Prepositions used with "unemployment"

of, in, to, With or for unemployment?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 54% of cases unemployment of is used

The level of unemployment remained the same 6.

Second, the nature of unemployment has shifted.

None of my estimates of unemployment can be a true upper bound.

After 12 months of unemployment on a temporary visa jack was faced with deportation.

This survey updates each year in March, the monthly estimates of unemployment rates.

He said that is why the administration evolved innovative strategies in tackling the challenges of unemployment.

Badal said that only the tall claims of the Centre could not resolve the issue of unemployment at the ground level.

That has actually involved consistently high rates of unemployment and is thus inconsistent with the right to work.

Lloyd-Jones's Law of Leftovers: The amount of litter on the street is proportional to the local rate of unemployment.

In 11% of cases unemployment in is used

Add in a special bank loaning to SME's in unemployment black spots.

Both rates, however, have seen a steady decline in unemployment over the past year.

The increase in unemployment to nearly six million prompted the resignation of Chancellor Brning.

This should have led to the development of more jobs; instead we see a global rise in unemployment and an uneven distribution of wealth.

Since the downturn and the rise in unemployment, many creches have closed or are focused more on pre-school rather than full-time day care.

The fall in employment, and rise in unemployment, was concentrated in the male workforce -- the share of women in work has held steady at 58.

Now while its true that African American and Hispanic Americans are over represented in low paid work and in unemployment figures that's not the reason they voted.

I would have introduced a Job Guarantee immediately to provide an unconditional buffer stock of jobs in every city and region to avoid the rapid rise in unemployment.

They see tenuous conditions in unemployment and some fallout from the last two and a half years, though, so it's a recovery that may not feel like much of a recovery.

In 8% of cases unemployment to is used

Ben Bernanke was quite clever to tie QE3 to unemployment.

Many people had therefore resigned themselves to unemployment or informal employment.

It gives an objective upper bound to employment, and an equally objective lower bound to unemployment.

If you still find no job, jobs have the right to report hack to unemployment services as to why you're not getting hired.

But these days China's education system only leads to jobs for a few, educating a new generation to unemployment and despair.

This led to unemployment and unrest in many parts of Italy from 1919 onwards and led to increasing support for Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Fascist Party.

If appropriate policies are not formulated demographic dividend might, in fact, be a cost, leading to unemployment and an unbearable strain on education, health and old age security.

In 8% of cases unemployment With is used

Even with unemployment as high as it is, the U.

Britain's jobless numbers are the highest in more than 15 years, with unemployment 8.

Drug addiction is particularly associated with unemployment, poverty and urban decay.

It is as if his economic policies have nothing to do with unemployment or the economy over the past four years of his administration.

Is civil war about to erupt in the GOP Until Obama, no President since FDR has managed re-election with unemployment at the level it currently sits at in the USA.

I wonder how many people in the US think we are flourishing now - with unemployment in double digits, foreclosures at record high, the middle class nearly wiped out, etc, etc.

The job market this summer, with unemployment running at less than 4 per cent nationwide and a shortage of workers in the burgeoning suburbs, may also be part of the explanation.

Thus, while the housing sector may celebrate small victories such as rising sales and an increase in housing starts, the overall economy continues to struggle with unemployment above 8 percent.

With unemployment remaining near 10 per cent and mortgage foreclosures continuing to rise, and despite the stimulus package, the electorate is not sure how Obama's policies have made things better.

In 6% of cases unemployment for is used

The designation UB40 stood for Unemployment Benefit, Form 40.

Even new applications for unemployment benefits have been rising.

Determine whether or not you are eligible for Unemployment Compensation.

Department of Labor has information on how to file for unemployment benefits.

I'd worried whether I will qualify for unemployment benefit, can any one shed some light on this.

After all not every one files for Unemployment, as a result the Employee's account becomes forfeit at the point of death.

As early as 1995, 95 percent of those newly housed by local authorities qualified for unemployment or incapacity benefits.

This shows the amount of National Insurance contributions you have paid and can assist a claim for unemployment benefits abroad.

Small businesses are afraid to hire, then have to lay off an employee in a few months and be responsible for unemployment benefits.

The chosen indicator of work insecurity is ' the proportion of people making a new claim for unemployment benefit who were last claiming less than six months ago.

In 6% of cases unemployment on is used

Every week there are more people on unemployment.

Quit trying to redistribute the wealth to keep people on unemployment.

Now they sit on unemployment for 99 weeks and let the government take care of them.

However, any good news on unemployment raise some doubts, pointing to a possible rise in interest rates in 2014.

And that means 18,000 more people are going on unemployment and it's gon na be your responsibility to pay for them.

The part I find most entertaining is a lot of them are now going to be making far less on unemployment than they would have with the cuts.

I've been on unemployment before and that two weeks in between them canceling and when I get my first check was a loooooooooooooong two weeks.

Brown answered it with a quip on unemployment because government policies have kept people in jobs, which is the more important issue on the economy.

Romney lost on prices, unemployment, and housing, almost lost on the deficit, but won on taxes? Usually it's Romney leading on unemployment, deficit, and behind on taxes.

In 2% of cases unemployment about is used

It is clear the government is talking about unemployment benefit which totals 8b out of the 116b spent on welfare.

In the interwar years, there was a separate Maori census, which included information about occupations, but not about unemployment.

In 2% of cases unemployment by is used

Economic benefits would be huge as millions of citizens restore self-esteem damaged by unemployment and earn incomes enabling them to keep their homes and, by their purchases, provide jobs to others.

In 2% of cases unemployment including is used

The accusations include the Marikana tragedy, the Nkandla upgrade, the economic challenges including unemployment and the country's downgrades.

As the presidential election nears, candidates from both parties look to appeal to the Latino community in issues that affect them the most, including unemployment.

The community forum brought together elders and youth, who identified challenges they are facing including unemployment, tension between local administration and youth, crime, corruption, etc.

In 1% of cases unemployment during is used

Given a decent income and some certainty that their savings will not be lost during unemployment and sickness or due to retrospective rule changes, the vast majority would save without coercion.

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