Prepositions used with "soil"

of, in, with, on or by soil?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 60% of cases soil of is used
    Our robot was able to excavate 3 kgs of soil.
    Improvement of soil aggregation and porosity.
    This approach does not focus on the health of soil and water.
    Basically then, all you need is a waterproof rooftop, a layer of soil and a bag of seeds.
    It is easy to see the rills which indicate the high risk of soil erosion on this hillslope.
    The rate and magnitude of soil erosion by wind is controlled by the following factors (www.
    The degradation of the sea water affects the near shore line and gradually it deteriorates the quality of soil of the area.
    The removal of nutrients reduces the capacity of soils to support plant growth and crop production and causes acidification.
    The removal of nutrients reduces the capacity of soils to support plant growth and crop production and causes acidification.
    I am no more in favor of permitting over fishing of the seas than you are, and regard protection of soil and water resources.

    In 14% of cases soil in is used
    If your bulbs are in soil, gently wash the soil from the roots.
    Nancy Karanja is a professor in soil ecology at the University of Nairobi.
    In many cases, the compounds are present in soil, water, and in the food chain.
    Tomato is moderately tolerant to a wide range of pH, but grows well in soils with a pH of 5.
    In Australia some farmers who have used no-till cropping have noticed a build up in soil carbon.
    The only difference is that it contains a prodegradant additive that makes them biodegradable in soil.
    If you plant, a flower seed in soil and water it and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight each day it will begin to grow.
    In Ghana, the main soil types are related to the main vegetation belts because of the role of vegetation in soil formation.
    Even small changes in the total carbon stocks in soils provide a huge source or sink for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    Transgenes and antibiotic resistance marker genes from transgenic plants have been shown to end up in soil fungi and bacteria.

    In 7% of cases soil with is used
    This process is followed by a third farmer who applies animal manure and covers the furrows and holes with soil.
    Waste is compacted into a thin layer and covered over with soil, or another suitable cover material, at the end of the day.
    It is essential that the seeds are not covered with soil after sowing - this is one of the main reasons for failures in the nursery.
    This chart shows how sub-soil temperature varies with soil type and depth: This chart shows how sub-soil temperature varies over time.
    Hilling is done by covering the base of the plant with soil to prevent the potatoes from exposure to light which causes them to turn green.

    In 5% of cases soil on is used
    The experiments were carried out on soil samples from Al- Hassa oasis, Saudi Arabia.
    In most cases, agricultural development has no provisions on soil and water conservation measures.
    Even low erosion rates which are almost invisible can over the years have a severe impact on soils.
    These pollutants are also deposited on soil, plants, and in the water, further contributing to human exposure.
    What changes would they induce? What changes would they induce, for example, on soil bacteria? The OECD groups argue that GMOs under containment (i.
    The high levels of inherent fertility of ADE ensure sustained agricultural production, particularly when compared to crops grown on soils made available through slash and burn.

    In 3% of cases soil by is used
    Repeat this until the sack is filled with a tower of rocks surrounded by soil.
    All that N-P-K you thought you needed to buy in a bag gets made for free by soil critters.

    In 3% of cases soil to is used
    The industrial carpet is, nonetheless, resistant to soils and stains.
    If the sponge dries out, heavy rain causes rapid run off that can be damaging to soils.
    The number of stock units a property will support varies according to soil type, pasture quality and climate.
    It is used in relation to the forestry and agriculture sector in the climate negotiations and covers emissions related to soils, trees, plants, biomass and timber.
    Horses kept exclusively in stables and individual yards with no access to soiled pasture, and those kept in large paddocks (10 hectares plus) in conjunction with other species, eg.

    In 2% of cases soil about is used
    I may not make the case to read it yourself much more appealing by saying the book is about soil.

    In 2% of cases soil as is used
    Communities have identified food-for-work interventions such as soil conservation through tree-planting and soil erosion control, and rehabilitation of wells and boreholes.

    In 2% of cases soil into is used
    Afterwards, they can be planted into soil or compost, and grown on like any conventional plant.

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