Prepositions used with "procedure"

of, in, to, on or for procedure?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words

    In 75% of cases procedure of is used
    It's also a failure of procedure.
    Moreover, existing Rules of procedure (i.
    This is now our rule of procedure for cause.
    The CMP approved the rules of procedure for the Committee, as recommended in the report.
    Such differences will invariably lead to inconsistencies in the Rules of procedure between Tribunals.
    You also need to learn about the various types of procedures available so you can choose the best one.
    The standardization of procedures relating to the importation of motor vehicles for all Jamaicans at home and abroad.
    Hand-in-hand with a patent review system, South Africa could also set up a system of procedures for patent opposition.
    Remembering the sequence of procedures is a specialized function of the brain which, if it is missing, can be compensated.
    For the Budget Committee, a new paragraph (3a) has been added to allow for the Budget Committee to adopt its rules of procedure.

    In 7% of cases procedure in is used
    But sometimes these unwritten rules need to be set in procedure.
    However, perhaps because of the increase in procedures, the numbers of errors are increasing too: errors made during surgery now account for 34% of all clinical negligence claims.

    In 3% of cases procedure on is used
    Parties also continued work at COP 6 part II on procedures and mechanisms relating to compliance, based on the Bonn Agreements.
    There is hence need for guidelines on procedures on treatment of the trafficked by law enforcement officials dealing with trafficked people on a day today basis.

    In 2% of cases procedure through is used
    And that is why we have said that through procedure, we are checking them now because unlike those five features I have mentioned before, we no longer see that at the moment.

    In 2% of cases procedure with is used
    The debates were dull but practical -- concerned more with procedure than principle.
    You have to have self-belief in a users only together with procedures fervently united unquestionably are consumers created for your website.

    In 1% of cases procedure about is used
    Much of law is about procedure, and that is where homeowners pro se usually slip up.

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