Prepositions used with "infection"

"of infection" or "to infection"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 55% of cases infection of is used
    Use of infection Control Representatives 5.
    Symptoms of infection in humans include fever and headache.
    It gets rid of any pockets of infection that might be forming.
    The bigger the school or play group a child attends the bigger the risk of infection.
    The bacterial strains typed were identical which may imply a common source of infection.
    Ruhal Haq said if consciousness increases, the number of infection would decline further.
    The lymphatic system is a vital part of our immune system so any disruption to it increases the risk of infection.
    For surveillance purposes, statistics on the incidence of infection shall be maintained by the Department of Health.
    Malaria can be treated with a regimen of antimalarial drugs based on the type of infection and status of the patient.
    To manage their periods, many use unhygienic methods like cloth and toilet paper, which put them at the risk of infection.

    In 19% of cases infection to is used
    And you're very susceptible to infection.
    Inflammation alerts the body to infection or injury.
    Your staff adhere to infection Prevention and Control strategies.
    Persistently low rH increases susceptibility to infections such as colds and coughs.
    Get checked for anemia Low hemoglobin can predispose you to infections and other winter ailments.
    I fix a lot of Windows 7 pc that get infected all the time, any OS is just as susceptible as the next to infections.
    A pair of psychiatrists addresses this puzzle in a different way, tying together depression and resistance to infection.
    For example, in one hospital we visited, the occupational health service had a limited role in relation to infection control.
    Like as long as you don't go in while having the flu and get it done or something or are super prone to infections or anything.

    In 7% of cases infection from is used
    However, the chance of dying from infection remains high.
    Recovery from infection is rare, about 85 percent of infected persons become of the virus.
    See to it that you are away from infection; personal and general hygiene is of utmost importance.
    The baby is enclosed in a sealed sac made up of 2 membranes -- these keep the baby safe from infection.
    Additionally, when you are suffering from infection or any kind of eye condition, contact lenses are an absolute no-no.
    This Q &A; serves to share further on the health supplement you can take to help your body defend itself from infection.
    There is also a mucus plug in the cervix called a ' show ' (or operculum) -- this further protects your baby from infection.
    NIAID-supported investigators have shown that DNA vaccines can protect mice from infection with TB and Lyme disease bacteria.
    Vitamin A deficiency can cause blindness and, because it dampens immune system function, leaves children more vulnerable to becoming severely ill from infections.

    In 4% of cases infection for is used
    Creating the Right Hospital Environment for infection Control 5.
    When children were screened for infection, and then only those infected were treated, there was some modest evidence of benefit.
    Auckland District Health Board recorded 11 deaths, including a patient who died after receiving a bowel injury during gynaecological surgery which required multiple re-operations for infection.

    In 4% of cases infection with is used
    It is best recommended to abstain from sex when diagnosed with infection.
    His first surgery was June 2009 and it resulted in several more and two battles with infection.
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for use by health care workers in contact with patients with infections that are transmitted from inhaling airborne droplets (e.

    In 3% of cases infection by is used
    Blockages to the fallopian tubes may be caused by infection or another condition.
    AIDS is a disease of the human immune system that is caused by infection with the retrovirus HIV; that is characterized cytologically by esp.
    Crisis management on an as-needs basis provided inappropriately by infection control staff, which sacrifices other infection control activities.
    These diseases are rabies that is spread through the bite of an infected animal and echinococcosis caused by infection with the larval/cystic stage of the tape worm Echinococcus multilocularis.

    In 2% of cases infection after is used
    Salmonella bacteria can cause salmonellosis, with symptoms of diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps developing 12 to 72 hours after infection.

    In 2% of cases infection against is used
    This means that it safeguards against infection by HIV.
    One of the greatest needs, worldwide, is more progress in our battle against infection.
    The body can replenish anti bodies in time, but day patients may have to take special precautions against infection.
    They are also developing the first potential malaria vaccine that uses a whole, genetically modified malaria parasite to protect against infection.
    The researchers showed that a vaccine made from a partial library of DNA from a microorganism that infects rodents, protected rats against infection with the pathogen.

    In 2% of cases infection as is used
    The risk of data loss as well as infections are minimized.
    The nurses were exposed to topics such as infection control, medical ethics, trauma of change, traumatic brain injury, among other topics.

    In 2% of cases infection in is used
    The Medical Officer of Health is a member of the infection Control Team and is actively included in infection control policies and issues.

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