Prepositions used with "pocket"

of, in, to, with or alongside pocket?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 68% of cases pocket of is used

It also leaves you out of pocket.

So you are really only out of pocket maybe $2000.

Faint of heart and light of pocket need not apply.

Rate of Out of Pocket Expenses Out of Pocket Expenses is paid at a weekly rate of? 32.

That means to save $1,000 his new out of pocket premium payment has to be exactly $2,000.

However, participants are allowed to receive a small amount for out of pocket expenses i.

It's about choosing good-value British basics, from sausages to skincare products, which won't leave you out of pocket.

The exact value of both the private sector and out of pocket payments is yet to be determined, but is clearly significant.

As pandemics died down, Africa was left with scars in the form of pockets of infection from which arose further periodic epidemics.

Bob Hertz -- If an individual earns more than 400% of theFederal poverty level ($44,800 his out of pocket expenses are capped at $5,950.

In 8% of cases pocket in is used

Dave couldn't find his ticket anywhere, not in bags, not in pockets.

This is not only light but would also make it highly portable in pockets.

Theories about why vary from cellphones in pockets to estrogen in milk or water.

The natural gas is trapped in pockets, or veins, where the shale naturally fractured during settling.

Despite its modern high-rise skyline, there's a still-palpable vibe of colonial romance in pockets of the city.

Poor marks in exam, a fight with a good friend, no increment in pocket money, all the more reasons to hate life, I thought.

Giving up the practice of smoking, not only leaves with more cash in pocket, but by doing this you're also lessening your doctor's bills.

Giving up the practice of smoking, not only leaves with extra cash in pocket, but by doing this you're also lessening your hospital bills.

In 7% of cases pocket to is used

Their goal is to pocket as much cash as they can through whatever means they can.

In most situations the rulers used to pocket the metal (gold or silver) they had saved by debasing the coin.

When the gingiva become enlarged, it makes it much more difficult to properly brush and floss due to pocket formation.

The maps on the web site available to download below show open spaces for each borough, as well as areas currently deficient in access to pocket parks.

Sounds like a great story line - doesn't it?: -) Congratulations to the private equity group that's going to pocket about six billion dollars on this flip.

With a good break a skilful player can go on to pocket many of the balls and build towards a winning position; a bad break gives the other player an opportunity to play.

I shouldn't admit this so openly, which is why I'd hoping no one will read it since it's at the bottom of a long post, but I tend to fight the urge to pocket things from restaurants.

It is disappointing that we seem to have preceeded with it on the basis that the Australian taxpayer will fund it but private companies will manage to pocket any money that it generates.

The other big change is that teams are allowed to pocket their amnesty card to use later -- so teams that managed their cap well to this point benefit because they don't have to use it or lose it.

In 7% of cases pocket with is used

I loved the answer with pockets.

I have yet to cut myself with pocketknife.

Include pages with pockets for recent newsletters, prayer needs, e-mail messages, etc.

So, those prefer jackets with pockets, Barbour Twill jacket is the best choice for them.

You will see many members of the popular Free Readers Association (FRA) there; well enlightened, articulate and fearless, but with pockets too lean to buy national dailies and weekly magazines.

In 2% of cases pocket alongside is used

Distrust of the police is growing alongside pockets of resistance from workers who feel isolated from the centre of power in the unions that are meant to represent them.

In 2% of cases pocket from is used

One by one, flags were presented to denote the home states of the recruits, eliciting cheers from pockets of supporters.

In 2% of cases pocket into is used

Cue digging into pockets and bags for a 5c coin.

There's no fuss with the England international either as he typically releases the ball just as quickly as he angles himself into pockets of space to receive in.

Astonmilan your talking sense and we all know it, the problem is business people are allowed to get away with filtering money out of clubs and into pockets have done for years.

He ran with the ball as quickly as most could without; he dropped into pockets, turned and played inch-perfect through-balls before his marker was even aware he had gained possession.

In 2% of cases pocket through is used

It is claimed that vultures in the form of thieves could be seen going through pockets and removing jewellery from the dead bodies.

Walking through pockets of air submitted to the beauty of the hefty frangapania and the houses plastered with lime absorbing the humidity.

In 1% of cases pocket except is used

I gave account of every money (except pocket money) they spent on me.

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