Prepositions used with "increase"

"of increase" or "to increase"?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases increase of is used

The average annual rate of increase was 2.

Expected revenue of increases in the Asian market is set around 35%.

Therefore, when their leases are up, they can get any amount of increase.

The web traffic statistics are, as one might expect, showing dizzying levels of increase.

The result has been an upward distortion of increases in ground temperature over time(2).

The magnitude of increase shown in the graph is 783%, for a whopping lie factor = (783/53) = 14.

During the last few decades, deaths from diabetes show the highest rate of increase among all causes of death (1).

It is either measured as full angle (measure of increase in diameter) or as half angle (measure of increase in radius).

If the alcohol is consumed more quickly, the rate of increase in impairment may also be more rapid and appear at lower BACs.

But the absence of defilements means the growth of strong wholesome states and hence of increases in clarity and concentration.

In 29% of cases increase to is used

Three Steps to Increase Your Engagement Premium 1.

Read on an understand how you may use vouchers to increase your savings.

This is due to increases in demand for rice and the shortfall in domestic production.

In the first nine months, agricultural exports grew mainly due to increases in prices.

This way you are going to increase value in your house and get back any first purchase fees.

Turn to be able to Microsof company ' office ' 2010 in addition to increase a person's work productivity.

It's no good lowering or simplifying taxes rates in one area, only to increase or complicate them elsewhere.

Cardiac output increases in a linear fashion to increases in the intensity of exercise, up to the point of exhaustion.

The main main goal of church marketing is usually to increase the effectiveness of the items is being communicated through the church.

In 16% of cases increase with is used

Well, with increases in the state retirement age, part of that is being address.

Furthermore, increases in hiring should be coming with increases to economic activity.

This period is marked with increase in number of transactions, their variety and flexibility.

The repulsion caused by bonds increases with increase in the number of bonded pairs between two atoms i.

The percentage heat utilized and fuel efficiency increased with increase in the volumetric air flow rate.

However the bond angle increases with increase in the size of ligand atoms, which surround the central atom.

It can be noted that the bond angle decreases with increase in the number of lone pairs on the central atom.

Performance evaluation carried out show that boiling time decreased with increased volumetric air flow rate for all the biomass used.

Creation of new boards became a necessity with increase in the number of schools and intermediate colleges, as well as of the students.

Does the no of projects go down with increase in price? Is there a sweet spot for monthly retainer? Awesome data and some great comments.

In 5% of cases increase for is used

And in each area there are tempting opportunities for increase.

We will have no need to seek for increase in our positions of power.

Ghana is not isolated in pushing for increases in taxes paid by miners.

Bandara's IUSF, which is backed by the Marxist-leaning JanathaVimukthi Peramuna, was a strong supporter of the FUTA union struggle as well as an advocate for increase in education spending.

In 4% of cases increase by is used

This was driven by increases in transport equipment, other construction (eg roads and bridges ), and residential building.

As for economic growth, it is often measured by increases in total national production or, more recently, in gross national income.

In 3% of cases increase as is used

The 10 Minute Cushion is a low-cost solution to enhance posture, improve athletic performance as well as increase productivity in the work place.

In 3% of cases increase on is used

These adjustments are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Leaving your fog lights on increases the glare for other drivers and reduces their visibility.

The strength run from increasing market demand, the suppliers also realized this tendency and plan on increase capacity.

In 2% of cases increase about is used

How about increase the musical performances at handy park, and just expand the east side of the street.

In 2% of cases increase in is used

This, he said, has resulted in increase of electricity prices and inflation.

This is visible in increases in average air and ocean temperatures, the widespread melting of snow and the rising average sea level.

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