Prepositions used with "facility"

of, in, with, to or for facility?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 57% of cases facility of is used

Urban centres must offer a wide range of facilities.

No problem, 35mm film can give you all type of facility.

The most important factor however is that of the quality of facility offered.

To find an inspection facility near you, see the list of facilities posted on the B.

There are many of these types of facilities in North America, all with similar environments.

That's more than the Central(er) London soft plays, and for much less in the way of facilities.

As a business owner or operator, or on the crane, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of facilities.

The hotel could have been cleaner, but to be fair there was some upgrading of facilities going on while i was there.

They have a wide range of facilities including a cinema, service stations, banks and both a Coles and Bi-Lo supermarket.

The club places strong emphasis on family and offers a variety of facilities and programs for every member of the family.

In 10% of cases facility in is used

Manassas has significant needs in facilities and government.

Jurich has overseen the opening of more than $150 million in facilities over the past decade, with notable additions to that list over the past year.

If a guest has pre-blocked or tele checked-in using any other facility and re-prints his boarding pass using the e-Check-in facility, bonus JetPrivilege miles are not applicable.

This means internationally-trained faculty delivering fully accredited degree programmes utilizing **26;266;TOOLONG education methodologies in facilities built to partner university standards.

In 9% of cases facility with is used

Rooms are functional with facilities of a good quality.

Himesh still has great range - he goes from EDM to Hindustani with facility.

Such a centre could be made a common study room for students in the village with facilities for them to sit and use a table for writing purposes.

Generally speaking the Co-operative, Santander and Halifax all offer inviting overdrafts for the first year of study with facilities between 1,000 and 1,500.

Oh, and recently went to the opening of disabled accomodation - wheelchair bound guy in a three bedroom flat, with facilities far better than I can afford in my own house.

In 8% of cases facility to is used

At the same time Rugby would enjoy increased funding and access to facilities from National Olympic Committees as an Olympic sport.

This adjustment is to allow preparation for moving a significant portion of archival material to facilities with archival standard environmental conditions.

In 6% of cases facility for is used

Benefits for facility care and home care can not be paid at the same time.

As such, there is a need for facilities that offer preventive and curative health services for the youth.

Management charges may also be payable for facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and play areas.

Since it is such a small piece of property, more landscaping is really only the viable option for facilities operations.

There are two options for the elimination period: either 0 or 90 days for Facility Care, and either 60 or 90 days for Home Care.

Meanwhile, the capital markets authority also wants the harmonisation of the East Africa Capital markets approval framework to allow for facilities like infrastructure bonds to be issued easily.

In 3% of cases facility ON is used

The report focuses on facilities in California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Alabama, New Jersey and Georgia.

Likewise, the system's enrollment and log on facility, which has two levels of security - TIN/PIN and Challenge question/answer, handles user validation or authentication.

Through the eSubmission facility, taxpayers can electronically attach alphalists (per Revenue Memorandum Circulars/RMCs 12-2002 and 3-2006) and transmit/submit via email the following BIR Forms.

In 1% of cases facility from is used

Marines will conduct training and exercises from facilities in northern Australia, providing ready access to the South China Sea.

In 1% of cases facility plus is used

We have a full service restaurant offering a tasty choice of healthy food plus facilities to host your child?? s birthday party.

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