Prepositions used with "luck"

of, in, With, on or for luck?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 72% of cases luck of is used

NO! A LOT OF LUCK was involved.

Best of luck with your writing.

I wish you the best of luck, Sid.

I wish your friend the best of luck in finding a job that doesn't involve telemarketing.

But a person who wants that world populated by like-minded people is simply out of luck.

If you are running an earlier version of the operating system, then you are out of luck.

As for the rest of you joining, good luck on your endeavors, I wish you all the best of luck and fight through it all.

It was a stroke of luck that his special interest was financial markets and not, say, collecting lawn-mower catalogues.

It also keeps your cheese fresh so you will not waste cheese and will result in more loot drops (a side effect of luck).

I agree with you that if one has the belief in own self, the concept of luck no longer holds any meaning to that person.

In 10% of cases luck in is used

For the most part I don't really believe in luck.

The record came out last week - so you're in luck.

Its okay, I think you do not have to believe in luck, but in yourself.

Thankfully, you're in luck, because here are 10 effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

I found myself in luck, being invited to a group education/interview evening several days later.

I have never been a great believer in luck, I think you create your own luck and nothing really happens by chance.

Organize Parking If you are just going to try and find parking at the airport when you arrive then you may not be in luck.

Kate Murphy, mobile spokeswoman at MoneySupermarket, agrees that buyers who are happy to take an iPhone 4S will be in luck.

If you are in Europe, you are also in luck (see here) though I do have some reservations about the shipment of cow poo over the Atlantic.

Well, you are in luck, Ruby has a lot of ' convention over configuration ' action going on, which really implicitly helps us de-complicate things.

In 5% of cases luck With is used

With luck, your game is now playable.

With luck she'll be featured very minimally.

With luck I can hound Shawn and Jami into sharing this with us.

With luck and concentration, all the built up tension will leave you.

With luck you will realise it before it affects your life too deeply.

The universe was stingy with luck, though, especially for asteroid miners.

With luck, White is going to seek residential rehab or an aftercare program to find help with his issues.

You arrive and you have nothing and with luck, kindness and hard work you move out of the ghetto within a generation.

With luck and patience, during this sea safari, you will have the unforgotten experience to swim with them in the INDIAN OCEAN.

With luck, he is going to finish off the movie soon, and is going to make sure the movie hits the market as soon as next month.

In 4% of cases luck on is used

Really, ability to get to Top 24 is based a lot on luck.

How is your Return on Luck? How can I be better prepared.

It goes without saying that this deck relies quite a bit on luck.

But ID's explanation is more satisfying because it doesn't rely on luck.

We got lucky today but we also pressed for the lead and made our on luck.

Today I wanted to put down my thoughts about the final concept that Jim shared: Return on Luck.

Return on Luck Three years ago, I was in a session at IESE with 6 top Venture Capital gurus from USA and UK.

It has had to be released, but it's source is deep, and draws on luck or intuition that is beyond my pragmatic control.

Monitoring a pack that doesn't have at least one collar is an operation almost impossible that relies only on luck or report follow-ups.

Pity Wenger knows what brought him success but has chosen 2 rely on luck, as u've realised! >>> You've no idea what it means to be Arsenal.

In 3% of cases luck for is used

Let's grab a pint and throw darts for luck.

Skywarp dressed him in a skirt and kissed him for luck.

I just read another blog that lists affirmations for luck.

I have purchased gold coins for luck and my sister bought me a four-leave clover key chain.

I might get the jade for luck! Joni Llanora; Jade is a succulent, they're pretty easy to look after.

It was 2 million and 25 thousand to be exact because he tossed in a 25k green chip for luck as well.

Guests may carry symbolic plants, like sugar cane, for luck, and a small banana tree, for fertility.

Olivier Doleuze was forced to use precious fuel up early, and then ride for luck, but Dominant was still able to close off strongly.

It's also an occasion to symbolically send away all the bad things of the past year and pray for luck -- and continuing water -- for the coming dry months.

In 2% of cases luck By is used

It is by choice and not by luck.

Those who are accepted by the university by luck have to take a re-examination after being accepted.

In fact, whether by luck, sound judgment, or a combination of the two, Obama has deftly handled the U.

And indeed it is more by luck, actually bad luck, than by design that he has ended up where he is today.

By luck though, I was at home when the courier arrived, otherwise the parcel would have been returned to Amazon.

They all fire behind you, and with no rearview mirror the only way you hit someone is by luck, and even then you don't get to see a reaction.

Plus the factor we never execute our chances and Italy is known for it's defence, I think we would've only won by luck anyways if it was 11 vs 11.

October 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm (147) Mark says: People, how about raising some money for charity by making some money for yourself with some effort instead of winning it by luck.

In 2% of cases luck to is used

You can search for reasons but it basically came down to luck.

It is a symbol of being under the foot of or in submission to luck.

It is not down to luck that he is being paid such a ' good ' salary but down to hard work.

Statisticians might argue that winning the close ones time and again is in part due to luck and that fate will eventually turn.

In 1% of cases luck about is used

And our perception too affects our thoughts about luck.

Many people disagree that lotto is a random game and winning is all about luck.

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