Prepositions used with "wave"

of, in, with, after or by wave?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases wave of is used

Hooke and Huygens argued that light was some sort of wave.

You can grab a whole bunch of wave regions and bring them down 3.

What Taiwan lacks in size of waves it makes up for in strong winds.

A sepia can change its colours so rapidly that it can mimic the rolling patterns of waves.

But as the crew watched, the floe was hit by a series of waves, and disintegrated in five minutes.

Its dispersed aspect is undulations of wave and localized aspect is photon which is always dynamic.

However, it follows a fairly formulaic pattern of waves of attack and counter attack and plenty of changes in possession.

That's not a single image of waves in a storm, it's a composite of a number of snapshots of the storm taken an hour apart.

Now we close the upper slit and measure the distribution of wave energy arriving from the lower slit, as shown to the right.

Some important points: Coherence is a property of waves that indicates the ability of the waves to interfere with each other.

In 15% of cases wave in is used

They came in waves to Seattle in the 1990s and 2000s.

Tonight he will meet the local fans in Wave House Sentosa.

I find I go through this from time to time, it comes in waves.

That's why trends in fashion, products and advertising have a tendency to come in waves.

But the problem with taboo is, breaking it is compelling and addictive, and tends to run in waves.

Rather than fighting your squad by himself Kai Leng spawns in waves of soldiers to help take you out.

Operating in Waves In poor weather, to reduce the risk of capsizing or taking on water, waves must be crossed bow first.

Work in waves: The human body is not a machine and we work best when we oscillate between periods of high concentration and rest.

I do not care that the rain was coming across the ground in waves or that Newcastle, New South Wales, was as cold as Gateshead in January.

The stunning actress teamed the outfit, which featured a cut-out back panel, with silver jewellery and left her brown hair loose in waves around her shoulders.

In 14% of cases wave with is used

The report was met with waves of frustration from the US working class.

I'd proud to be associated with Waves (which supports education for the girl child).

There wasn't one lonely outcast sitting at the bar with waves of despair rolling off him.

Britain is well placed to create the necessary industries that can provide the world with wave and tide power plants and carbon storage technology.

I imagine if the Arctic Ocean waters are getting a bit warmer in the summers, those weak cyclones could get stronger, with waves that destroy more of the honeycombed ice.

Her wordless backing vocal was treated with Waves Enigma, while her harmony and backing vocals were processed with Waves? Renaissance Compressor and URS? s 1980 Compressor.

In 10% of cases wave after is used

MICHIGAN Cargo shipping on the Great Lakes resumed after waves of up to 16 feet subsided.

They would then engage in wave after wave of mass civil disobedience to dislocate the functioning of the city.

This includes el BOGEY, somebody that I tried to warn in real time as wave after wave of subsidies was being rolled out.

Moreover, the government's current strategy of launching wave after wave of new BTOs has so far been quite effective in addressing some concerns.

The Irish team, on the other hand, were chasing shadows for most of the 90 minutes and buckled under the pressure of wave after wave of Spanish attack.

Ahead of the crew lay a dangerous mission known as a ' Big Run ' -- so called because it involved wave after wave of allied bombers attacking the German capital at night.

More than 400 Taliban insurgents had attacked a remote outpost on the Pakistan border, and for more than 12 hours, 53 Americans beat back wave after wave of deadly assaults.

The Hearst Organization owned significant quarters of the American media and ran wave after wave of press blackouts, bad reviews and tabloid-style stories to discredit the studio and Welles.

If you pop onto PlayStation Home right now you can take part in the Baseline Battle mini-game, which puts you in the role of a tennis ball machine and pits you against the wave after wave of robots.

In 8% of cases wave by is used

Design This website was designed and built by Wave, a print.

Jordan's reputation for hospitality, or ' karam ' has been stretched to the limit by waves of refugees over the years.

There are also two new demos to try out this week for dungeon crawler The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave and New Style Boutique Shopping Experience.

Sometimes when the Glaucus were thrown away by wave or a splash of water, they rather quickly, paddling with the bundles of papillae as with oars, rowed back to Velella.

But with the recent release of Denpa Men: They Came by Wave, a kind of augmented reality RPG for the Nintendo 3DS, I've found that their roots go back further than Pokemon.

Robot music was once supposed to sound clean and precise like Kraftwerk, but Willett's robots are punkish and temperamental, hacking out epileptic staccato rhythms interspersed by waves of feedback.

In 5% of cases wave for is used

We can explain the interference pattern for waves.

If you think about conservation of energy, you may worry a bit about the interference pattern for waves.

Keep up the good wave forcast'n my friend and pray for waves! Thanks for the non answers to my questions.

A kite such as the Wook is a perfect kite for waves, the kite gives you power in turns and is very predictable for surf.

A high heart rate during paddle out, dropping in rate during waiting for waves, back to high during our riding phase, and absolutely bounding heart rate during a big hold-down.

I notice that you use the Fib sometimes from wave nought to top of wave 3 to find out the end target for wave 4 and then sometimes from the bottom of wave 2 to the top of wave 3.

In 5% of cases wave like is used

Things come and go in the news cycle like waves of fever.

To make them look like waves, a slight perm should be made at the tip of the hair.

Under some conditions electrons act like particles; under other conditions they act like waves.

They do not behave like waves, they do not behave like particles, they do not behave like clouds, or billiard balls, or weights on.

In 3% of cases wave as is used

Bangs as well as waves in the temple additionally soften the actual square.

Styles within loose curls as well as waves include extra dimension towards the square face.

Instead, he said, Australia should focus on areas of natural advantage, such as wave energy and solar hot water.

The growth of tropical reefs is subject to the influence of several environmental conditions, such as wave action and water quality.

These forms are dictated by the effect of physical factors, such as waves, winds, and the foundation for growth, on the growth of reef building organisms.

These forms are dictated by the effect of physical factors, such as waves, winds, and the foundation for growth, on the growth of reef building organisms.

In 3% of cases wave from is used

Animals use this area as a safe zone from wave action and sometimes as a nursery area for their young.

In Toronto, then York, the first attempts to; provide sewerage systems arose from waves of cholera of 1832, 1843, 1849 and 1854.

I notice that you use the Fib sometimes from wave nought to top of wave 3 to find out the end target for wave 4 and then sometimes from the bottom of wave 2 to the top of wave 3.

In 3% of cases wave to is used

Now we turn our attention to waves.

A 20-minute chopper ride from Canmore casually floats you over endless mountaintops akin to waves gently approaching the surf.

In fact we have now switched to Wave 105 FM He ruined drive time, is doing the same to early morning radio, starting now from 6.

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