Prepositions used with "industry"

of, In, to, with or by industry?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 40% of cases industry of is used

Suitable for any kinds of industries.

And a good test is the regulation of industry.

Hence habits of industry, hence an independent feeling, hence foresight and economy.

In these years, there had been an unprecedented collapse of industry and agriculture.

There have always been accidents in all sort of industries and there will always be.

If anything, universities should be aiming (as best they can) to meet the needs of industry in twenty years ' time.

It is still big, brash and bold with the noise of industry leaders ' egos clashing with a sometimes deafening crash.

He was in charge of Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Civil Aviation &; Tourism and Ministry of Youth &; Sports.

One only needs to witness the demise of industry heavies such as Burroughs, Univac, NCR, Control Data and Honeywell.

In 14% of cases industry In is used

A further 8 million work in industry, 2.

For this reason very few in industry use Apple products.

Only invest in industries that you know something about.

The law, which came into force in 1993, regulates air emissions and effluent in industry.

The 30 credits shall include a four month 8 credit industrial training course in industry.

The Ghanaian workforce is divided as 28% in services, 20% in industry and 52% in agriculture.

The rugged tablets are popular in industries such as defence, utilities and construction, as well as by workers in.

Training can be either in industry (banks, financial services, manufacturing etc) or in traditional accountancy practices.

We are in industries that will benefit from energy deregulation that will happen in Egypt over the next couple of years.

In industry directors pay themselves salaries, bonuses and benefits that are 20-30 times higher than others in the company.

In 10% of cases industry to is used

Turning to industry issues, Mr.

Industrial supply: are product supplied to industries.

Can apply to industry, transport, buildings or any other sector.

This is where it can get really complicated and is probably best left to industry experts.

This would pass more of the risk on to industry giants, but also give them the bulk of the rewards.

The third approach to industry development is to lower the marketing margins throughout the product chain.

According to industry sources for MY 2010/2011, biscuit manufacturers imported over 100,000 MT of soft wheat flour.

This approach to industry development has been used often in the past and may be the most commonly used of the three approaches.

The market version emphasises the benefits of rising productivity, flexibility of wages and labour, and lower costs to industry.

The best investors, like Warren Buffet or Peter Lynch in the 1980s, made their money by sticking to industries they understood.

In 10% of cases industry with is used

In line with industry practice, all taxback.

TIP! Keeping current with industry trends can help to boost your business.

The University has excellent links with industry and a strong record of student employability.

The investor-friendly Maharashtra government colluded with industry to help the Sena smash the unions.

Extensive consultation takes place with industry and other interested groups in the development of codes.

How much to spend on advertising, how to best serve our customers and how we compare with industry averages.

Often, the City partners with industry professionals and communities to create safe and engaging public spaces.

Fairfood International remunerates its staff in line with industry standards, including an annual salary of 54.

We work with industry and organizations to support the maintenance and growth of the tourism's economic contribution.

Paired with industry heavyweights to draw his stories -- Terry Dodson on Marvel Knights Spider-Man and John Romita Jr.

In 7% of cases industry by is used

By industry standards that is excellent.

On a monthly basis, real GDP by industry edged up 0.

These then may or may not be implemented and used by industry.

Gross domestic product by industry, March 2012 Real gross domestic product edged up 0.

Segmenting visitors by industry ensures that the visitor sees content that matters to them.

Some, however, are characterized by industry-based training and progression through experience.

Few things rankle him more than investor obsession, fuelled by industry marketing, with big indexes and liquidity.

A lot of money has been spent by industry on extensive work measuring carbon footprint and how it might be reduced.

BizPaL BizPaL is an online service run by Industry Canada, in partnership with several provincial and local governments.

Even radioactive material stored by industry and universities In short, in terms of long term effects on public health, which is worse.

In 7% of cases industry for is used

Cyril Mathew, Minister for Industries in the U.

We have voltage fluctuations within the grid that create problems for industry.

He demanded that a case be registered against the minister for industries, Rauf Siddique.

The reason: a series of stimulus measures from tax breaks for industry to interest rate cuts.

Also, the amounts of direct government support for industry promotion remain relatively small.

She believes in giving back to the community and volunteers her time for industry organizations.

It's about simplifying things for industry stakeholders so we can cut through some of the noise.

So by controlling for industry and occupation, you could be controlling for some amount of discrimination.

I consider the figure that we get, controlling for industry and occupation, a relatively conservative one.

In most African countries, our educational systems are not only ' confused ' but do not equip students for industry.

In 6% of cases industry from is used

The rules vary from industry to industry and are frequently changed.

Input comes from industry, NGOs, academics, regulators and government.

I keep getting articles from industry publications from my friend in the hog industry.

Opportunity to liaise with and learn from your peers, leading thinkers from industry and academia etc.

So all the new demand is coming from industries, particularly new mines and new oil and gas facilities.

And with keynote speeches from industry experts, downloadable content and an investor lounge where you can.

I don't believe it will happen to any great degree without innovation from industry, including the farming industry.

At this round tech geeks from industry, academicians and business personalities judged the apps and their potential.

So, they would go from industry to industry and prescribe safety like they go to a hotel and look at the number of exits they have.

About 60 percent of the money for the review of applications for new drugs already comes from industry fees, which are used by the F.

In 4% of cases industry on is used

It is not great at all and it is compounded by a government hellbent on industry.

But there are emergent pressures on industry to optimize use of urban space and urban geography.

His decision could also be used as a guide to resolve other patent disputes based on industry standard technologies.

The widespread acceptance of WLANs depends on industry standardization to ensure product compatibility and reliability among the various manufacturers.

Paul is also deeply involved in FPAC's efforts on industry transformation and leads the Association's management of the Biopathways Partnership Network.

A number of her articles have been published on industry websites and printed media including Multilingual Computing and International Journal of Localization.

The collective impact of these forces on the profitability of individual firm and in turn, on industries in which they operate, is called the industry effect.

It's the user who's actually funding the improvements at the facility that they use, which means that the burden lands squarely on industry and not on the tax payer.

Therefore, while external agents, in particular the government, can have a positive affect on industry development, they can also be a barrier to development initiatives.

In 2% of cases industry across is used

Looking across industries reveals a very mixed picture.

As a result, across industries and education levels, it shows in their paychecks.

It applies to the retail cost and interconnection cost, which is growing in popularity across industries.

As a banker, Mr Abbott worked across industries for clients ranging from Associated British Foods to Jimmy Choo to British Telecom.

The basic principal of business, leadership and people management, though, can be applied across industries &; in fact spheres of life.

Laimoon doesn't ask for your resume, instead they ask you questions about how you work and behave to match you with roles across industries.

The market is driven by people who want to get the best share price, and that is intrinsically linked to environmental reporting across industries.

Should we not be examining the outputs of energy itself? Eg: Monetary returns (across all gas stations ), production returns (across industry ), etc.

In 2% of cases industry between is used

The line between industry insider and individualistic outsider starts to blur.

Instead of conflict there is a great deal of synergy between industry and creative arts.

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