Prepositions used with "garden"

of, in, to, for or with garden?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 24% of cases garden of is used

A good pair of garden shears will serve you well for a while.

A wonderful array of garden plants, shrubs and trees provide.

Iris pseudacorus has been awarded the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit (AGM).

It's a jolly mix of gardens, goats, children and husband and wife weaving side by side.

Also registration of garden marks helped prevent dishonest manufacturers from getting new garden marks.

He leased town plots with one rood of garden adjoining each, for 999 years, for one guinea a year per acre.

Attention will concentrate on completing the extensive patio areas and with the installation of garden a content summary only.

From the vast selection of conifers available to us today, we can fill any size of garden with a solid base of year-round color.

Compared with the horrors of garden variety American incarceration, though, the death penalty can be viewed only as a distraction.

THIS IS A 3 BED TOWNHOUSE with 2 BATHROOMS - on 3 floors - with roof garden with stunning harbour views and views also of the town.

In 18% of cases garden in is used

You have great taste, in gardens and flowers.

They will all be available in garden centres next spring.

The book's 55 projects use things found in gardens or woods.

Singles are only available in Garden View Regular and Garden View Nude rooms.

Recently my wife and I were waiting at our children? s school, Anser Charter School in Garden City.

Lush Jungle, cool streams, no need to wrap up, vast array of foods in garden year round, and in the jungle.

New Zealand has about 2000 native angiosperms, and an amazing 25 000 introduced species found mainly in gardens, farms and orchards.

FREQUENT HEARSES has a climax set in garden maze which is genuinely scary, making you wonder what a horror story by Crispin might have been like.

His Crystal Cathedral, an all - glass church in Garden Grove with space for 4,000 worshipers, designed by Philip Johnson and John Burgee, was completed in 1980.

Noble Quran 61:11 He will forgive for you your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence.

In 16% of cases garden to is used

I learned to how to garden real fast.

Also note that mail to garden and wpi go to bigboote.

Thank you for all the good yrs of listening to Garden Talk and Good Food.

Zombie eggs or plants pop up as players tend to gardens or excavate around the land.

I do love to garden, and the longer days seem to suit me better -- age related? Maybe.

I have opened up a waste plot of the south moor, And keeping my simplicity returned to garden and field.

Not only can this offer young people the space to garden and raise animals, it could save them from uncontrollable debt.

He and his daughter at one point of the garden life, had lad out dung because Jefferson said the ground was to hard to garden with.

Noble Quran 61:11 He will forgive for you your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence.

Photographed by: Rachel Pick, Rachel Pick Photography There is a whole new generation of gardeners, mostly aged between 25 and 45, who would like to garden more.

In 13% of cases garden for is used

He began playing football for Garden City F.

Garden weddings Tekapo has become a popular location for garden weddings.

Silvia uses plastic crates as a cheap and effective greenhouse for garden seedlings.

As our Floral Assistant you'll use your passion for gardens and flowers every single day.

A short growing season did not favour extensive horticultural activities as a viable subsistence strategy, except for garden plots.

I think the rubber suction cup arrow points may be better but I am still trying to find out if this is definitely safe for garden use.

More? Our range of garden arbours are made with natural western red cedar, the premier hardwearing timber choice for garden buildings and structures.

The balance of various energies was important to the Chinese, thus they set aside space for gardens and open recreational areas in almost every town or city.

In 13% of cases garden with is used

They built four villas -- complete with gardens -- on the roof of the shopping mall.

Ways For You To Make Certain That You Stay On The Right Monitor With Garden Fencing Everyone often enjoy their privacy from time to time.

It will be beautifully kitted out - UNFURNISHED - and is semi detached with garden to the front and rear - electronic gates - all the extras.

Venue Take full advantage of all autumn has to offer and choose a venue with gardens full of trees for some beautiful backdrops for your photographs.

LOT 4 2 stone built cottage houses &; 1 brick built house with gardens, also stable boxes, shed, yard &; outbuildings, cottage house &; garden adjoining LOT 3.

Two of the rooms are masters with four-poster super king beds, a bathtub with garden views, an outdoor shower for coming in from the pool -- and of course an indoor shower for any other time.

It is an enormous garden with an area of 660,000 square metres ranging from gently undulating to quite steep with gardens in many different styles, not only Chinese but from all over the world.

In 3% of cases garden as is used

Shared facilities such as gardens, pools, gymnasiums, barbecue areas.

They can also be used in exposed situations such as garden or courtyard walls.

In 3% of cases garden at is used

THE QUEEN IS BACK The cruise ship Queen Mary 2, pictured right, is expected to dock at Garden Island fleet base at 6.

In 3% of cases garden into is used

Turning former deserts into gardens of plenty would be yet another project worthy of world-around support.

Cultivation: Transplant out into garden into a sunny or part shaded position with well drained, humus rich, moisture retentive soil.

In 3% of cases garden like is used

Everything else of importance like garden is situated at the center or at the back of the hotel buildings.

Weather vanes are usually found on top of buildings and in other open air places like gardens, barns, and garages.

Graham, we have moved into a 1980's Dixon home which we are in process of renovating however main problem is granny like gardens.

In 3% of cases garden on is used

She designs gardens and landscapes professionally and is currently working on gardens in France, Ireland, America, Italy and England.

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