Prepositions used with "interest"

of, in, with, on or to interest?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 76% of cases interest of is used


There is a huge amount of interest.

If opportunity is of interest please.

It makes you think, is intriguing and is obviously creating quite a bit of interest.

While this was notionally to rate of interest consequent on until such time as they.

Now we have a full portfolio of designs that have translated into a lot of interest.

Conflicts of Interest and Bias Materials are reviewed in order to identify possible conflicts of interest or bias.

There is a map of Ireland, just click on the county of interest and a map displaying all the parishes is displayed.

But in due course, inflation in the PIIGS economies became higher than the rate of interest being charged on loans.

I think transportation and logistics in Africa lag behind and this is the main area of interest for Citadel Capital.

In 7% of cases interest in is used

They are even more if the law in interest.

This is because debts usually cost more than savings earn in interest.

Watch your credit card spending to reduce the amount you put out in interest.

When you extend a loan, you're only paying more in interest which can add up quickly.

Those increased payments will save you hundreds, if not thousands, in interest payments.

The reduction being discussed for Athens should save them about 370m in interest payments per year.

States and municipalities have to worry about default and the resulting rises in interest rates for future borrowing.

Instead they are wasted in interest on the self-inflicted debt or, worse, they go straight into the Glazers ' pockets.

If you don't prepare your staff for this increase in interest, you're going to find yourself with many unhappy customers.

If the normal loan amortization schedule applied, the government would have had to pay $249 million in interest in 40 years.

In 7% of cases interest with is used

So everything is fine with interest payment.

I paid all of those loans back, with interest.

I'd reading the Cheeseman article with interest.

Other companies with interest in the digital village initiative include Safaricom.

The claims will be read with interest by the millions of Facebook users concerned.

Zaphod approached it with interest, and as he did so, he tripped over an old feedline.

When Zarniwoop entered a minute or so later with a black eye, he regarded the four wisps of smoke with interest.

Easy money and the borrowing binge: With interest rates being low, the PIIGS and their citizens went on a borrowing binge.

It is also worth noting that with interest rates so low people withdraw money from banks, this in turn effects bank lending.

In fact, both sectors are now blossoming, and most of the beneficiary companies have refunded the bailout money, with interest.

In 2% of cases interest on is used

In the early 1960s, recruitment was based on interest.

The cup will start at 16 slots and expand on interest.

But I got tax on interest that my bank has paid to Govt.

The BAD MONEY is the money wasted on interest payments, hire purchase and bank charges.

When I saw this story on another site I said to myself, this one will be on interest real quick.

The reaction on interest rate markets was more modest, with 2-year swap rates falling 4 basis points.

You not only save on interest charges, but you also control payments to the home reno contractor in case of trouble.

Focus on Interests rather than positions Good agreements focus on the parties ' interests, rather than their positions.

The management said it did so because the profit was based on interest which is against the spirit of the bank business value.

Instead, use their criticism as a topic for discussion on interests, goals, and problem-solving and ask them for their advice.

In 2% of cases interest to is used

We already went to the bank and reduced to interest only.

This trend of elevated expenses stretches to interest rates.

George Hotel, in which Judah tried to interest investors to fund a survey.

Rowan and John Rodgers, to interest themselves in the possibility of a Korean treaty.

The reason: a series of stimulus measures from tax breaks for industry to interest rate cuts.

In some cases, it may make sense to pass on some jobs where there's nothing to interest and engage you.

No source taxation will apply to interest payments, as there is no withholding tax for such payments in either party.

The human dimension -- embedded in religious and ethical dogmas -- does not seem to interest our prolific commentators.

So it behoves us to interest ourselves only in these woeful states that we are in danger of experiencing right here and now.

To interest me, a guy would have to understand what I do, be interested in the kinds of things I'd interested in and respect me as an equal.

In 1% of cases interest at is used

If you look at interest rates, they have dropped from 2.

The Scotiabank funds are available at interest rates of 9.

We can look at interest rates, we can comment on them, but someone else is deciding what will happen.

Basically, it has the government printing money, giving it to the Fed and borrowing it back at interest.

If private banks can issue money at interest why can't government issue money interest free? And once you bite that try.

We may learn from STANIAN, that the canton of BERNE had 300,000 pounds lent at interest, and had above six times as much in their treasury.

Before they started using the euro as a currency, they had to borrow money at interest rates much higher than Germany was being asked to pay.

Wachovia Bank laundered the majority of the dirty cash which basically kept afloat the entire World economy due to collateralisation at interest.

In fact Germany has made billions out of the Greek crises not just in exports but because Greece has been shut out from borrowing at interest rates of 30%.

When these countries started to use the euro they could borrow money at interest rates close to that of Germany, which was economically the best managed country in the EU.

In 1% of cases interest for is used

Libor is the world's most important benchmark for interest rates.

As for interest, think of it as a simple fee for privilege of borrowing money.

For interest here's a link to the DxO Mark sensor ratings - http: **35;5317;TOOLONG.

For interest, our energy regulator, Ofgem has just reported on an onshore wind study.

Therefore we hold that hold that no deduction be allowed for interest paid to HO at Rs.

Does that make a case for the RBI to cut rates? There is a demand for interest rate reduction.

Mr and Mrs D applied for benefits and were awarded Mortgage Support for Interest of 300 per month.

Time for interest rates to go back up to their long term average norm or 5-6 percent, and house prices.

I've kind of ignored it because it's painful, but today I've decided to break down where all of my money goes, for interest's sake.

Also if society has borrowed capital to construct said building in which the tower has been erected than a proportionate deduction can be claimed for interest paid on borrowed capital.

In 1% of cases interest from is used

Maybe also from interest our research paper: http: **35;9316;TOOLONG.

Lenders do this since it means they can make more from interest and fees.

The money was gotten from interest on loan and which they said is against the tenet of the bank principle.

Other realtors see positives arising from interest rate cuts, which will continue to apply to loan amounts capped at J$4.

We all secretly think most of it is done on purpose and it is a way to make money from interest even though they say they are a non for Profit Company.

This JAIZ bank has not been able to raise money for its capital base, but is already declaring 1 billion Naria in profits from interests that it was not supposed to collect in the first place.

This JAIZ bank has not been able to raise money for its capital base, but is already declaring 1 billion Naria in profits from interests that it was not supposed to collect in the first place.

In 1% of cases interest plus is used

And I promise you both to return all the money you have invested plus interest.

The Default Order will order the debtor to pay the amount claimed plus interest and expenses.

Participating alumni also serve as online mentors to students doing the borrowing, and the alums get paid back -- plus interest.

The defendant was ordered to pay damages to the plaintiff at HK$98,500 (plus interest) for injuries to feelings and loss of income.

Under the current proposals, people will be able to borrow money from their council, with the sum, plus interest, being paid back after their death to finance home care for the elderly.

In 1% of cases interest Without is used

Only the premiums paid (with or without interest, depending on the company's policy) are refunded.

Without interest you can't have a proper banking sytem, you can't have venture capital, you can't have risk.

In any such event, the sale shall be null and void, and the Purchaser's sole remedy, in law or equity, shall be the return of his deposit without interest.

FALMOUTH WATER SUPPLY Although this is now owned and operated by Local Government, its history is not without interest and its connection with present day conditions is not very remote.

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