Prepositions used with "atmosphere"

of, in, with, about or like atmosphere?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 56% of cases atmosphere of is used
    It comes with all mod cons and is comfortable and full of atmosphere.
    Turning up a heater device might create the type of atmosphere that is too hot for some.
    There is something about Yorkshire which pulls on you everytime you visit, a real feeling of atmosphere.
    On our planet its not a good idea at all to look directly at the sun and thats through several layers of atmosphere.
    People just don't recognize that that camera (I call it MeltdownCam) is looking through like 8-10 miles of atmosphere.
    Be in no doubt - the lack of atmosphere bared no correlation to the quality of the horsemanship on show - that was fantastic.
    You've researched environmental commons - how different is dealing with a ' commons ' of atmosphere? There are differences because of scale.
    This exclusivity lends an air of atmosphere and authenticity to many scenes in Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden -- From 9/11 to Abbottabad.
    The place is devoid of atmosphere except late on a Friday / Saturday night, when every sensible patron will have done most of their drinking and dining elsewhere.

    In 8% of cases atmosphere in is used
    The change in atmosphere then was electric.
    The place is soaked in atmosphere, and the silence certainly helps.
    Arunas Matelis ' Ten Minutes Before The Flight of Icarus (1991) provides a surprising and often surreal snapshot of an old part of Vilnius that is rich in atmosphere and amusing incident.

    In 8% of cases atmosphere with is used
    The day itself was a huge success for the Camogie Association with a large crowd really making Nowlan Park come alive with atmosphere and noise.
    On the first page, I adore Anchorhead, which is free but is easily commercial quality - dark, lovecraftian horror tale with atmosphere in spades.

    In 6% of cases atmosphere like is used
    This can provide a number of functions like atmosphere shift, safety and lightweight transfer in your own property.

    In 6% of cases atmosphere to is used
    Light-weight, heat, and being exposed to atmosphere can badly impact the caliber of the gourmet coffee.

    In 4% of cases atmosphere from is used
    We love the below fabrics from atmosphere direct.

    In 2% of cases atmosphere on is used
    The trio played well and at a volume that did not intrude on atmosphere or concentration.

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