Prepositions used with "effort"

of, in, with, Despite or for effort?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 70% of cases effort of is used

My beauty takes a lot of effort.

Either method requires a lot of effort.

Effortlessness then is a result of effort.

The film failed at the box office, but not for lack of effort from the cast or writer.

Within the company there are plenty of efforts on-going towards the latter of these two.

The amount of effort put into modifying these underground channels must have been massive.

However for guys to do the same, it takes a little bit of effort in looking out for topics and talking sense on them.

Resting David Ramos/Getty Images In spite of the previous slide, Messi can hardly be criticised for a lack of effort.

The lack of efforts from Utd doesn't have me particularly worried, the team will gel and normal order will be restored.

The lack of efforts from Utd doesn't have me particularly worried, the team will gel and normal order will be restored.

In 7% of cases effort in is used

This model is marked by distrust of the state in efforts to fight poverty.

Understanding and putting in effort is associated with that practice of love.

Browett angered store staff when he cut some workers?? hours in effort to make staffing more efficient.

What this paper has tried to do so far is explain the dilemma and point out what the city lacks in efforts to thrive.

Without a doubt, the development of sound and healthy banking sector is essential in efforts to promote economic development.

In this climate, the jihad played a pivotal role in efforts to help the country achieve strategic depth and edge in the region.

A trademark therefore epitomizes the product or invention and ensures that it belongs to the inventor who has put in efforts to invent it.

The Republicans at the House Ways and Means Committee health subcommittee took a different approach -- to what they are delays in efforts by the U.

Every other Thursday, we come forth with our speeches and our leadership roles in efforts to make a fortnightly experience the best it could ever be.

Essentially, they were accepted because their communities were small and did not engage in efforts to convert Buddhists, even though they often married Burmese women.

In 4% of cases effort with is used

If you want to succeed, you need to plan properly, both with effort and time.

I've seen a lot of environmental damage associated with efforts to make a river stay put, as an example.

Perhaps more relevant - because it doesn't involve any cost to the Exchequer - only 8% were happy with efforts to reduce complexity in the tax system.

In 3% of cases effort Despite is used

She said maternal health issues were of major concern despite efforts at curbing high maternal mortality rate.

Despite efforts to do the same, Jet himself ends up stuck in the Heel Face Revolving Door, though he eventually ends up on the right side.

However, despite efforts made to frustrate my mission, I eventually met with one of the key account staff members of the council who should know the inner working of the council.

In 3% of cases effort for is used

Ten points for effort in dotting the balsamic vinegar.

Remember to praise your child not only for a job well done, but also for effort.

I've seen sycophants in my day, but I have to award you the E for effort award on this one.

I suspect the success south of the border bodes well for efforts here; my bet is that BC goes first, and then Ontario follows suit.

The development problems, suggested solutions and the development priorities under the agriculture sector have also been outlined for efforts to be focused on.

In 3% of cases effort to is used

When it comes to effort, I am still giving my 100%.

The way Kenyans are brought up is a big stumbling block to efforts to make us a reading nation.

Logan pigeons came from Australia, thanks to efforts taken by Pat Casey, another pigeon fancier from Chennai.

Accidental politicians include those who, by virtue of their desire to contribute to efforts to rid the country of past dictatorships, ended up being sucked in.

Deployments and Peace Keeping Overseas deployments, participation in peacekeeping missions and contributions to efforts to protect Australia's offshore maritime areas could.

Through e-mail in order to effort, there are lots of kinds of App Development Software mobile with regard to experts which allow these phones perform probably the most advanced duties easier.

In 3% of cases effort without is used

It was not done without effort.

For Rousseau, a man could be just without virtue and good without effort.

The counterbalance design means you can cut through 30 sheets without effort.

With that new relaxed left hand and thumb you may find that vibrato starts naturally without effort.

Bull casually strolls along, seemingly without effort, while Tadgh struggles and stops periodically to rest.

Such inhibited feelings and impulses may appear in consciousness in the high state, often without effort of the person.

His poems are not full of mysterious allusions and unintelligible plays on words, but fall naturally on the ear without effort.

He described as bare faced marginalisation of the people of the south east the President's verbal pronouncement without efforts to make it legitimate.

In 2% of cases effort by is used

The issue is that security issues are normally prompted by effort for *self* security.

Didn't care when I was destroyed by effort to cycle around the city as part of a fake-friends-date.

Whatever innovation there is in the Medicare program is usually driven by efforts to reduce higher than expected costs.

And as the nation begins to recover from the Great Recession, this fragile progress is threatened by efforts to slash investments in education and economic development.

In 2% of cases effort on is used

Spent a lot of time on efforts to cure it.

But the country has been pushing the string on efforts to stimulate the economy for the past decade.

The plot pivots on efforts to reunite the quartet for a fund-raising performance to benefit the retirement home.

The big chains pay their CEOs and board members insane amounts of money but never truthfully pay their employees based on effort.

In 1% of cases effort about is used

To learn more about efforts under way to protect Jemez Mountain Salamanders, click here and here.

Click here to read about efforts by the Antarctic Ocean Alliance to create a marine reserve for the Ross Sea.

Recently, CBN News Correspondent Gary Lane sat down with new south Sudan president Salva Kiir about efforts to end the violence in Darfur.

The President talked about efforts to privatize power generation and distribution; attempts to get state governments involved in the power business.

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