Prepositions used with "film"

of, in, to, on or for film?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 34% of cases film of is used

Great piece of film production.

I've seen both the edges of film creating.

In this period, he sang for a number of films.

I Am Legend (2007) Not the greatest of films but a pretty good Will Smith action movie.

You know the business inside and out and you have a love affair with all kinds of films.

You know the business inside and out and you have a love affair with all kinds of films.

Her writing has appeared in Afterimage, C Magazine, and the Canadian Journal of Film Studies, among other publications.

I think sub consciously he knows he connects with romantic roles the most and hence the choices of films that he made.

The four-wheeled beauties have been a very important part of a number of films and would be remembered for a long time.

From 1970 to 1971 she appeared in the Noraneko Rokku (Stray cat/Alleycat Rock) series of films about delinquent young people.

In 19% of cases film in is used

I can't see you doing this in film or literature.

Rajesh has been proven in films and non-traditional.

Scene in Film What It's About Philosophical Themes 1.

His compositional work in film includes Dancing At Lughnasa, Some Mother's Son and Lamb.

He didn't invent sound effects in film, but he did develop the best way to make them work.

He is a graduate of The Film School and his interests are in 35mm photography and in film.

If you happen to be a rising teen star in film or advertising, you can get a special licence issued by the Government.

The University of Art and Design Helsinki offers degree programs in Film and TV studies, and in Journalism Photography.

I recently quit my career in film distribution, Derek finished his studies last year and Nadim is about to end his PhD.

About the Author Martin Scorsese was born in New York City and graduated from New York University with a degree in film.

In 16% of cases film to is used

I managed to film a section of it.

It took all day to film that sequence.

SRK kare to Sahi, Sallu kare to film dhila hai.

I went to film school and I'd really the only person from my class who still makes stuff.

Today when we started to film the conflict it was really fun, I wish I could do another one.

The market share of national films is important to film agencies, it's their reason for being.

The man with the movie camera had struggled back up to his feet just in time to film one of his colleagues collapsing.

It's so refreshing seeing the female lead of a teen fiction to film production not sulking continuously for 142 minutes.

Both Neely and Pierce, who took time out of their final UT semester to film the show, have unique backgrounds as dancers.

An ICABS cameraman raced to the scene and managed to film the terrified stag under pressure from hounds and being bitten.

In 11% of cases film on is used

Atonement is pure poetry on film.

That deserves to be captured on film.

They make three times as much on toys as they do on films.

Just because someone gets crucified on film doesn't automatically mean they end up dead.

I just wish that if they are going to use it that they would use it on films of all genres.

The is perhaps the first telephoto where the difference in image size on film becomes apparent.

It's really too bad so much of what appears on film sites now is driven by the news cycle as if they are traditional media.

The typical news found on film web sites today reads the same as it does in other outlets that don't necessarily specialize.

While in Death Valley last year I was so overwhelmed at the beauty of the desert I was unable to capture any of that on film.

In 7% of cases film for is used

I am desperately waiting for films like KKL and Bol.

Here (below) it is made up as an Army Lorry for film work.

Film makers need to demand support from state funds for filmmaking.

There is a developing space for films in Tamil, but how that space would be utilized is a question.

There is a developing space for films in Tamil, but how that space would be utilized is a question.

Shah has collaborated with Talenthouse India, a crowd-sourcing platform for films and other art forms.

And if they lowered budgets for films like The Asylum has shown you can do, studios would feel free to take more of a risk.

Universal Studios The top spot for film fans, Universal Studios is the original attraction of the Universal Group in Florida.

Mostly the data is for preparing business plans for films or sometimes investors trying to judge the value of a business plan.

Kareem Roustom is an Emmy nominated composer who has composed music for film, television, the concert hall and album projects.

In 4% of cases film with is used

Diaz-Abaya left us with films that matter.

Few, if any, Bollywood stars have had such a span of active association with films.

I've been longing to connect with film makers with ties to the island for a long time.

There she hit the bulls eye with films like ' Chandamama ', ' Magadheera ' and ' Darling '.

They're very fast, complex, energetic and playing with film language in a fairly Joycean way.

Dr Kale's father has a close connect with film and theatre in the Bombay Presidency of colonial times.

But I think with film students/buffs, the emphasis would be more on whether or not Christopher Nolan was overrated as a filmmaker.

There's an alchemy with film -- you can have the greatest of everything but you need the whole to become greater than the sum of its parts.

Two personalities linked with films were projected as ' the finest poets ' in India, though to my mind their work is of a very inferior order.

In 3% of cases film about is used

I come here to hear what you think about film.

I always want the forums to be about film discussion.

He asked me what I knew about films and I said ' zero '.

When not obsessively watching and writing about film, he can be found playing jazz in.

Or worse, I'd end up being successful, and have to keep smiling about films that I detested.

I like the Film Nerd articles as they open up a larger conversation about film's role in our lives.

What might an average week entail for you? Lots of discussions about films, lots of viewing films, lots of strategy.

What might an average week entail for you? Lots of discussions about films, lots of viewing films, lots of strategy.

I look at you and think you're the voice that can be stronger and more articulate than any talking about film right now.

When you write about film every day the way I do, you will end up revealing quite a bit about yourself whether you mean to or not.

In 2% of cases film at is used

I looked at films and photographs again and again.

Look at films without taking into account personal feelings for people involved.

Peter, an established film producer and scriptwriter, was educated at Charterhouse then at film school.

I want them to be gorgeous and have white teeth and only exist at film premieres and magazine photo shoots.

If you look at films, things get worse, as majority of them is caught up with the same trend of exploiting women's looks and body to the hilt.

The final part looks at film making in depth, from scripting to animating, including thoughts given to creating other related content like games and websites.

Being that I am an adult with a budget, I appreciate film reviews from people with good tastes thoughtfully expressed as I determine what films I should see.

I don't cry much at films or TV, but when I saw how genuine and heartfelt Frasier's producer Roz's (Peri Gilpin) tears were and it had me weeping like a baby.

I will continue to look at films or other media devices in the same way as I have with this article--as a both a revelation of Supreme Nature and the Manchurian Suicide Code.

In 2% of cases film from is used

It's usually a couple of weeks after opening, although can change from film to film.

People pick and choose everything from films to flowers to felines, one million times each day.

From film to film, Jean Dujardin became one of the most popular and highest paid actors in French cinema.

Carrying this persona along from film to film, they compacted reams of backstory into a smile or a glance.

We love the result! A lot of your music is very cinematic-sounding; do you draw from films a lot? Yes, a lot.

Borrowing some lo-fi, sci-fi cues from films such as Primer and Another Earth, Scafaria's focus stays intimate and earthbound.

Anyone who comes to my live events will know that I love dissecting even the tiniest moments from films to draw profound lessons.

From film roles to singing and dancing in the Broadway revival of The Wiz, Orlando Jones continues to thrill and entertain audiences.

Is he for real? Even the so-called ' lower class ' have high expectations from films, you can not trick them into watching low quality films.

In 2% of cases film into is used

Anyway, its great that you're into film making as well.

I moved into film because it's three-dimensional where as music is two-dimensional.

This passion evolved into film but my taste for live performance has always been in my blood.

When they told me they had written something that could possibly make it into film, I was thrilled.

As for Takalkar, this may be his first directorial step into films, one that he has also scripted and edited.

All the Chronicles of Narnia are all being turned into films, as are the stories of Lyra in the books of His Dark Materials trilogy.

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