Prepositions used with "glass"

of, in, with, for or on glass?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases glass of is used

Before the throne is a sea of glass (4:6).

This forms spaces for six small panes of glass.

It is a palace paved smooth with slabs of glass.

There are bring centres in all areas for the recycling of glass, cans and some plastics.

In a typical day 140 pounds of glass and 60 pounds of aluminum are deposited at Center 1.

It was made up of two rounded glass bulbs connected by a narrow neck of glass between them.

Hsi and Ho whip up the sun*** With the sound of glass, The ashes of kalpas have flown away, Past and present at peace.

As soon as you start to use a pair of glasses you simply won't provide a chance for your vision to enhance normally.

And now there are just some amazing things being made out of glass in small studios, such as mine, all over the country.

It could also have cool gizmos designed by locals, like a pair of glasses that lets you surf the internet and watch TV.

In 11% of cases glass in is used

The football field appears to be covered in glass.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Allow to cool further then serve in glasses over ice.

Please note that the juice is served in glasses which are really small (Teacup size).

You quoted Rigveda, Mate people who live in glass houses should not throw stones on other.

Tend not to store espresso legumes or floor gourmet coffee in glass jars or other clear storage containers.

The lard is from pork adobo, cooled and placed in glass jars (those used in tuba ), sealed and stored in room temperature.

They are determined to make the Country ungovernable? Let us also remember that those that live in glass houses do not throw stones.

Those in glass houses! Here is how I would have handled the flawed Ryan logic which is just mindless neo-liberal mythology at its best.

In 10% of cases glass with is used

A young waitress came round with glasses of sherry.

Contacts would be best, just like in any sport, but it's not impossible with glasses.

Since no-one will let me play with glasses on, I have an excuse for my terrible shooting.

The damaged west side was ruined but could be replaced with glass and the steeple rebuilt with wood.

I've cut my skin with glass and blades and words and hated myself enough to write down a plan to die.

The Sky Bar, a crowded cusp with glass rails overhanging a 65-storey drop, provides Bangkok's coolest snapshot.

We did not steam nearer than about six miles but with glasses could see what a great and furious fight was going on.

He was unhurt thankfully but he said the same, that it exploded while driving at 40mph and showered the back seat with glass.

What kind screen, should I have to install in my main door, which is in the same direction of my rear door (made with glass )? A.

Your windows program Landscape works with Glass windows 7 truthfulness are working program group 1 as well as assistance store a couple of.

In 5% of cases glass for is used

In fact I take two; one for metal, one for glass.

Perhaps there was very little material available for glass making.

Universal two-component pad printing inks of series T01 round off the RUCO range for glass and ceramic decoration.

From what I have seen, you don't need a special drill for glass and shells -- rocks possibly, but not shells and glass.

Being, so to say, the ' flagship ' among RUCO printing inks for glass decoration, these inks are already proving their excellence in many different fields.

Through the world-leading academic forum for glass industry, LandGlass has shown the advanced forced convection glass tempering technology to the whole world.

This type of glass is intended for glass facades, sliding doors, building entrances, bath and shower enclosures and other uses requiring superior strength and safety properties.

In 5% of cases glass on is used

For most people, that's a huge blessing; typing on glass has never been a joyous activity.

They tend to use programs like Photoshop or Painter rather than the traditional paint on glass.

Ads designed to provoke women's shame about grimy collars on husband's shirts, and spots on glasses.

The guinea pigs, awake and nibbling, were making a sound like that of a wet cloth rubbed on glass in window-cleaning.

Found on glass plates in the archives of the French Dominican priest and archaeologist Antonin Jaussen photos were restored.

At times, he applies layer upon layer of colour on glass and then scrapes it off to get an oil skin that looks and feels like fabric.

Suction Cup Mount Suction Cup Mount Is a versatile mount, which allows you to mount your iPad on glass and other smooth, non-porous surfaces.

It is traditionally cooked inside an old balalaika on an open fire and is is usually served with a large pinch of salt on glass plates that resemble large spectacle lenses and that is.

In 3% of cases glass like is used

Obsidian breaks and chips like glass.

They draw attention to your room's details and can accent smooth surfaces like glass or wood.

That's true even for apparently smooth surfaces like glass, which are still rough at the microscopic scale.

The white face, cold water so a bubble seems to become transparent in general, it is crystal clear like glass.

I am fearful of angering her or provoking her as she is very destructive (breaking things like glasses, furniture, paintings) and causing physical violence.

In 3% of cases glass per is used

Best of all, they pack just 222 calories per glass.

It also provides a wine glass rental service for delivery at $5 a glass (plus a deposit of $36 per glass).

Ambra soon boi - very refreshing drink made from ambra fruit and salted plums - tastes better than it sounds:) RM3 per glass.

Never dreamed that the best tea outside Dhaka would be in Hong Kong! The tea was strong with thickened milk and per glass was HK$ 12.

All four are super simple to prepare, have a spooky Halloween appearance, taste great and most importantly contain less than 250 calories per glass.

In 3% of cases glass to is used

Then it was all over, forty five minutes later there would be a Peterson original ready to glass.

Those living in a poorer region are unlikely to have doors and have shutters as opposed to glass windows.

The job entailed exposure to glass fibre and other toxic and hazardous materials, and in 1972, Ding began to show signs of pulmonary dysfunction.

During 1970, it was recognized that PPD in solution adheres to glass to the extent that 20% of its potency can be lost in 30 minutes and 80% in 24 hours.

In 2% of cases glass behind is used

Some dreams are behind glass on the wall.

In 2% of cases glass by is used

Using a tube containing a paddle wheel supported by glass rails, Crookes showed that the cathode rays possessed energy and momentum.

Paul's Cathedral Commanding! One of the niches that enshrine statues of Catholic saints Behind the wall lies the relics of the pillars and other parts of the Church, protected by glass.

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