Prepositions used with "individual"

"of individual" or "for individual"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases individual of is used

They are not a team of individuals.

Of this group of individuals, the U.

This can attract a lot of individuals to your site.

It could be so bad with a bit of individuals they are confused by these emotions.

Rousseau thus minimized reason and differences in the moral worth of individuals.

But when the group is seen as a collection of individuals, a plural verb is used.

Oahu is the the most appropriate metal for that output of motorwatercraft because of individuals two qualities.

But if such group of individuals fight each other and quarrel with each other, we will not see them as a group.

The band's manager had tried to get Intoxicant known as a group of individuals, who shared a common musical bond.

UNICEF is funded entirely by the voluntary contributions of individuals, businesses, foundations and governments.

In 16% of cases individual for is used

But it's not possible for individuals.

He died for nations, not just for individuals.

I offer wellness coaching for individuals and groups.

We can arrange guided trips for individuals or groups, as per your requirements.

Skills accounts will be available for individuals wishing to update their skills.

Some of the risks could cause significant shortfalls for individuals in retirement.

Mixing incompatible blood groups leads to blood clumping or agglutination, which is dangerous for individuals.

We will lower taxes across the board for individuals and businesses, and we'll reduce and simplify deductions.

It therefore has possibilities as a student group exercise, or for individuals reflecting on their own beliefs.

The annual fee for asssociate membership is $60 per annum for individuals and $200 per annum for organisations.

In 13% of cases individual to is used

Temporary work offers many benefits to individuals.

They only become bad when we apply them to individuals.

Here, you bid to lend your cash to individuals and businesses.

Our Facility Care Plan is available to individuals between the ages of 30 and 80.

This habit applies not just to individuals, but also to software development teams.

There are a number of other consequences to individuals and the entire housing market.

Many routines are targeted to individuals whose bodies have been subjected to rigorous and exhausting exercise.

How much is The BIG Guide? The BIG Guide Online is sold to individuals for varying subscription periods: 1 week ($14.

The Web Site displays products to be purchased, sold and delivered exclusively to individuals above the age of consent.

Attraction and comfort are the operating themes of flirting displayed by a variety of methods subjective to individuals.

In 8% of cases individual by is used

Similar messages were sent by individuals.

Almost all #200 vouchers are printed by individuals like you.

Almost all #200 vouchers are printed by individuals like you.

In 2010 the GPIACA secured a loan to repay the initial loans given by individuals.

Your honour, in Somaliland, democracy is a system of rule by individuals not by laws.

There were also selfless acts by individuals committed to the concept of ballot access.

Trust depends on virtues of self-restraint, embedded in a culture, embodied by its leaders and embraced by individuals.

Out-of-school children were found to be abused by individuals in the community and the police almost as much as parents.

Geocoins are customizable coins created by individuals or groups of geocachers as a kind of signature item or calling card.

This structure ensures that the Association will always be controlled by individuals whose goal is to promote Irish Culture.

In 5% of cases individual between is used

Love doesn? t erase or trample these differences between individuals, but unites across them.

Historical precedence plays its part, as does party politics and also power-balancing between individuals.

There would be no communication between individuals, merely because of the fact that they are ' individuals '.

Wandering Spirit of events typical of the plans has been a common experience, but its frequency varies greatly between individuals.

The control lobbyists dreamed up that catchy moniker to give a vaguely nefarious air to what is simply private commerce between individuals.

One disadvantage is that it makes us ignore differences between individuals; therefore we think things about people that might not be true (i.

In this case the random effects variance term came back as 0 (or very close to 0 ), despite there appearing to be variation between individuals.

It is a covenant of obedience between individuals and God, that the individual will be faithful to give beyond their ability as God provides out of His unlimited resources.

In 5% of cases individual on is used

This creates a higher pressure on individuals.

Download a copy of the study on individual giving here.

I'd talking about issues at the population level here, not commenting on individuals.

As a voluntary organisation, we rely on individuals to step up to help, and Ken did that.

The stress on individuals, families and relationships across Christchurch is widely reported.

Illinois lawmakers already? temporarily? raised incomes tax rates by a record 67 percent on individuals in 2011.

Now the whole area of language learning largely depends on individuals, their ways of learning, preferences etc.

It is quite shielded, although it could possibly be high heel dress shoes, try on individuals them in length as you wish.

All drugs are potentially dangerous and have varying effects on individuals, so it is not possible to name the worst drug.

In 4% of cases individual from is used

They mainly survive on donations from individuals.

These items did not come from the government, they came from individuals.

Answer: This is a common question that I receive from individuals who are from Ghana.

In the meanwhile, I understand I can use the card to receive payments from individuals.

We do not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under 18 years of age.

Gifts from individuals and charitable foundations represent the largest sources of income.

Our clients range from individuals, through to large corporate and government organisations.

Applications from individuals with a personal experience of disability are particularly welcome.

This information can be obtained from individuals that are familiar with the immediate post-independent context of Somaliland.

The amount of tax will vary from individual to individual because the elements that comprise AGI differ from taxpayer to taxpayer.

In 4% of cases individual with is used

When working with individuals, psychologists have to be versatile.

Counselling psychologists may work with individuals, groups or families.

This is no easy achievement with individuals who are recognized as indispensable.

If you fail to repair the dilemma with individuals suggestions, it will be greater to.

Karan Thapar: It was that friendship with individuals that sustained the relationship? Aung San Suu Kyi: Not just that.

Thus it connects with individual's desire and intention, bearing with the essence of narrow utilitarianism and self-interest.

For private companies a special advisory board made up of with individuals with sector / geographic experience may be a helpful strategy.

With individuals so skilled, if I ever did have a software problem that seemed hard too solve I could ask just about any one and get good help.

We also produce research reports, create popular materials, and work with individuals and organizations across the country and around the world.

In 3% of cases individual in is used

Virtue in individuals then was seen as an important public matter.

Aging signs seem in individuals who have reached their 30s and even a lot prior to.

It should also be noted that the strength in individuals does not limit to the old hands.

The guys from Hodinkee got to determine the Deep Sea Vintage Chronograph in individual at.

This discontent and dissatisfaction is harboured in individuals by a profit thirsty system.

Risk of violence is much more elevated in individuals with concurrent substance use disorders.

He strongly believed in individual's right of expression and right to choose and right to disagree.

We find that that these centres also attract in individuals especially through our drop in sessions.

Despite France's shortcomings as a team, their strength in individuals will get them through from the group.

People are both the beneficiaries and the drivers of human development as groups, as in individuals and in groups.

In 2% of cases individual as is used

It's true for countries as well as individuals, but too often neither one sees it until it's too late.

Uncommon names make people feel different and encourage them to think of themselves more as individuals.

How can we stop climate change? There are many simple but effective ways that we as individuals can help.

The service aids local merchants as well as individuals to make and receive payment of products and services online.

Clients include BBC, IBM, NATO, Mercedes and thousands of other businesses across all sectors as well as individuals.

From this definition we can determine whether we as individuals, families, groups and nations, are either good or evil.

That we as individuals, now believe that we inhabit a moral vacuum where there is no firm foundation for moral concepts.

Actually, that would confirm that we are not worth better than plants and thus have no life after this one as individuals.

In this country we elect MPs as individuals, and it would be wrong to formalise the idea that they are merely party or government.

Important bodies, such as CLP Holdings, Bank of America and BNP Paribas, as well as individuals, such as Teresa Li-Lai, have sponsored the Series.

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