Prepositions used with "package"

of, in, with, for or on package?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 37% of cases package of is used

While wattOS is based on Ubuntu, it does not contain it's full list of packages.

Amazon's Cloud Drive service offers a range of packages from 6 for 20GB to 64 for 200GB.

Give these guys a break, yes it is frustrating but they have a lot of packages to deliver.

Our range of packages have been created with you in mind -- quite simply they make doing business easier.

Execution of package Creation of package Connection of package To judge effectiveness we perform data profiling twice.

Shortages: It is your responsibility to sign for the correct number of packages as shown on the carrier's delivery consignment note.

Jaroslovsky's Law: The distance you have to park from your apartment increases in proportion to the weight of packages you are carrying.

Three categories of packages are available: Seasonal Value Packages + to various destinations in China and Southeast Asia are available from time to time.

Travellers from Hong Kong Cathay Holidays Limited provides travellers departing from Hong Kong with a far-reaching selection of packages to popular destinations.

In 14% of cases package in is used

For example, The abstract class Point2D (in package java.

The AWT's event-handling classes are kept in package java.

The greener hotels in package holiday brochures should now display the ' Travelife ' logo.

Mortgage-backed securities are sold to investors in packages representing interests in trusts called REMICs (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits ), which are designed as tax shelters.

In 14% of cases package with is used

Installing VBox Additions brings my first brush with package management in Fedora since FC4.

Tariff policy, the time is more flexibility with packages and simplicity through forms where everything is included including transport.

Product availability requires heavy expenditure and product variety is also less as compared to distributor storage with package carrier delivery.

The hard-pressed populations being confronted with package after package may think that the situation does not warrant continuation of strict austerity and reform policies.

In 11% of cases package for is used

But on the other hand, you can use the Multi-Order Shipping tool for packages bound for Puerto Rico.

Second parcel I missed the same as happened again, I am now still waiting for package which should have been delivered Sat 15th Dec.

For Package Deal, Thunderbird is once again hedging its bets by bringing home an experienced ex-pat, creator Andrew Orenstein (Malcolm in the Middle, Third Rock from the Sun).

In 7% of cases package on is used

Belts with a highly-textured surface can maintain a steady grip on packages, while those made from natural rubber are also effective in holding materials in place.

Seek advice about the Foreign Travel and EC Directive on Package Travel) Insurance requirements Safety and discipline codes A statement or separate policy on evaluation procedures and follow-up work.

In 5% of cases package from is used

That's a big shift from package tours where all the Indians stuck together, ate only familiar foods, and gaped at foreign sights in the safe company of their own countrymen.

These services range from packages for corporate clients through to executive products and services specifically designed to satisfy the needs of personal, small and medium size enterprises.

In 5% of cases package to is used

Then prepare pasta according to package directions.

Pauls are the cheapest on HK side when it comes to packages.

Cook according to package directions (if you are using the peas, add them to the boiling water 3 minutes before the pasta is done).

I've had a good track record when it comes to packages actually being delivered, and, as I heard that Bolivia's post is quite reliable, I decided to send some gifts home through here.

In 1% of cases package about is used

Ask about packages whenever booking a hotel room in the area, and be sure to reserve your tee time in advance -- it's popular.

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