Prepositions used with "cell"

of, in, to, on or for cell?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 52% of cases cell of is used

Cells The human body is made up of cells.

Cells The human body is made up of cells.

But in fact there is only a group of cells.

All of the shipping machinery is built from proteins, the basic building blocks of cells.

Humans are an INCREDIBLY complex bundle of cells, and that's what makes us so interesting.

Muscles 76% of water Our body is made up of tissues initially and tissues are made up of cells.

The effects of hormones on the skin Oestrogen Increases the rate of cell turnover in the basal layer of the epidermis.

Plants themselves have been around for over 450 million years, starting with simple forms of single -- layers of cells.

Old skin loses elasticity, its epidermal hydration is less well restored and turnover of cells and tissues may be slower.

Old skin loses elasticity, its epidermal hydration is less well restored and turnover of cells and tissues may be slower.

In 12% of cases cell in is used

It will be exciting to see if this lab in cells is mirrored.

The solution for x (Concentration) is then displayed in cell ' C12 '.

But ASPM plays an essential role in cell proliferation in tissues other than the brain.

HGH Supplements helps in cell development HGH stands for or serves as an acronym for Human growth hormones.

The bees have kept pace with these incremental increases in cell size by increasing their own physical size.

These shouldn't produce an immune response since liposomes are made from materials found naturally in cells.

If this way of repentance is right? what should I do? whenever, there a flash back in my mind, I note it down in my drafted messages in cell.

They are found in highest concentrations in the brain and nervous system and are known to be important in cell division, cell communication and inflammation in the body.

The translocated chromosome acts like a single chromosome in cell division, and hence all the cells produced from this first cell will contain the extra chromosome 21 portion.

In Cell A1 apple apple apple i wanted to delete the 2nd and 3rd apple, but keep the first apple, how could i do that? theres no semicolon, or any punctuation marks in between the duplicates.

In 9% of cases cell to is used

Thanks for your first post, and welcome to Cells of Earth.

The tumor is the solution to cells damaged by acids not the problem.

Use the Formula bar to enter or edit formulas and cell entries and assign names to cells.

Chinese products ranging from cars to cell phones are available in the markets of Brazil's big cities.

Proteolysis of cell surface and extracellular matrix molecules is intrinsically linked to cell function.

The AlertsUSA service is available to cell phones, text pagers and PDAs regardless of wireless service provider.

From texting, to cell phones, to video games, to TV, to the internet, it's no wonder at all that the young can not stay focused.

Thanks to cell phones, emails, twitter and facebook; we are constantly bombarded with reminders of our job and the stresses that come with it.

The blood receives it by the absorption through the walls of intestine and carries them to cells where one of the following reactions take place.

Chlorophyll also helps the blood to deliver oxygen to all the cells of the body as well as helping to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells.

In 6% of cases cell on is used

The difference between an 5mp, 8mp, 13mp cameras on cell phones is negligible.

The immunological functions of the skin depend both on cells in the epidermis and on dermal cells.

Most are using open-source desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome) or are browsing on cell phones using open-source browsers.

Fulton's jail has been operating under a federal consent order since 2003 and one of the lingering issues is the locks on cell doors.

Although we have lost the phone in recent storms, the DSL works once the power is back up so I do not have to depend on cells for everything.

Discussion on cell genetic changes and the genetic backgrounds of the person contribute to targeted therapies allow a for greater development in research.

Only one mobile phone network has been working in the town after attacks on cell towers claimed by Boko Haram last month, making communications difficult.

New research findings on cell phone usage, cyber bullying and drug and substance abuse amongst secondary learners in Gauteng were shared at the conference.

Red and close to infrared lights have successful effects on cells as it is in a position to build much a lot more ATP (mobile power) and raise DNA and RNA exercise.

The case for outlawing the practice of talking on cell phones while driving got a boost from the latest breakthrough from the innovation labs of Freie Universitt Berlin.

In 4% of cases cell for is used

Actually, there are only three major causes for cell phone damage.

Opera Mini is made for cell phones while Opera Mobile is for tablets and really expensive smartphones.

I pleaded one of the father of minor boy to for cell phone so that Icouldcontact my friend as well my mentor -- Danish Ismail.

Finally, implementing active case finding along with international recommendations for cell occupancy would reduce transmission probabilities by a whopping 94%.

Why is it that you prefer Opera Mobile? Any differences you can point out? Opera Mini was designed more for cellphones and Opera Mobile was built specifically for tablets.

Although everyone can not turn into an athlete overnight, anyone can fulfill his or her desire of playing cricket through a huge variety of cricket applications available for cell phones and tablets.

In 4% of cases cell through is used

Banking through cell phone benefits the banks too.

Wander through cells and dungeons and watch a unique combination of actors,.

Cyber bullying takes place predominantly through cell phones (SMS &; social media ), the researchers found.

Diffusion is the method of passage of alcohol through cell membranes and is governed by concentration differences on either side of the cell wall.

Mobile banking through cell phone is very advantageous to the banks as it serves as a guide in order to help the banks improve their customer care services.

Responding plants sense ethylene (input) through cell surface receptors and a different set of pathways are triggered (reaction) to increase the plant's defenses (output).

In 4% of cases cell with is used

Bran also helps with cell function and prevents dehydration during exercise.

But this wide-eyed wonder is educated out of us; schooled out with textbooks, drowned out with cell phones.

Our area is experiencing power outages along with cell phone issues, but I'd sure I could receive one of the two if both are sent.

First the prison field wasn't enough to stay in for a few days, and now a completely cleared cell block complete with cells and beds isn't enough.

In 3% of cases cell by is used

Lolong Estramos (can be contacted by cell phone on 09086667097.

Cytokines are proteins released by cells that in turn play a role in communications among various cells in the body.

The pancreas will still produce some insulin, but it will not be enough to allow glucose to be absorbed by cells to provide energy for the body.

Every time someone is killed by cell phone or texting distraction, I place the blame squarely at people like the author - Jeff Ward, YOU are to blame for those deaths.

In 3% of cases cell from is used

That's especially amazing since the iPhone 4 can suffer from cell reception issues.

Internet connection is possible with USB modems available from cell phone companies.

The apical dendrite was sparsely branched and never reached to the upper cortical border (distance from cell body to the longest dendritic tip, 530 97? m).

Instead of killing animals, we can now test irritancy on egg membranes, produce vaccines from cell cultures, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples.

In 3% of cases cell like is used

However, when your boss is clung to you through all the possible ways like cell phones.

The legal aspect may be quite clear to stop it disrupting services like cell towers but the safety part is by far more important.

The terminals could be embedded in devices like cell phones, and palmcorders, for we will not need tools like the big, bulky laptop computers we have now.

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