Prepositions used with "info"

"of info" or "for info"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 58% of cases info of is used

Another tidbit of info for you.

It lists my stages and a few bits of info.

You're gon na get lots of info on this one.

Give it a try, the book is not V easy reading but there? s lots of info on the internet.

I got a whole heap of info for him to read so he could understand what I'd going through.

He was friendly and welcoming giving us lots of info and treating us with most high respect.

I thought immediatly that I should send this to my pet bagger who tells me repeatedly that he wants this kind of info.

I really packed it with a lot of info! Thanks for stopping by, I'd glad you found it interesting;) Hey Jay, actually it will.

Background for the Script I believe this is actually quite an easy bit of info to collect using PowerCLI and the ExtensionData.

I don't know off the top of my head how to get rid of it but I'd sure you can just do an internet search and find lots of info.

In 20% of cases info for is used

I have given feedback to the sender for info.

For info my starting pay is Rm2k (for my first job).

I follow a lot of alternative internet media for info on our gov.

But overall we do give you a good service and just for info purposes.

Great post! I with there was an honest review site (like Info Not Mercial) for info products.

DTS presumably works in the same way, though the company ignored my repeated requests for info.

I believe this is the result of more and more people relying on cable news or the internet for info.

Last night after posting my bra color, I searched for info on self breast exams as well as info about breast cancer itself.

Thank you for taking away my Second Amendment rights to protect myself, my family and home with a weapon; check the NRA website for info on that.

In 9% of cases info with is used

Could you send this back with info how to send it? Maybe he could ex- plain it to my sister.

Based on Forrester study, close to 80% associated with info employees possess diary applications.

Now I also have Black and I'd a Pokemon nerd with info about the pokemon of generation I, II, parts of IV, and V and.

Someone on DKos, (democrats ramshield maybe?) published a diary awhile back with info on educational possibilites in other countries.

Based on current research through Forrester, close to 13% associated with info employees are utilizing mobile phones with regard to function at least one time per week.

My colleague Laurence, who deals with Info Society questions in our Committee at the European Parliament (ITRE ), spoke to me earlier about ICANN, which I decided to take a peek at this evening.

In 7% of cases info to is used

Send us an email to info at OpenlyLocal dot com, including.

Thanks Hi, is it possible but Id really like to info displayed below thumbnails.

This is the first time ever that I have had to revert to info on a web site due to frustration and pure desperation.

Firstly, do we all agree that we should use information from a wide range of sources to inform our strategies and ideas? Everything from tracking studies to factory visits to Heat magazine.

It will always be invaluable to make use of these electronic digital hard disks pertaining to info, but still, there are numerous constraints which can be linked to this specific storage area media.

In 3% of cases info on is used

There's a reason infomercials are so prevalent.

We received orientation information at the Mammoth Visitor Center/Ranger Station.

Public pension information is all public -- make the accusation of bias and let them prove you're wrong.

I've spent LOTS of money online on info products, services, events, access and advice -- and found every single purchase worth double its cost in ROI.

In 1% of cases info at is used

If you know of others, feel free to send them to us at info (at) semanticuniverse.

In 1% of cases info from is used

Probably from info feeds to the press from the CIA/WH.

In 1% of cases info including is used

It is full of great information including info such as Access Kenya's problems and hard hitting synopsis of the Kenyan IT scene.

In 1% of cases info like is used

Great post! I with there was an honest review site (like Info Not Mercial) for info products.

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