Prepositions used with "glory"

of, in, to, for or with glory?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 48% of cases glory of is used

Heart of Mary, Throne of glory, Pray for us.

My heart still begs for mercy from the Lord of Glory.

There was no going down in a blaze of glory for Thatcher.

It seemed to make the man from Te Puke even more reluctant to stand in the spotlight of glory.

It's so different the level of glory and the stage acting almost like this gladiatorial setting.

But they had had their moment of glory: A day earlier they had ousted the number four seed in the.

That is imposicant!!!!! My father is the father of Glory, he said all things are mine! free without any restrictions.

Christ Mustard Mission, Port Harcourt, carved a niche for itself with the divine revelations of Glory Chika Nsiegb e.

The LORD of Glory is Coming, he is Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha Massiach, the only begotten Son of God, Adonai, our Father.

Some of the players, who missed their chance of glory on that December afternoon were to achiveve international glory later on.

In 14% of cases glory in is used

Thank God, the Church will be enjoying great three and one-half years in Glory.

I have done my duty to myself and I have tried to help the BJP to raise itself in glory.

Chorus: You don't have to go home And live up in Glory But you can't stay forever down here.

He will come to death, an image of the splendor of the kings of Men in glory undimmed before the breaking of the world.

None of us has ever seen the Risen Jesus but we firmly believe that he did rise from the dead and is in glory with the Father.

And as the Word does not withdraw from equality with the Father in glory, so the flesh does not abandon the nature of our kind.

While his peers are covering themselves in glory as part of the Duke of Wellington's campaigns against Napoleon, Brock is languishing.

I pledge my commitment to fight in your army so that the Catholic Church can rise again in glory to welcome you, dear Jesus, when you come again.

Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

So exactly which England player does he think has covered themselves in glory? How many trophies have England won recently? At least Gerrard's famous goal was against Germany.

In 13% of cases glory to is used

Happily smoking away to glory on the other side of the terminal.

Christians ' faith never get faded, it increases from glory to glory.

Yet with all our dusty feet and breathless lungs we find time to glory in the abundance of firsts.

If there is a rocking party in the town I ought to have to gateway to glory, friends were in folds.

Masapila's envisaged route to glory would appear a long shot, though, considering how fast his fortunes have changed.

It was 1968 when the first Richard Bolitho story, To Glory We Steer, was published under the pen name Alexander Kent.

This feast of rugby brings together the passionate fans of six determined nations, each willing their country on to glory.

I promised myself, when I heard of Prof's departure to glory not to rock the boat until the good old Professor and kinsman has been put to rest.

Indeed, Rooney now has every opportunity to drive a new Old Trafford generation to glory, not simply as part of the whole, but its leading figure.

It had been rumored that Nero had himself started the fire so that he could attain to glory by rebuilding the great capital city in more glorious fashion.

In 11% of cases glory for is used

Giving your all for glory on the green.

Bin Laden is your hero you profit seeking for glory esshole.

Credit where credit is due: Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness is copyright 1993 by Sierra.

Add special effects and a smashing soundtrack, and you have a worthy finale for Quest for Glory 4.

Interestingly, after the death of Infocom, I later played and thoroughly enjoyed the Quest for Glory series.

And neglected wives and children of the worst of us that be; And they made us fit for Glory -- or another Glorious Spree.

Just tese simple deals with money in bank would make all the difference to fighting for glory as against fighting to holding ground.

The Czech goalkeeper felt that after managing to turn around the game against Napoli, he sensed the club were destined for glory in Europe.

It might even discourage wars which are only fought for wealth and power -- never for glory or to make the world safe for democracy or other false motives.

At the end of the day, the club has achieved its policy (balancing the books in self-sustained way) for the transition period as well as keeping the club in the hunt for glory, so far.

In 9% of cases glory with is used

To the Tathagata, Bestowed with Glory, I prostrate.

And as he walked home at night, the whole heaven was full of stars, and every star trembled with glory.

The event, now in its 10th year, is sponsored by the Jamaica Broilers Group through its Best Dressed Chicken brand, in association with Glory Music.

On no occasion did they cover themselves with glory - on each occasion they were let down by middle management and policy decisions from on high - that and their pathetic 101 service.

In 2% of cases glory from is used

Christians ' faith never get faded, it increases from glory to glory.

In 1% of cases glory at is used

These days, reports of producers allegedly sleeping with desperate female ' wan na bees ' before giving them a shot at glory and fame do filter through.

In 1% of cases glory without is used

Stories of how to live without glory are harder to tell, the most difficult to live.

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