Prepositions used with "code"

of, in, with, below or about code?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 65% of cases code of is used

Ownership of Code and Content GROU.

They have a whole vocabulary of code.

Plugins are event driven units of code.

General Sewing Data (GSD) has defined set of codes for motion data for SAM calculation.

This piece of code has been lightly modified from an example found on **28;3758;TOOLONG.

Problem 2: The reality of separation of code and UI As said previously, the ASPX and the ASPX.

So far, so good - this seems like a sensible approach and so we go ahead and write a lot of code around this hierarchy.

That's why slow code is a deadly trap, and why traditional amateur methods of code training are so painful and frustrating.

I do have the plugin activated so that is not the issue and I have the simple line of code in the right spot of my sidebar.

In 13% of cases code in is used

It is a manifesto, written in code.

Carasik, who may have been speaking in code.

The key thing in code is that the marginal cost is zero.

Professor David Stupples will talk on Breaking Enigma and the Legacy of Alan Turing in Code Breaking.

This is great when you're pasting in code and when you just want to remove any strange Web formatting.

Patriots and loyalists penned these secret letters either in code, with invisible ink, or as mask letters.

Achieved over twice the processing performance and a 30% improvement in code efficiency compared to existing products.

These people spoke in code, reverentially discussing reverse splits, BPM, carb loading, with an intensity bordering on the cultic.

The behaviour is identical if I instantiate them from XIBs or completely in code and the behaviour does not occur for normal cells.

Kids in Code Clubs are learning to code, not by being confused by HTML and algebra, but by making applications, the majority of which are games.

In 9% of cases code with is used

With code, like anything, you pay for what you get.

The tool uses regular expressions to work with code.

Would you turn to the chapter that deals with code reds, please? Cpl.

I am a so-called developer with passion to play with codes, and every latest tech gadget.

Clare Sutcliffe is the co-founder of the start-up and, like most good ideas, came up with Code Club in a pub.

You then procede to ' flesh out ' and expand upon these types with code which actually implements your program.

Another thing I love about it is that the creator of the language is absolutely obsessed with code simplicity and beauty.

Successful lean prototypes have been created with code, with design software such as Adobe Fireworks and even with PowerPoint.

Interaction with Customers While your developer may be a wizard with codes, he/she might not be that good at interacting with customers.

There's nothing wrong with that -- this is the open source world, after all, and many people contribute to Ubuntu with code rather than money.

In 3% of cases code below is used

Create the class with three properties as shown in the below code snippet.

In the controller, set the viewdata variable as shown in the below code snippet and kick off the view.

The most important point to note in the below code snippet is that the action is pointing to the controller action, i.

This law gives the power back to the community and is nothing worse than the power of most cities to seize properties that are below code or eyesores.

Step 2: Define the controller with action The next step is to add the controller and create a simple action display customer as shown in the below code snippet.

Video demonstration for lab 4 Step 1: Creating your data entry ASPX page The first step is to create the data entry page using the simple HTML form action tag as shown in the below code snippet.

In 2% of cases code about is used

Kaffee: What do you know about code reds? Capt.

They were mostly talking about code and the politics of open source.

No need to see your face in full size when trying to read an article about code.

I always figured that such a diary would involve incoherent babbling about code not working and that bug that just won't go away.

In 2% of cases code at is used

I look at code I wrote 5 years ago.

Always plan to keep that code with you.

The character at code point U+0020 is treated as if ' suppress ' had been specified.

The first time you write something, like a set of functions to manage a linked list, safe that code in your samples directory.

Last talk for the year (barring a possible surprise talk at Code Retreat ): a talk about current trends in web technologies at DevCon UPHSD.

At Code Club's rate of progress there is likely to be a generation of UK children brought up on a very well-balanced diet, and that is a good thing.

In 2% of cases code for is used

This works very badly -- having multiple code paths is a recipe for code duplication and bug proliferation.

After many hours of smashing my head and praying for code to magically format correctly, you can now see a refreshed BibleQuiz.

In 2% of cases code on is used

Google shouldn't sit on code just because Samsung and HTC can't keep up.

I'd be interested in reading an article on code to detect desynchronization! http: //twitter.

See you on the HF bands! Questions? They're probably answered in Morse Code: Breaking the Barrier, the author's complete book on code training and CW operating, published by MFJ Enterprises, Inc.

In 2% of cases code to is used

And this is undeniably true when referring to Code Orange Kids.

Members also adhere to codes of best practice in delivering their services to clients, and work to further good practice in humidification.

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