Prepositions used with "independence"

"of independence" or "for independence"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 56% of cases independence of is used

It's a statement of independence.

I'll concede the Dec of Independence v.

The three-year War of Independence followed.

This thinking underlay the American colonies ' Declaration of Independence in 1776.

The more I hear of Independence for Scotland the more like the status quo it sounds.

Along with Kimbal, his younger brother, he enjoyed an unusual amount of independence.

This was particularly useful in their wars of independence against the British in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The home of market capitalism and the bastion of independence is becoming the breeding ground for state power.

Each scenario is then applied to six fiscal sponsorship models in ascending order of independence and autonomy.

Speaker, this is an obscenity that defiles our Declaration of Independence, signed 200 years ago in Philadelphia.

In 16% of cases independence for is used

So much for independence and objectivity.

It was a fight for independence and self determination.

So, we? re not standing up and fighting for independence.

Needless to say they had no idea of Irelands 800year struggle for independence.

In 1947, India was granted independence after years of fighting for independence.

The Convention Peoples ' Party (CPP) was formed in 1949 during the struggle for independence.

Nor should we forget to cite the name of Herkimer, than whom no braver man fought in the War for Independence.

Scotland may indeed decide to replace the Royal Family with an elected head of state if we opt for independence.

Add things like peer pressure, insecurity and the quest for independence to the mix and it could spell disaster.

But like so many elderly people, he has found his fight for independence blocked by a local bank or building society.

In 9% of cases independence after is used

That was Africans mindset after independence.

It was the first party to rule Ghana after independence.

Some 40 thousand riots have took place in India after independence.

It is indeed curious how women's dissenting voices fell silent after Independence.

The demand for federalism came after independence when the minorities felt marginalized.

After independence, Syeikh Abdullah became the first mufti of Penang after Independence.

Viewing Bhagat Singh purely as an Indian freedom fighter, Pakistan renamed the place soon after Independence.

The official textbooks of nationalist Ireland in the decades after independence tended not to admit much of this.

These plays are commentaries on social and political life in Nigeria in the years just before and after independence.

Later joined the Congress and was elected to the Bengal Legislature in 1937 and to West Bangla Rajyo Sobha after independence.

In 5% of cases independence to is used

But the road to independence was long and traumatic.

I don't know if American antipathy to independence will sway referendum votes.

To recapitulate, prior to independence the exchange rate was Pakistani Rupee 4.

When the children were old enough for schooling, the Truman family moved to Independence.

But something Boer had said stuck in my mind: The way to independence is with little moves.

Which is where the gradualist approach to independence works, even if it frustrates impatient nationalists.

MT: It is little known in Canada that Tony Blair directly intervened in the election with regard to independence.

Happy Birthday Tanzania! Julius Kambarage Nyerere was 39 years old when he led Tanganyika to independence on 9 December 1961.

Clearly, those opposed to independence have every right to seek to persuade the people of Scotland that divorce is a bad idea.

He established the Canadian navy and the Department of External Affairs, essential milestones on Canada's path to independence.

In 4% of cases independence at is used

Unfortunately, we did not do it at independence.

Post-independence Nyerere had high hopes at independence.

India managed to do that because it devolved power at independence.

At independence, Kenya got transfixed on the axis of home-guards versus freedom fighters.

The population has increased from about 75 million at independence to about 150 million now.

The Government celebrated the success with pomp and pageantry at a national ceremony on July 19, 2007 at Independence Square.

After a terrifying decade of war, revolution and attempts at independence, Ukraine became a part of the Soviet Union in 1922.

The richest country inAsia at independence has been ruined to a failed state by the Sinhala Buddhist leaders who governed the country since independence.

At Independence, the changing face of authority would seem to confirm the ' elevation ' of not just the Jamaican state, but, more important, black people.

In 3% of cases independence on is used

Fly a kite on Independence Day.

He set his sights firmly on independence.

A referendum on independence for Southern Sudan was held on 9 -- 15 January 2011.

On independence day I wouldn't have any problem since it was a collective effort.

Salmon only came on board after he was guaranteed by Dewar that if the SNP came into power there would be a means of a referendum on independence.

The post-graduate student was booked on September 14, nearly a month after the comments were posted on the department's Facebook page on Independence Day.

In 2% of cases independence before is used

The first of these came and went before independence.

The land is a part of the 774 acres acquired before Independence by the then Government.

The design of the plan had been ordained at least a century before Independence, just after Emancipation.

Motilal Nehru was supposed to be the first vice president, but he died suddenly a few weeks before independence.

If Tamils did not show an interest in federalism before independence, there were sound material reasons for this.

It is believed Babu had direct communication with Karume and Nyerere before INDEPENDENCE of Zanzibar and Tanganyika.

In contrast, in 1955, shortly before independence, autochthonous rights began, at least partly, to be recognized (Mifsud 1967).

The notion of Federalism is not new to Somalia, and certainly was an option considered in early/ mid 1950? s just before independence.

The first Parliamentary General Election was conducted in 1947 an year before independence from the British colonial rule of 130 years.

British Voices from South Asia - Louisiana State University exhibition based on a series of taped interviews with British people who lived and worked in India before Independence in 1947.

In 2% of cases independence towards is used

Can only be a good thing as they lead themselves towards independence.

If the step towards independence is taken, it is going to be a HUGE change for Puerto Rico.

No specific strategy had been devised to guide the republican movement towards independence.

I'd inclined to disagree with you, because the way I see it is that the SNP view Holyrood as a step towards independence.

There is, however, a strategy the Palestinians could implement immediately that would help move them towards independence: They could give up their dream of independence.

Through France, the US also financially supported the implementation of the Cambodian army with a view to defend the country and to encourage the march towards independence.

In 1% of cases independence in is used

Past Big Pine, we arrived in Independence (pop.

Even in independence, one might infer, Irish nationalists were guided by the benign hand of Britain.

Machine Politics Truman temporarily moved into his in-laws ' house in Independence, Missouri, an arrangement that lasted for the rest of his life.

Ebere Amaraizu confirmed that the incident occurred at about 8am on Sunday, at the victim's residence on Pioneer Avenue in Independence Layout, Enugu State.

In Independence Day, a supposedly unstoppable race of alien invaders that has conquered dozens of worlds meets its match in Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum and a laptop computer.

In 1% of cases independence with is used

He wants accountability to be balanced with independence.

India got the full franchise only in 1947, with independence.

I'd saying the principle is exactly the same as with independence -- establish the popular will, and then negotiate on the fine details.

Every time we celebrate (Malayan) Independence Day, I felt like we were force to remember how UMNO have ' blessed ' us with independence like it's theirs.

The reason why readoption of Sterling is own goal number two is that there are suddenly issues that would arise with Independence, which would require a Maastricht style treaty to resolve.

Members of the censor board identified a coat, often identified with independence leader and AL founder Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which was worn by the film's villain, as the offending content.

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