Prepositions used with "activity"

of, in, with, for or on activity?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 66% of cases activity of is used

Increase your level of activity.

There was lot of activity going on.

The result was an explosion of activity.

So here goes! I would like to start by apologising for the lack of activity of late.

Film Mart at Trident which is there from Oct 19 -- 21, was having flurry of activity.

No longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy and drop out of activity groups or clubs.

It says a lot about a person if they're willing to engage in those sorts of activities with dozens of strangers.

A substantial programme of activity will be implemented to reduce the potential of comparable incidents recurring.

The magnitude of activity was such that one could not take it all in, but yet could easily understand its purpose.

As always in the High Season, this area turns into a beehive of activity with everybody looking for the Migration.

In 13% of cases activity in is used

All three were well rounded children in activities.

Any figure below 50 indicates a contraction in activity.

Watch the video Ask students to read the summaries in Activity 2.

Regularity in activity is a must if we are to maintain some kind of balance in life.

The dose is moved up or down depending on response in activity or the serotonin level.

However, more concerning is the downtrend from the recessionary recovery peak in activity.

The news is not set to improve for the country as companies have forecast a decline in activity over the next year.

My son Gabriel (now 17 months) keeps me busy by engaging in activities like attempting to somersault off the couch.

With the committee in place, Mr Sykes wrote to TAA branches countrywide inviting them to get involved in activities.

They may seem unable to experience any feelings of happiness, even when participating in activities they normally enjoy.

In 6% of cases activity with is used

MARIO RITTER: Washington was filled with activity.

Facebook ranks posts with activity higher than those without any.

London was alive with activity, with the Games on everybody's lips.

Further parents can keep children busy with activities that do not include television.

The restaurant was teeming with activity, a friendly, attentive staff and some delicious food.

However, after years of being asleep, Studio One will be buzzing with activities as of next month.

Now reduced to pieces of bricks and lime mortar, in its heyday the great house would have been abuzz with activity.

A breakup can be painful and stressful, so fill your time with activities that get you away from that stress or pain.

So far, no star has been found with activity with periods matching planets outside of the sonic point: http: **35;5239;TOOLONG.

The old market buzzes with activities since morning almost every day but begins to subside by 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

In 3% of cases activity for is used

For activities in the area drop down the information menu above.

She understand how to obey and join in the group for activities.

Boredom is an internal conflict of activity-wish coming up in a situation were no possibility for activity is seen.

This funding is necessary for activities like market research in order to test the feasibility of the business venture.

That is not all, the Passekudah coastline has a quiet bay with deeper waters ideal for activities like fishing and diving.

Also, where it is in Sligo is perfect for activities -- you can go for walks in the mountains, there's the seaweed baths, the sea or Queen Meadhbh's tomb.

This initial response serves simply to prepare the body for activity and is controlled by the sympathetic division of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system.

Imagine the squeezed Taxpayers money in favor of Party-list who just worked for activities of activists, rightist or leftist or those even friends in the mountains.

If they are merely decentralized offices of central government departments they will have no way of obtaining sufficient moneys for activities and development in their area.

Pros: Kids would have a hand-held device to play games, music and videos on, and they'd be reachable by phone or text to coordinate pick up and drop off times for activities.

In 3% of cases activity on is used

This is where information on activities and attractions can be found.

It was a judgment delivered by God based on activities in society since 1914 and 1960.

From Rhino Lodge you will usually head out on activities with your own private vehicle and guide.

Kids can also take part in quizzes, family trails, hands-on activities and play in the adventure playground.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I was starting my business, was focusing on activities that didn't generate income.

Using just a few simple everyday items you can find out how rainbows work while enjoying an interactive, hands on activity that's perfect for kids.

Located along the city's ring road, Zuidpark focuses (more than other urban farms) on activities, workshops and education, as well as on organizing special dinners with a view.

In my previous SharePoint post I mentioned a product launch site, and this site contains a newsfeed on the home screen to allow the team to stay up-to-date on activities and news.

What are you spending? Is it delivering results or are you too busy to look at the figures? You could be inadvertently spending good money on activities no longer pulling in the business.

In 3% of cases activity to is used

This is yet another blow to activity levels in the Union this year.

Depression Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity.

It's important that children should have access to activities that interest them.

Laziness is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so.

Our youth are our future and often need to be guided when it comes to activities that may cause harm.

Instead, we rush from activity to activity, hardly taking time to breathe much less think about our relationship with God.

This took some effort on my part, but it was not really hard despite the fact that I was working and I had four kids to help with homework, drive to activities, etc.

Staying at home means getting up early enough to get the kids to school, take care of any children not yet in school, clean the house, prepare meals, get the children to activities, etc.

When you add that poor air circulation to activities that generate lots of water vapour like cooking, showers, drying clothes on heaters or clothes horses, you have a perfect recipe for condensation.

In 2% of cases activity from is used

Their incomes are often pieced together from activities both inside and outside the fishery, and tend to be low overall.

Instead, we rush from activity to activity, hardly taking time to breathe much less think about our relationship with God.

Pollution from activities on land, transport and oil spills, global warming and overfishing combine to degrade massively oceans.

In 1% of cases activity about is used

It allows for notes about activities to be added.

But what about activities that have heavy human intervention -- Like the prices of a commodity? Now it gets complex.

In 1% of cases activity by is used

The late 90's and early 2000's were defined by activity in the internet space.

Looking within is characterized by activity rather than passivity, and the active one is always victorious.

Its main point: As in the Hadza study, human metabolism appears to be less revved by activity than was once believed.

If you need someone to compile all this by city and by activity and send across from your comments please let me know.

Some may have been discouraged where submitters didn't provide sources for water consumption data by activity, or the game components were unspecified.

Consequently, the belief that learning is facilitated by activities that include real communication, may be the most suitable belief to adopt in the Japanese classroom.

In 1% of cases activity through is used

Instructors will guide you through activities such as obstacle courses, parades and exercise programs.

We would be quite happy to help you work through Activity 15c of your workbook, so long as you provide your own attempt.

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