Prepositions used with "band"

of, in, to, for or with band?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 41% of cases band of is used

Lots of bands sing about sorrow, death, despair, and darkness.

Director of Band) Police Band Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr.

He's intimate with the work of bands I ignored when they were current.

Rotating Assembly is more like a combination of bands and a few producers with a vision.

Having a few different levels of band tension will allow you to vary your rep range greatly.

We parade ourselves in front of bands (sometimes behind) and stick our lenses in their faces.

The advantage to this type of band is that you have control over what is printed on them, such as a more personalized code.

A lot of bands, such as emperor, are actually quite paganistic, and even if they are satanistic, its just another religion.

Please continue to browse our website, and enjoy our approaching season of bands, performances and other live entertainment.

Verdine White, younger brother of band's founder Maurice White, has been the bass dynamo since Earth, Wind &; Fire's inception.

In 13% of cases band in is used

There's always going to be kids in bands.

I've been in bands since I was 12, long before I was wrestling.

He's been in bands that would practice four times a week, and doing so became more like a job to him.

I asked my parents if I could go and they said yes, luckly they forgot that Tony was in band so I was able to go.

Dempsey and Heery (1997) place USMARC in band 3, the richest band of the spectrum, but comparison of it with the other metadata schemes in Table 1 may lead to confusion.

I had a key group of buddies in bands working to establish a music scene, and the rest of my friends were enough in numbers to fill the clubs at the shows we all played.

My ex was from New Zealand and she'd introduced me to the Dunedin bands of the early 1980 's: The Clean, The Chills, The Verlaines, all those bands from Flying Nun Records.

In 12% of cases band to is used

Technology gives people the ability to band together and challenge authority.

But then again I see myself listening to bands like The Offspring and Sublime.

Fortunately, most returned to bands and cheering crowds, having lost only their youth.

His funeral is due to take place this Thursday and Warner Bros have apparently contacted to band with the request.

I have never listened to Taylor swift or any musicians like her, but I do listen to bands in the rock and metal genre.

You should try to have an experienced bander show you how to band if you are not familiar or comfortable with the method.

This is a book that tells you how we, as a people, need to band together and start taking care of ourselves and our planet.

For example, in Dempsey and Heery's (1997) three bands classification scheme, Dublin Core belongs to band 2 and TEI belongs to band 3 of the spectrum.

Rose says: 10:04am 24/02/12 My kids and their friends rarely listen to radio, they constantly send each other links to bands and songs they've heard online and then follow the ones they like.

In 10% of cases band for is used

It is always impressive when an event has two stages for bands - left and right.

Located in Streetsville, ON, the Masonic Lodge was a perfect venue for bands like Pezz.

One is a bar-loading system for band saws, the other a self-contained power unit for workholding applications.

Despite its flaws, it was the best way for bands to make their music easily accessible and to network with other bands and people.

The costs are effectively based on how many people you're likely to attract - as bigger festivals result in agents demanding high costs for bands performing.

I believe our training is too ensconced in the traditional El-Hi model, preparing future educators for band, choir, and orchestra programs that are dwindling each year.

But does it come that easily for today's crop of talent -- and are there any signs of a 21st-Century successor to The Beatles? ' Now it's difficult for bands, because so much has been done.

But it's great for bands, records labels, music bloggers and anyone who likes to receive music! Before you start The DropBox is available for all users, and doesn't take up minutes in your quota.

In 9% of cases band with is used

He also played with bands including Whitesnake.

After a while, we started to play with bands like Bricolage, The Long Blondes, I'd from Barcelona.

In a healthy hip joint, the bones are connected to each other with bands of tissue known as ligaments.

He started the first band his Quaker school ever had and played drums with bands up until 1980 when he switched to stride piano.

In the summer of 2011, they traveled to Georgia to record with producer Lee Dias who has recorded with bands like From First to Last and Mayday Parade.

My knowledge of music software was still pretty limited and prior to this my only experience of studios was brief one or two day visits with bands to record demos.

First aid kit with band aids: if you have a little cut or you got blisters from walking for miles, then believe me you will be happy you have something to clean them and protect the area.

In 6% of cases band by is used

For many generations there had been raids by bands of Scottish marauders on foraging expeditions.

The song is reminiscent of the garage-rock revival sounds popularised by bands like The Hives and The Vines.

Seasonal foraging would be the exploitation by band members of available resources in a series of annual displacement rounds within a given territory, marked by occasional ventures outside it.

In 3% of cases band between is used

Their famous treadmill video may have been the tipping point for this unique collaboration between band and label, but it was just one in a long series of digital tools.

I was sort of between bands and I wasn't doing much musically so I just started doing stuff on my guitar and coming up with the initial ideas for the basic sound of the band.

In 3% of cases band from is used

All those involved came from bands like Mayhem, Burzum, Immortal, Emperor, Hades and Thorns.

I despise everything about modern music, but I adore music that are from bands like Paramore or Breaking Benjamin.

Saqib Saleem looks eerily similar to Ranvir Singh from Band Baaja Baarat, and we hope that this is the only similarity between the two.

In 2% of cases band as is used

Usually, the most respected of the male family heads would serve as band chief.

Additionally avoid late November through New Year 's, in which resorts, caterers as well as bands could be busy with holiday celebrations.

In 2% of cases band at is used

The maximum benefit will be capped at Band E.

The dollar you save downloading a chord chart for free may cost you 15 minutes of hassle at band practice trying to get everyone on the same page.

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