Prepositions used with "character"

of, in, with, for or to character?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 63% of cases character of is used

Another is a lack of character.

Ralston's strength of character.

The range of characters available in.

Dag Hammarskjold It is easy to be nice, even to an enemy -- from lack of character.

It will need someone with strength of character and a hell of a lot of self belief.

That's a nice thing for someone who likes to play a lot of characters and classes.

He is comparatively endearing of character in comparison to the hyperactive (almost ADHD like) other two crazies.

Unsurprisingly, for this sort of character, in places the language she uses and references she can be complicated.

In 13% of cases character in is used

To know Him in character is order and values.

My point? We have to lead by example in character and power.

Both these were sufficiently done in character action and dialogue.

Both cities as Porto and Lisbon are very different in character and places to visit.

Likewise, the value of men and women is not autonomous, but relational in character.

Luzon is therefore oceanic in character, having never been connected to mainland Asia.

At the point where the main character happily cripples another character, I can't muster sympathy for them any more.

I employed the second method; the three main characters, (although little-known) all had previous acting experience.

Love the hair as well and I hope she has really had had a haircut (and its not a usual, ' in character ' appearance).

In the words of Allan Jacobs, a good street may be functional but a great street is superior in character and quality.

In 6% of cases character with is used

Fell in love with character design while studying animation in the United Kingdom.

Even after Hurricane Ike, Galveston is a very beautiful place to visit and see many of these old buildings with character.

Character learning should start from frequently used characters, and writing should begin with characters with less strokes.

When you see someone as a God, you immediately begin to endow them with character traits that they absolutely do not possess.

As far as NBC is concerned, the Olympics are like a two-week miniseries, filled with characters and story lines and loads of drama.

Also, the music did not supply mood (Like I said, a pop score; with characters who are against Westernisation; really?) nor humour.

Offensive language, cursing (including replacing letters with characters ), racial or ethnic slurs, and sexist remarks will not be tolerated.

Pridyider, perhaps owing to its commercial studio backing, is more fleeting in theme, with characters that are less subjugated to moral and spiritual uncertainties.

The film contributes a tad more sophistication to the tired genre, with characters struggling with love that is more the conflict rather than the resolution to the story.

With Murdoch out of the picture maybe we can get some politicians with character and backbone to come forward instead of the complete muppets that the media have sold us in the past.

In 5% of cases character for is used

As for character variety, I couldn't disagree more.

I'd hurting for characters on this post to begin with.

Not bad for characters that appear in $ 3 comic books each month.

They're all bogus if they do not have the suffix, character for character, of bankofamerica.

Unlocking all three minigames for characters that have reached five stars would have been better.

Some character traits for characters in the book are: Cass is loyal, worrisome, and always ready to face the unexpected.

We began using it for character heads but soon discovered that it had so many possibilities in other aspects of costuming.

The Book of Proverbs, particularly, is packed with wisdom for character building and sorting out one's priorities in life.

The best of books allows for character growth and the development of personal story arcs, and del Toro and Hogan know this.

People automatically assume that the information is true because they consider realism essential for character development.

In 4% of cases character to is used

It's similar to character design.

The guns are the big draw for collectors like me when it comes to characters like The Punisher.

Journal entries, diaries, announcements, character news and character to character messages can be found here.

Hence, they resort to character assassinations, which serve to distract from the facts and debase public discussion.

In order to keep some sort of continuity, reference to characters from this show were included in early episodes of Magnum.

Why does CCC use difficult characters? Regarding to character recognition difficulties, there are no differences among the characters.

If WB can mesh that darkness to characters that people can attach themselves too so that they care about their spiral into peril then great.

Because today, we've gotten used to character actors who play characters -- while Hangal and his cohorts were mostly called upon to essay archetypes.

While it's still a low-budget affair, ' Time Viking ' does look a lot nicer thanks to character art drawn by James Silva's partner, Michelle Juett (or is that Michelle Silva by now?).

In 2% of cases character about is used

What questions about character or.

Ask for the Legal Aid information card about Character References.

People are going to see movies about characters that they know and love.

Pretty much every horror movie can learn a thing or two about characters here.

Here, instead of reading about characters in stories, we are starting to become the characters.

I'd doing a Halloween is for Witches series of posts about characters from my Witches of Galdorheim series.

If you want to share your project requirements or have a question about characters, games, animation, comics or anything else you might want to.

If you want to share your project requirements or have a question about characters, games, animation, comics or anything else you might want to.

We're talking about characters who don't perceive reality in the same way as everyone else, characters whose fundamental ability to deal with the world is broken.

Unfortunately, it has become the nature of politics in this country that most of the focus of reporting and debate is about character assasination rather than policy.

In 2% of cases character between is used

Default space between characters is defined to be 0pt, i.

In fact, some of the best scenes are simply conversations between characters.

Clicking the left button will decrease the position spacing between characters.

Clicking the right button will increase the position spacing between characters.

This value allows the user agent to alter the space between characters in order to justify text.

That's remarkable because so many games try to establish a friendship between characters but so few do it this convincingly.

It still jumps between characters in traditional Call of Duty fashion, but each character is meaningful and each conflict is more directly tied to the overall plot.

Adrian Shergold employs a lot of hand held camera, and uses a lot of close ups in order for the audience to recognise the relationships between characters and their feelings.

In 2% of cases character into is used

You have to get into character.

He's mind looking for his next project -- says getting into character was an exciting process.

If you enjoy getting into character and being someone else when you work, that might be right for you.

In 1% of cases character by is used

An asterisk is present followed by characters which are not null and not blank.

Their stated mission is to create entertainment powered by characters and conversation.

Primarily, I would suggest releasing products that come with main cards used by characters in the show or looking at other clans and expanding on them.

See more Goofs Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers ): Several times in the movie, Anderton is referred to as ' Anderson '.

In 1% of cases character on is used

Cross-examination on character can only be with leave: s 112 Evidence Act.

The stories reflect on characters on the edge of life, personalities that do not quite fit in.

Japanese games are definitely the worst for it, but ' western ' games seem to focus more on characters.

This is the minimum number of characters in the word left on the line ending with the hyphenation character.

The **32;21000;TOOLONG specifies the minimum number of characters in a hyphenated word after the hyphenation character.

The **34;21070;TOOLONG specifies the minimum number of characters in a hyphenated word before the hyphenation character.

Perhaps you'll use the 9 questions I discussed in my January post on Character Engagement or new ones that are all your own.

This is the minimum number of characters in the word pushed to the next line after the line ending with the hyphenation character.

The algorithm is based on both an implicit part based on character properties, as well as explicit controls for embeddings and overrides.

The fo:table-row holds a specification of some presentation characteristics, such as background which affects the areas generated by the fo:table (see 6.

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