Prepositions used with "intelligence"

of, in, with, for or on intelligence?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 60% of cases intelligence of is used

It ain't a lack of intelligence.

I think the move is out of intelligence.

It takes a bit of intelligence, of course.

This form of intelligence is encouraged widely, by our schools, work places etc.

Whether all this is a case of intelligence failure or anything else no one knows.

A bit of mistaking good humour for lack of intelligence, for want of a better phrase.

That's why we have been so concerned about the possible release of intelligence material in recent court cases.

The reality is that it's all pomp and ego, maybe to control and show a level of intelligence maybe, I don't know.

But Ishrat Jehan encounter proved fake in court and court directed to investigate the veracity of intelligence input.

The early years are critical in the formation of intelligence, personality, social behaviour and physical development.

In 7% of cases intelligence in is used

And there are huge differences in intelligence even within breeds.

We invest considerable resources in intelligence and realistic game theory to assure that outcome.

With themselves as their own enemies, fools lacking in intelligence, move, which bear bitter fruits.

Binet believed that self criticism was a central factor in intelligence, that it is not inborn but must be nurtured through education.

Adultery may not be an official reason for resignation, but people involved in intelligence work can not be potential candidates for blackmail.

On seeing the paccekabuddha, the idiots lacking in intelligence, thought the paccekabuddha, having no relative or guardian, would be an ideal target.

We want to know that our government will continue to empower the NSIS in intelligence gathering and to allocate it the resources needed to achieve its mandate.

There really can be no doubt in anyone's mind that Rice was toting the party line on this, trying her best to deflect the failure in intelligence assessment on this issue.

In 7% of cases intelligence with is used

Brainwashing has nothing to do with intelligence.

Key hasn't quite learnt this with defence matters, he has with intelligence matters.

The man asked, what is man? s ornament, Imam replied,? knowledge associated with intelligence?

The news agency which released the item is seen as lacking credibility and has been associated with intelligence networks.

This has nothing to do with intelligence, for even mentally handicapped people and babies fall under this umbrella of protection.

But when it comes to vaccinations there's nothing to suggest that they know more, or know better, than anyone else with intelligence.

The handling of sensitive events, working with intelligence and security services are tasks that brings the DV security job description.

Suddenly his face brightened with intelligence, and then, as a newsboy ran into the station calling his wares, hardened into determination.

Through his interaction with intelligence officials in Pakistan and US government figures we learn that OBL simply wasn't much of a threat in his latter years.

They were not created by God to be enslaved, neither were they endowed with intelligence in order to be misled, nor adorned with reason to be fooled by others.

In 6% of cases intelligence for is used

Murrett served as the Director for Intelligence, U.

Either indicated at least the potential for intelligence.

You are ascribing a telos for education, just as Tory is ascribing one for intelligence.

All three board members are looking out for intelligence, creativity, ability to think outside the box,.

From February 2002 through March 2005, Murrett was assigned as the Vice Chair Director for Intelligence, on the Joint Staff.

Finally, once we control for intelligence and self-confidence the effect of formal college education almost completely vanishes.

The Special Rapporteur on counter-terrorism has provided clear and useful standards towards implementation of such safeguards in his recommended best practices for intelligence agencies.

In 5% of cases intelligence on is used

Select Committee on Intelligence and overseas the CIA.

Of course there are times when a matter is so delicate -- on intelligence, for instance -- that the record goes quiet.

Congress, House of Representatives, Report on the Activities of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during the 98th Congress (Washington, D.

While Dr Crabtree's theory on intelligence decline is somewhat tentative, his theory that somehow science will win out in the end is downright speculative.

Sullivan later testified before the Senate's Church Committee on intelligence activities that the FBI had hoped, first, to break up King's marriage and thereby reduce his status.

In 4% of cases intelligence by is used

Despite being told by intelligence not to expect any flak we found ourselves being fired at heavily from the ground.

Shahzad is believed to have been abducted by intelligence agents from the well-heeled F-6/2 area of Islamabad around 5:45 p.

In 4% of cases intelligence to is used

As for differentiating genetic and environmental inputs to intelligence.

Madonna unequivocally proves without a doubt, talent does equate to intelligence.

They too have access to intelligence information and understand the corporatisation that established globalisation.

As I said, cosmic consciousness changes nothing, because it not related to intelligence, wisdom, or honesty at all.

They have achieved their positions due to their social skills and ruthless desire for power more than due to intelligence.

And, of course, it is repulsive to intelligence that while everything else is subject to explanation, existence itself has no explanation.

If monetary success was due to intelligence or the ability to grasp the reality of situations, these dunces would be on the soup kitchen line.

In 3% of cases intelligence from is used

Srinivasji is from Intelligence dept.

Intelligence can only result from intelligence.

I thought there must have been some information from intelligence.

It was clear from intelligence accounts, provided to The Informer, that the judge was brought under severe pressure.

My statement that intelligence can only come from intelligence has nothing to do with arguing about the Big Bang or singularities or perpetual universes.

It is my claim that it is intelligent to understand that intelligence can only come from intelligence and could never arise from the mechanical fundamental invented causes of theoretical physics.

In 2% of cases intelligence about is used

I have said nothing about intelligence in my preceding posts.

We feel good about intelligence, so we might expect an intelligent machine to be benevolent.

Success has never been about intelligence but the ability to generate new approached through creativity and work hard on them.

In 2% of cases intelligence as is used

That is not the same as intelligence, by a long shot.

There are many gradations of memory as well as intelligence.

Many of these veterans served undercover during the war in the Philippines as intelligence agents.

And I think it's a good thing that beauty pageants add other traits such as intelligence, characters, etc.

Intrinsic traits such as intelligence, being attractive, height and so on are not necessary to become a leader.

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