Prepositions used with "logic"

of, in, with, by or to logic?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 53% of cases logic of is used

Oh there's plenty of logic to it.

This threatens the whole program of logical probability.

In terms of logic, the commission's idea makes perfect sense.

When hearts harden with hate and defiance, no amount of logic or reason makes any sense.

It is your job to be the detached advisor guiding your clients back to the path of logic.

As a matter of logic, of course judging an argument by it's merits is the only way to go.

It can even take center stage in the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of language, and the philosophy of religion.

We want to avoid plot holes and endless attempts to patch the damage done into some sort of logic where both can be true.

It is the place of logic, rationality, and humanism, used as tools to better make sense of, and care for, our environment.

By similar leaps of logic Wellington is rated as a bad general because he did not counterattack in the afternoon at Waterloo.

In 11% of cases logic in is used

This obviously has no basis in logic.

Blame THEM for the failures in logic and reason.

Do you have vested interest in Giant? I didn't ask you if you had vested interest in logic.

Organiser: Benedikt Lwe February 6-8, 2012: Days in Logic 2012 at the University of vora, Portugal.

From my own experiences as an undergraduate, I assumed that everyone who studied Philosophy would have to take a course in Logic.

Your argument stinks of the genetic fallacy and ad hominem! But you probably don't know what they mean as your side doesn't like to deal in logic and evidence just personal attacks.

In 9% of cases logic with is used

Our concern in this course is with logic.

But don't try it around anyone who is familiar with logic.

Consider yourself a fair judge and view the problem with logic.

If she decides with logic then chances are she is going to say no.

At this point your value system is conflicting with logic, but that is ok.

Use your rational brain to override the rat brain impulses and allow yourself time to measure and judge with logic and reason.

He always maintained a good rapport with the Speaker, meticulously observing procedural rules and presenting his views with logic and conviction.

In 6% of cases logic by is used

Possible by logic simply means someone can imagine it, not that it is there.

It would be a mistake to expect the debate to be governed by logic, of course.

No computer could replace him, for the judgment can not be reached by logic alone.

It is thus wrong, even by logic, to see a non-disciple of Christ as a Christian simply because she is a member of a so-called recognized church.

In 6% of cases logic to is used

Check out the bible of logic texts, Irving Copi's Introduction to Logic.

For belief is apparently answerable both to logic and to objective facts.

So I guess a leopard can't change its spots -- even in service to logic or.

This in turn casts some doubt on Ramsey's claim to assimilate probability theory to logic.

No matter how much we like to apportion credit or blame to those involved, neither justice nor mercy always works according to logic in a fallen world.

Beginning with Ramsey (1926 ), various subjectivists have wanted to assimilate probability to logic by portraying probability as the logic of partial belief.

So don't despair if the sceptic you are apanking is immune to logic and reality, it is not wasted effort! Even though I do feel arguing points of logic with the Ignorant is a futile exercise.

In 4% of cases logic on is used

A long-term trader must act on logic and not on sentiments.

The rationaliser may depend too much on logic and fail to make an emotional connection.

We all do it? We buy with our emotions, but persuade ourselves based on logic, reason and justification.

He doesn't understand that for those of us who use logic and reason to form our opinion require evidence which is based on logic and reason.

She's the polar opposite of her idol -- always following orders and acting on logic where Yoshika will dive in to save people no matter what.

It is built on logic and good sense, and doesn't ask anything more of a reader than to read it and decide what parts of it to apply to his or her life.

In 3% of cases logic For is used

I can't see it winning any prizes for logic anytime soon.

For logic which only they knew, it seems that killing 226 thousand Acheh is somehow related to killing a very-very-very important one year old boy.

In 2% of cases logic about is used

This is about logic, and experience, and what works for you.

Not talking about nonsense court rulings talking about logic.

Zac de Spudnut says: 12:07pm 10/02/11 James, talking about logic.

Yes because the real issue domain isn't science at all, it's politics -- and politics is not about logic it's about power relationships.

In 2% of cases logic at is used

He makes no attempt at logic whatsoever.

I disagree with him since I have some elementary ability at logic, but he's not a jerk.

In 2% of cases logic than is used

Our natural tendency with such an emotive issue is to be swayed by feelings, rather than logic.

Accommodating (doing and feeling) - The Accommodating learning style is ' hands-on ', and relies on intuition rather than logic.

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