Prepositions used with "language"

of, in, with, for or to language?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases language of is used

The issue of language was broached.

Our use of language recognises this.

The issue of language too was a factor.

In my own writing I try to find a midpoint between pedanticism and love of language.

A classic, and requisite reading for anyone interested in the philosophy of language.

Tracking the changes New words are the most obvious manifestation of language change.

Most importantly I found the trace and connection of Islam from different source within my recognize of languages.

I work in a scientific field -- the study of language acquisition in children -- that is in fact dominated by women.

This question of language and culture was prominent in the minds of our missionaries from the very beginning in 1946.

It can even take center stage in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of religion.

In 14% of cases language in is used

Even though there is some differences in languages between.

In July 2003 he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Language and Translation.

She took it to school to read during her required reading in Language Arts.

Lois Heymann's book speaks to these issues in language that is clear and easy to understand.

He also became a speech therapist and spent eight years lecturing in language and literature.

As Kerouac grew older and entered high school his interest in language extended to an interest in literary classics.

I would reject both such cases and appeal to the idea that truth, as we tend to think of it, exists only in language.

Later, she became a student herself, entering the Bachelor of Arts in Language and Translation programme at the OUHK.

She also said that she has often been complimented on her speech, which she puts down to her keen interest in language.

In 7% of cases language with is used

I shall try to be more careful with language.

This perspective begins not with language but with behaviour.

I just asked friends who do something with language for a living.

How do we behave in that town? It is, like all towns, an arena packed with language.

With language and speech, the human ego began to develop and time began to take over our lives.

He is good with languages, as he can easily translate other language-books quickly in his head.

Particularly for those who have struggled with language barriers and local SIM acquisition routines in the past.

It was a language which I didn't know but I figured I would understand it because of my experience with languages.

As a result the need for translations with languages such as German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic is in constant demand.

At the very least you are fascinated with languages, fonts and their dynamics as a phenomenon through which the world is understood.

In 6% of cases language for is used

Not looking for language exchange.

He had a notable talent for languages.

We in England could'nt be bothered and have a very poor record for languages.

It is not clear why the visual cortex would be recruited for language processing, when.

Hurford stresses that our evolved capacities for language have built on pre-existing capacities for, e.

Also inspirational is Bearing's deep affection for language, one of the elements of the university professor's life.

A ' paraprofessional ' interpreter may only be used for languages without an accredited professional-level interpreter.

These might work together to make language learning possible and create a dedicated architecture for language processing.

Her strength was her affinity for languages, and she was multilingual, fluent in Spanish, Vietnamese, French and English alone.

In 6% of cases language to is used

There's not much flow to language.

So if we go back to language schools/ company.

Three final questions relating to language design remain.

The intention is to introduce new words and, by extension, new meanings to language.

This doesn't just apply to languages -- Geography or History will benefit from this approach.

It is very similar to languages such as JavaScript in the affects it has had on the web world.

If you can't navigate the site due to language problems, you can always hit that and send them an email in English.

It is difficult for them to do business directly in the mainland due to language barriers and the way of doing business.

Its negative fallout on mohajirs led to language riots, followed by decades of ethnic strife between the two communities.

The brain seems to be ' hard wired ' to learn some of the complex tasks related to language learning only in social contexts.

In 5% of cases language On is used

Kohler, 2008 ), and Papers on Language Technology (ed.

The archaeology of knowledge and the discourse on language.

On language: we teach to pass a test not to learn the language.

This dependence on language can frequently be restricting to the counselor and the patient.

These are dialogue-based interventions that place considerable demands on language processing production skills.

Even in Karachi hospital the sick and injured are discriminated base on language left along jobs and opportunity.

This may be due to the fact that some English-speaking provinces are reluctant to spend tax dollars on language policy.

They made a lasting impression on the history of Jamaica- as you will later learn, especially on language, culture and food.

Insane attacks, harassment based on language and religion and quit notices to Indian citizens can generate ugly reactions in those states.

The landmark dud was the Hawke government's National Policy on Languages launched in 1987 to great fanfare by the prime minister himself.

In 3% of cases language about is used

Very touching thinking about language and words in a more abstract sense.

Only when you are writing about language are you likely to need this use of the hyphen.

Deserts of scholarly prose aside, good books about language tend to come along in two types.

One thing I've learned about language is that the same word can mean different things to different people.

Only understand can be used to talk about languages, words or writing: I don't grasp French/the instructions.

On the other hand, you should check the topic before you move to a channel to see if there are any restrictions about language.

As we read to them they will learn about language, and all the ways of using it, and about life, and all the ways of living it.

You're missing the point about language in the first place; it's not about conforming to some BS rules, it's about communication.

This is an ecological problem that we can solve in our personal lives by learning about language and using it with care and imagination.

Bellos's sharp, amiable, and wide-ranging book isn't just about translation, it's about language and meaning and even what it is to be human.

In 2% of cases language between is used

Mark's theme was the relationship between language, policy and politics.

Switching between languages?? is pretty fast - it will need to press only one key.

They can move between languages smoothly and rapidly and it became supporting maps.

One common understanding is that semantics is concerned with the relation between language and the ' world '.

But you still seem to be stuck with a naive view of my position on the relation between language and the world.

Inevitably this smooths over some important differences and variations between languages; this section details some of these.

While a number of overseas cross-sectional studies have shown associations between language and behaviour problems in childhood (eg Cohen et al.

In 2% of cases language through is used

Through language the Qur'an makes itself clear, alive and understood.

And national distinctiveness through language and tradition is going to remain.

I think we achieve it through language and the silence and the way characters occupy and move through space.

The woman involved has been dehumanised and made absent twice: once through her body, and again through language.

I think that the argument about ' national distinctiveness through language and tradition ' carries a lot less force now than twenty or thirty years ago.

In 1% of cases language Without is used

Without language our world would lack a sense of individualism.

She probably hadn't forgotten how to walk without language, for example.

Without Language, us as humans would have no way to process our thoughts, nor communicate and interact with one another.

Bolti Taylor describes about not being able to access her memories without language is interesting, but it doesn't mean language is how we have memories.

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