Prepositions used with "resistance"

of, in, with, for or to resistance?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 69% of cases resistance of is used

What Are the Benefits of Resistance Training? 1.

Many markets have bounced up to areas of resistance on the charts.

However, the evolution of resistance could cut short these benefits.

There are 3 levels of resistance to challenge you as you grow stronger and more fit.

On the 25th, with this accretion of force, the enemy? s main line of resistance was broken.

Don't just do the one form of resistance, change if you feel your arm is about to be raised.

Insufficient planting of refuges and non-recessive inheritance of resistance may have contributed to resistance.

Some good readings: Review of S enseless Acts of Beauty: Cultures of Resistance since the Sixties by George McKay.

Griffin was viewed by many as a charismatic voice of resistance in the Georgia and the South in the wake of Brown v.

In the West Bank, Palestinian activists try to develop a type of resistance different from the masculine, armed resistance.

In 7% of cases resistance in is used

This equipment offers the latest technology in resistance training.

They are not living their lives in resistance to the family dynamic.

Join the free Americans in resistance to it, or be a slave those are your options.

There are indigenous people involved in resistance movements in various parts of the world.

Any such seizure would be preceded by stiffness resulting in resistance in the cyclic controls.

Magnetoresistance is the change in resistance of a conductor in the presence of a magnetic field.

Even though the United States came into existence in resistance to British imperial rule, no animosity exists today.

Strategic nonviolence is a method of actively engaging in resistance through carefully planned campaigns of disobedience and disruption.

These results suggest that improvements in resistance management and a more integrated approach to the use of Bt crops may be necessary.

In 7% of cases resistance with is used

But the union campaign is being met with resistance from others on the left.

Rapport building including; basic questioning techniques, encouraging participation and working with resistance.

The plan to house the DMK cadre in block 1 of the Puzhal Prison on the outskirts of Chennai has met with resistance.

The Botanic Gardens in Perm, Ekaterinburg and some others have selected plants with resistance to industrial pollution.

TC: Has there any been any situation where you were faced with resistance when championing this cause? CC: No, because we are the leaders.

Resistance available in varieties like Ptb 18/ Ptb 21 and Eswarakora has been used to develop a number of improved varieties with resistance to gall midge.

Even with resistance management plans in place, sole reliance on Bt crops for management of agriculture pests will likely hasten the evolution of resistance in some.

Perry after his defeat in the presidential primaries? His influence over the Legislature has been strong, but he may meet with resistance if lawmakers sense any political weakness.

As for how to get through that time without going to the gym, I would do some strength moves at home with resistance bands or pushups right up to the point of sweating and then stop.

In 6% of cases resistance for is used

Thus, mental strength and well-being is the foundation for resistance to physical illness.

Since biotype development on resistant varieties is common breeding for resistance is difficult.

It is generally a good idea to approach this subject early in your employment, and to be prepared for resistance.

Current trends in planting of Bt crops suggest that intense selection for resistance in the field will continue 1.

His is not a critique smitten with the omnipotence of power so as to have no hope in the agency and resilience of people, and no room for resistance.

Yeah, they do such a good job not ever prescribing antibiotics for viral infections, they clearly have an excellent understanding of selection for resistance.

You recently wrote that ' CALL FOR RESISTANCE ', what did you mean? Our understanding is that if we, as an opposition party, have no say in our country, it's our right to say NO.

In 3% of cases resistance to is used

This also translates to resistance to stains as well as being a good insulator.

Till this moment the militant attacks had been limited to resistance against army operations in FATA only.

Insufficient planting of refuges and non-recessive inheritance of resistance may have contributed to resistance.

The strategies associated with a downtrend are generally to short the rallies at or close to resistance levels until there are signs of a trend change.

In other words, using a long run of coax will reduce the total amount of signal at the antenna, but only because of loss due to resistance and NOT because of standing waves.

In 3% of cases resistance without is used

However, contrary to conventional wisdom, the Westernization of culture was neither smooth nor without resistance.

As no teacher wants to have an ugly grade, teachers were easily made to conform to ANY MOE initiatives without resistance.

Without resistance in all four directions, content with whatever you get, enduring troubles with no dismay, wander alone like a rhinoceros.

But far from daring such an attempt, the majority (without resistance) complied, asserting their rights only in the form of amending clauses.

In 2% of cases resistance at is used

They look at resistance as a behavioral issue v.

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