Prepositions used with "layer"

of, in, with, upon or For layer?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 26% of cases layer of is used

The Hotspot functionality makes use of layers.

Basically has two sets of knicks and jerseys, with a bunch of layers to add.

The current layer and the number of layers is written on the Hdf Explorer status bar.

You can also export the current state as collection of layers can be switched on and off.

If you see it will probably be cold, ensure you use a number of layers of fuller clothing.

We will be using lots of layer styles so you can apply these designs on the go very quickly.

To date the 27 archaeologists on site have uncovered remains of 30 houses while digging down three metres of layers.

From what I understand the failed derivative bets are dozens of layers deep and spread out in banks all over the world.

The artefacts uncovered so far date back to 900 AD but there are still a number of layers of settlement yet to be excavated.

But that dinky little volcano did the sorts of things, laid down the sorts of layers that we see in the geologic record throughout.

In 17% of cases layer in is used

Learn to dress in layers and keep dry.

Changes of Clothing Your clothes should be packed in layers.

It seemed to be in layers and, when eaten, disintegrated into particles.

A compositor assembles all the components backgrounds, objects, live action footage in layers.

But as I said there are layers with in layers and sometimes it isn't easy or appropriate to apportion blame.

Whether you're dressing up or down, always dress in layers as more clothes means you appear to have more mass.

I just cross hatch the different colors in layers to create the illusion of blending and the illusion of colors I don't actually have.

This is not normally practiced in restorations but we did this in layers, applying the shellac, then sanding down and then reapplying.

The Dark Knight Rises offers two defining gameplay features wrapped in layers of meta-game trinkets, side-missions and familiar story beats.

So what is the way the caffeine was introduced google had scanned the information in layers hotmail center new indexing system works before.

In 14% of cases layer with is used

And you have to work with layers, in order to accomplish this.

It is filled with layers of specially selected and prepared sand and gravel.

Filo is always used in layers, with layers of butter or oil spread in between.

The main reason for this is that maps can now be made with layers from incompatible data sources.

Furthermore, on the exposed northeastern face, layers of lava are intermingled with layers of sediments.

We need to create a label for our new product and require someone to provide us with a PSD file (with layers).

The whole house in west London is crammed with layer upon layer of visual delights - things that have caught Chambers's eye over the years.

Furthermore, on the exposed northeastern face, layers of lava are intermingled with layers of sediments, according to a creationist glaciologist.

Their clothes, hands and faces caked with layers of black soot, two young Palestinian men stand ankle deep in the remains of a charcoal making plant in the West Bank.

Through multiple versions of pieces like the one quoted above, their lives have been repeatedly embellished with layers of fanciful fiction to make for a better story.

In 13% of cases layer upon is used

There are layers upon layers of ' above the law ' people.

But you peel layer upon layer of onion to discover a void, which is a bit of a let-down.

At times, he applies layer upon layer of colour on glass and then scrapes it off to get an oil skin that looks and feels like fabric.

There she opened her wardrobe to show me a dancing dress she had kept over all of these years, full of frills and layers upon layers.

The whole house in west London is crammed with layer upon layer of visual delights - things that have caught Chambers's eye over the years.

The track begins sparsely with crisp percussion and muffled keyboards, building layer upon layer, with guitars and reverb-filled, effervescent vocals.

Large companies which have allowed layer upon layer of superfluous management bureaucracy and excess employees, even though they are honest, also fall apart.

At the heart of all conventional interventions undertaken by governments in the endeavour to prevent fraud lies the tendency to add layer upon layer of regulation.

In 8% of cases layer For is used

For example, feed for layers should have at least 18 per cent crude protein.

For example, feed for layers should have at least 18 per cent crude protein.

Coating For layer purposes, the actual extra virgin organic this kind of oil is ideal if yourrrve been while using home remedies when polishing your brass bed side train track.

In 6% of cases layer by is used

Then I also covered them layer by layer with papermache strips.

It unpeels the project delicately, layer by layer, like an onion.

The systems were then added to layer by layer, as new requirements came along.

The visualisation is of building layer by layer upon the past towards the present, and on into the future.

They're both cushioned by layers of membranes called meninges as well as a special fluid called cerebrospinal fluid.

The river continued cutting its course, layer by layer, and this continuous corrosion is the cause of its extraordinary depth.

One of the most exciting areas is 3D printing -- printing out anything from a button to a house layer by layer from a design on your desktop or phone.

In 6% of cases layer on is used

It should then be put on layer diet.

There is layer on layer of illegalities.

Use paint bucket on layer B for fills, 5.

Just like Troy, you know, layers on layers.

Double click on layer to bring up styles and click on top box ' Styles ' Right now I have a my button and I can get it to fade up on rollover but I don't know how to make it fade down.

In 3% of cases layer between is used

The magma is forced into cracks or between layers of rock near the earth's surface.

The layer toolbar The layer toobar lets you browse between layers on a SDS 3D data set or GR multi component image.

Standing tall at about three inches from the center, it flaunts an intense chocolate flavor with a nice distraction: a teasing layer of caramel sandwiched between layers of dense chocolate cake.

In 3% of cases layer like is used

Ribbon like layers are found in the rock, gneiss.

Layers are usually thin, often with lens like layers of quartz between the mica layers.

Ribbon like Layers Mica like Layers Particle Layers Thin Cleavage Layers in Gneiss in Schist in Sandstone in Slate Gas Bubbles: Gas bubbles in rock are sort of round or elongated holes.

In 3% of cases layer under is used

This traditional under layer would help absorb moisture from the ground and encourage longevity of the terra-cotta tiles.

London's landscape was shaped by the hills and valleys these rivers created, but as the city grew they began to get in the way and were buried, bit by bit, under layers of streets and houses.

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