of Rs 20,000 under Section 80CCF.

However, the absence of a clear policy framework has hindered critical private investment in infrastructure overall.

In 14% of cases infrastructure for is used

The Minister for Infrastructure Dr.

I think it would add more for infrastructure.

Minister for Infrastructure Anthony Albanese.

After deductions, TxDOT has about 11 cents left over to use for infrastructure.

With a meager 35% for infrastructure and other capital investments, we have not even started.

Maybe that's why they don't want to give us anymore money for infrastructure such as the crl.

The military consumes as much as two thirds of the budget, leaving little for infrastructure and education.

Posted by: spike July 11, 2012, 5:27 pm 5:27 pm Hey republicans how about some bills for infrastructure and jobs.

Given the immensity of needs for infrastructure development, mobilizing adequate finance remains a key challenge.

Deduction of 100 percent of the profits from business for a period of 10 years is available for infrastructure industries.

In 11% of cases infrastructure on is used

President Hu's speech in APEC confirms the emphasis on infrastructure investment.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) report card on infrastructure gave the U.

For this, the change is virtualization (cloud computing ), which saves 50-60% on infrastructure cost.

We must focus on infrastructure that provides large-scale, tangible benefits to our economy and environment.

There is a lot of local concern about the pressure on infrastructure, transport, health services, schools and so on.

What got the economy going in most of those events? Direct Federal Government spending, mostly on Infrastructure, that's what.

Enhancing small farmer participation in high value markets depends on infrastructure, extension services and financial instruments.

He also believes short-term government spending on infrastructure and hiring more state and local workers will create between 1 and 1.

The level of government and private sector expenditure on infrastructure has lifted markedly, partly in response to the commodities boom.

If anything they are under spending on infrastructure because markets in the interior are light years behind southern China and the Shanghai area.

In 8% of cases infrastructure to is used

Intensification of natural disasters and damage to infrastructure.

In australia the risk is greater due to infrastructure and traffic problems.

Its stagnant economy needs investment in all sectors, from hospitals to infrastructure.

To liaise, facilitate and maintain strategic vendor relations that are related to infrastructure and operations.

On average, since World War II, the United States earmarked 3 percent of its gross domestic product to infrastructure.

Copper is found in nearly every home and vehicle, and in parts and appliances vital to infrastructure and technology development.

The images of the damage to infrastructure, of the people that were stranded in those three parishes, were especially heart wrenching.

At this point, increasing the population by immigration only increases the unemployment, while at the same time adding to infrastructure costs.

From defence contracts to infrastructure projects to provision of services and consumables, the annual spending budgets run into hundreds of billions.

It is anticipated in the next few years, NFC will penetrate our daily lives as multiple industries come with a consolidated approach to infrastructure.

In 2% of cases infrastructure with is used

We can not accomodate the entire valley with infrastructures unfortunately.

So where does that leave us? As far as I am concerned the debate (for now) starts and ends with infrastructure.

This not only frees CIOs from direct involvement with infrastructure; it also means IT has the core strength to help marketing generate revenue.

In 1% of cases infrastructure from is used

The other 70 percent comes from the adequate provision of public goods, from infrastructure through education to health and decent.

In 1% of cases infrastructure including is used

He has authored a number of technology white papers; and at present, he is involved in defining Cisco's various data center architectures, including infrastructure for cloud services.

Various important issues including infrastructure bond market development, procurement system of GoB and the World Bank and the pipeline of potential PPP Projects were discussed in the meeting.

In 1% of cases infrastructure like is used

Meanwhile, the capital markets authority also wants the harmonisation of the East Africa Capital markets approval framework to allow for facilities like infrastructure bonds to be issued easily.

In 1% of cases infrastructure through is used

We invested in the economy through infrastructure and economic stimulus programs.

We are in danger of double dipping because Congress refuses to create new jobs through infrastructure projects that no one disagrees should be done.

Or, we could hold spending steady, while increasing the amount of tax coming in by keeping the economy running, and boosting growth through infrastructure projects.

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