Prepositions used with "ceremony"

of, in, without, at or for ceremony?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases ceremony of is used
    He was supposed to be the master of ceremony at the event.
    Peter Graham and yours truly was the Master of ceremonies.
    The African derived dances are mainly religious, being integral parts of ceremonies of worship.
    Our DJs and master of ceremonies read the crowd and determine what music sets the atmosphere for your event.
    The streets were crowded with officers in robes of ceremony, mounted on horses richly caparisoned, each attended by a great many footmen.
    He is the senior Master of ceremonies and liturgical coordinator at Church of the Atonement, Chicago, and serves as clerk of the vestry.
    Alongside master of ceremonies James Corden, he's an ever-present source of the type of free-flowing sporting banter that's made the show one of the broadcaster's top performers.
    With much anticipation at the Businesswoman of the Year Awards Gala, held at the Hampton Inn earlier this evening, Master of ceremonies, Sandra Blaikie, unveiled the Award Recipients.

    In 15% of cases ceremony in is used
    It is often used in ceremonies.
    Meanwhile a date will be arranged for a grand swearing in ceremony before the Asantehene.
    The events of the ancient era of creation are enacted in ceremonies and danced in mime form.

    In 8% of cases ceremony without is used
    And as Rand was put into the ground, without ceremony, her uncles spat on her covered corpse because she had brought shame on the family.

    In 5% of cases ceremony for is used
    Bulls, oxen and lambs are slaughtered for meat on special occasions and for ceremonies.
    We are not coming for ceremonies: we want to come and qualify because we've worked very hard for it.

    In 5% of cases ceremony on is used
    For further guidance on ceremonies to welcome a new child (and all other rituals, contemporary and classic) you can visit ritualwell.

    In 3% of cases ceremony during is used
    Symbolic phrases are used lavishly in speeches during ceremonies and political debates.

    In 3% of cases ceremony over is used
    Postmaster General and CEO Josie Dela Cruz addressing the crowd after the turn-over ceremony.
    Dela Cruz, assumed office last July 18 in a simple turn over ceremony after the regular flag raising at the Main Post Office Building in Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila.

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