Prepositions used with "reading"

of, in, worth, for or to reading?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 39% of cases reading of is used

Its a lot of reading, but interesting.

But, it takes a damned lot of reading.

Yes, there is lots of reading but you learn so much.

TTOTD: Talking of Reading, you've all missed a fair amount of domestic hockey this season.

I realize that i have to do lots of reading which i don't mind, but time is so consuming for.

Passman's knowledge is superior to any other music book that I have had the pleasure of reading.

To maximize students ' learning outcome, improvement on the design of reading and discussion activity should be made.

Establishing and maintaining the habit of reading can dramatically alter the life chances of children and young people.

Best Adult Judge, trophy is awarded by University of Reading, with Best Child Judge to receiving a Raspberry Pi computer.

When was the last time you got an extra 10 minutes of a movie because you watched it at Event Cinemas instead of Reading.

In 13% of cases reading in is used

She made two attempts to commit suicide in Reading police station.

She is just a little behind in reading but needs one on one to do math.

It tests student ability in Reading Comprehension, Writing and Numeracy.

You can change the slides in Reading View mode the same as when viewing as a slide show.

However, Redstone is a leading company in UK and it also opens its new branch in Reading.

I'd just an ordinary woman who has interest in reading, working at home and learning to write.

Ramsay talks about this too in Reading Machines (2011: 33 ), discussing the work of Jerome McGann and Lisa Samuels.

However research does state that an interest in reading at this age bracket is critical to success in school and life.

The third teenager arranged for the car to be sold to a man in Reading following the incident in the early hours of June 30.

With the US coming 17th in reading, 23rd in sciences and 31st in maths, it's no wonder so many there look to Finland for answers.

In 10% of cases reading worth is used

Very interesting article, and definitely worth reading.

Here is an article written by gays - well worth reading.

Peter Wessel Zaffe's book The Last Messiah is worth reading.

Here is a section from the article well worth reading; STEP 5: MAKE THE VICTIMIZERS LOOK BAD.

It's well worth reading, especially if you are interested in the question of how non-experts.

It might not be as emotionally engaging as I had hoped, but it is certainly a book worth reading.

At the same time, I should stipulate, too, that almost always Lebrecht's interpretive reporting is worth reading.

I hope you will find my writings helpful, inspirational, encouraging, amusing or, at the very least, usually worth reading.

The good news, I suppose, is that whatever genre McMurtry spends his talents on in the coming years, it'll be worth reading.

Just a biased Chelsea fan who does nt watch any other games, as soon as you mentioned Sandro as a weak link the paragraph isnt worth reading.

In 9% of cases reading for is used

For reading, sure we can use Bible stories.

Kids develop a greater love for reading, writing, and art.

With a high IQ and a passion for reading, Richard does quite well academically.

The evil twin April 13, 2011 10:57 PM I feel less alone for reading everyone's comments.

Wins also for Reading, Swansea, and Southampton make the race for Relegation places wide open.

Some of my students have one evening a week for reading, another for responding to on-line tasks.

That's great What I do is set 1 hour each day for reading (more for some days) so that I can finish a book in one week.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and if you travel back in time it's probably best not to have sex with anybody.

Thank you so much for reading, and commenting! We were treated so well, and are so appreciative of the effort put into our visit.

About the Author Giovani Delgado Thanks for reading, I have been a Nokia fan since the N95 and I'd currently using the Lumia 900, you can follow me.

In 6% of cases reading to is used

The final third were given no instructions prior to reading.

In addition to reading, she enjoys travel, Bible study, food, and fun.

For me, losing to Reading in the Capital One Cup is totally unacceptable.

Prior to reading, draw a line of the board and mark one end Earth is formed and the other end Present Day.

Source(s): Writing no, reading yes! Communication or creative expression seems to have a direct relation to reading.

If someone sends you a link you'd like to read later, secondary-click or Control-click the link and choose Add to Reading List.

Gutweith later told his brother what they had done and went back to Reading to buy back the vehicle and return it to its owner.

And the bookseller's burden would become the public's burden, for, by restricting him, the public's access to reading matter would be restricted.

In 6% of cases reading with is used

She was the youngest in her class and struggled with reading.

Everyone comes across a book, which make them fall in love with reading.

Difficulty with speaking and understanding, and with reading and writing.

Staying with Reading, who've had more than their fair share of bad calls so far.

We're all struggling to keep up with reading, but are managing to motivate each other to do it.

Billy is intrigued, because he has such trouble with reading and writing and understanding words.

Forward thinking: Fernando Torres is put through his paces ahead of Chelsea's clash with Reading ' He'll be fine.

I sent him two examples of Visual Stress so he could see for himself the reason's behind these children struggling so much with reading and writing.

People write stories, build presentations, make music, and create artwork on the big iPad (along with reading, browsing the web and watching movies).

In 5% of cases reading at is used

He will make is full return at Reading on Tuesday in my opinion.

The case had been heard at Reading County Court and Ms Recorder Moulder had reserved judgment.

Fulham's last three away results are 2-2 at Southampton, 3-3 at Reading and 3-3 versus Arsenal.

Shorey - Back in favour at Reading and getting his share of set pieces, but don't expect a clean sheet from Nicky Shorey.

On the 30th of March of 1896, a bargeman recovered the corpse of 15-month old Helena Fry from the river Thames at Reading.

Shafi, 28, had married his Thai girlfriend in an Islamic marriage in December last year, the jury at Reading Crown Court was told.

We did it at Reading to devastating effect when the situation dictated that even Arsene Wenger had to try something different in the interests of a positive result.

They are usually slower at reading than other learning styles; their notes are often poor as they prefer to listen instead of preoccupying themselves with detailed note-taking.

At the other end of the scale, you have players like Bobby Convey who -- through a combination of injury and unpopularity -- was forced to play out of position for much of his time at Reading.

In 4% of cases reading against is used

So, no pressure going into his home debut against Reading tonight, then.

Walcott himself said that he was shattered after his heroics against Reading.

I think he was in mark Hughes plans for the game against reading but arriving late and not let past the barrier, make sense.

Jenko prob to play RB against Reading? Given jack played 67min I doubt he will play against Reading so who is likely to play at no10.

I should praise the team for its effort but we have to study what went wrong conceding 4 goals in less than 40 minutes against Reading.

After a stuttering start, the Portuguese has put together back-to-back league wins against Reading and QPR and his side come into the game with renewed confidence.

In 4% of cases reading on is used

My opinions are based on reading.

On reading of his demise, I remembered a moment from Lagaan.

As you focus on reading, kindly be mindful of others and allow them to concentrate as well.

Please visit The Hermit's Lamp website for more information on readings and classes both online and in Toronto.

I have been gone wayy too long and just scrolled scrolled read read through many posts that I am late on reading.

It is hard to concentrate on reading, or school work in general, if one is hungry, cold, or living in an abusive environment.

Recently, though, I've realised that I've been spending more on reading than I used to thanks to a Kindle I received as a gift.

Groceries and laundry are done, so I plan on reading, planting some new flowers and making a carrot cake to enjoy with my family.

In 3% of cases reading from is used

They will do anything to stop others from reading Flew's book.

Can't say I'd hugely impressed at an item taking a week to travel from Reading to London.

Verhaeghen said: ' What you have is stuff you've picked up, from reading, watching stuff on the internet.

A few years ago I was put on some really strong medication and it affected my eyes so badly that it prevented me from reading.

We provide education and training -- everything from reading, writing and numeracy to specialist skills that will help women earn a better income.

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