Prepositions used with "capital"

of, in, to, for or on capital?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 55% of cases capital of is used

I can reduce your cost of capital.

Lack of capital to carry out our projects.

By the way, I thought FDI is a component of Capital Accounts since they are long term.

He is adamant that the various approaches based on reform of capitalism will not work.

The exit of Greece and maybe Portugal is a serious option for the dictators of capital.

That puts bonds at about 75 percent of capital, and stocks at about 25 percent of capital globally at the end of 2010.

Another feature of capitalism that flows from its growth at all costs nature has also been noted by John Bellamy Foster.

In 12% of cases capital in is used

BOR-SHCH and written in capitals.

This causes the present crisis in capitalism.

The amount of reduction is gearing * increase in capital.

The rest of the country reported 5 percent in capital gains and 72 percent in salary.

That's the entire basis of the ridiculous attacks on tax returns, Bain Capital, investments, etc.

Who knows how much money Bain capital and Romney personally could make from doing what you suggest.

Changes in capital gains and dividends were the largest contributor to the increase in the overall income inequality.

The Post Office prefers no punctuation in addresses, the post town in capitals, and the post code on a separate line.

In capital budgeting, the cost of the investment is taken into account when cash outlays or their equivalent take place.

ANYTHING connected to Obama has failure written all over it in capital letters stretched from decadent E coast to W coast.

In 9% of cases capital to is used

That would be as opposed to Capital.

Technology allowed the news to go to capital cities by 05.

Supportive shareholders lead to capital support for growth.

According to Capital FM, the venues won't be announced until the day of the concerts.

It is even worse if it is a small business without access to capital to keep it afloat.

Coast to Capital includes Epsom &; Ewell, Mole Valley, Reigate &; Banstead and Tandridge.

Contrary to this, the policy makers seem to concentrate on reforms that will make access to capital cheaper and easier.

Overall, it was agreed that access to capital or knowledge of where and how to access it continued to be a major problem.

The key features of this region include easier access to capital, dependence on access to technology, and increasing complexity.

As a consequence of the wealth shifting policies of the Labor Party from labour to capital poverty rates have increased over time in Australia.

In 8% of cases capital for is used

National boundaries mean nothing for Capital.

Again, when markets were rising, the demand for capital was huge.

Moreso only N60 billion of this allocation is for capital project.

A month later, a grand jury sitting in Fort Worth indicted Absalon for capital murder.

They favour punitive justice, including the execution of criminals for capital offences.

When there is very low taxes, one is looking more for capital preservation and is wiling to borrow to get a low return.

No clear announcement has been made about Capital Funding and EFA currently request bids nationally for capital projects.

Since Canada has opted for life imprisonment for capital crimes, no person guilty of murder should ever be eligible for parole.

Hell, it was even a suggested future name for Capital Ex, and yet, to be honest, we don't make the river an integral part of this city.

In 7% of cases capital on is used

Have u seen his interview on capital talk, the way he answered dr.

Finally, Obama is likely to raise taxes on capital gains and on inheritances.

This could mean agreed minimum tax rates, he suggests, notably on capital and corporate profits.

They had very large differences in voters, but each district had the same representation on capital hill.

Bush tax cuts, which, among other things, gave the wealthy a 15 percent tax on capital gains and dividends.

The Commission may adopt risk-based principles on capital adequacy based on internationally accepted standards.

Last November, the EU amended the law on capital requirements for banks and on remuneration policies in the sector.

Regarding tax increases, I long argued that the current tax rate on capital gains and qualified dividends is too low.

These cut backs have fallen heaviest on capital works projects as spending cuts in these are less politically sensitive.

Sigh, we do have taxes on capital gains if you are a trader, and the IRD is becoming very effective in hunting them down.

In 3% of cases capital from is used

Rent a room relief will not affect your Mortgage Interest Relief or your exemption from Capital Gains Tax.

The case was a male in the 40-49 years age group from Capital and Coast DHB and was in Ethiopia during the incubation period.

Under the new type of contract, employees will be given between 2,000 and 50,000 of shares that are exempt from capital gains tax.

The result would be a far simpler system that would tax distributed income, from capital or labour, just once at a proportional rate of 30%.

Revenue from capital gains taxes dropped, offsetting the four billion Swedish kronor that the government collected from its transaction tax in 1988.

They are enforced by courts of judicial tribunals and carry with them sanctions ranging from capital punishment to a fine or even a mere admonition.

He has, however, categorically ruled out any move to close the major loophole that benefits the rich, namely the ultra-low tax rates on income from capital.

However, a person's main home, when sold, can be exempted from capital gains tax, or, as in the United Kingdom, be set off against a predetermined relief amount.

They fear that their products (which often derive their value from capital rather than labour) are quickly and easily replicated when they are produced in China.

In 3% of cases capital with is used

We don't even begin all our lines with capitals any more.

It is people and organizations with capital who create jobs.

Here are 5 of the most popular mistakes with capitals of countries.

There were 8 deals on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) with capital raised US$242 million (NT$7.

However, this approach does help very much when beginning a sentence with the word as all sentences begin with capital letters.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE ), including the SME board and the ChiNext board, recorded 88 deals with capital raised of US$7.

However, if we do things like attack people or business with capital then foreign investment will cease or trickle off to nothing.

I'd advise anyone with capital to deploy it elsewhere, not in the US, because it has just become too dangerous, financially and morally.

So Capital Ex becomes about the midway, and envelops Taste Of Edmonton (though the only thing it has in common with Capital Ex is that it's held at the same time).

In 2% of cases capital by is used

IPOs by sectors in Q2 2012 The leading sectors by capital raised were the high technology sector (US$17.

However, this quarter was 46% lower by number of deals and 36% lower by capital raised than in Q2 2011 (US$65.

The highest number of cases was from Canterbury DHB (104 ), followed by Capital and Coast (83) and Waikato (51) DHBs.

By number of deals, technology companies continue to drive the US IPO market, while energy and consumer products companies led by capital raised.

A partnership will be seen as a better proposition by capital providers, and a combination of skills and resources is more likely to overcome the inevitable challenges facing any new firm.

In 1% of cases capital as is used

Furthermore, it proactively invested management resources such as capital and personnel in those business areas.

In the production function inputs are such as capital, labor, energy (coal, oil etc ), and technology; outputs are such as manufactured goods and services.

About three quarters say access to traditional over-the-counter services, such as capital commitment and block crossing, will be negatively impacted by the proposals.

In this case the company is the owner of the policy and benefits of the policy and therefore maybe liable for tax such as capital gains, income tax etc when distributed to your estate by the company.

In 1% of cases capital at is used

When I had meeting at Tanjong Pagar, I visited the branch at Capital Tower.

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Economists at Capital Economics suggest this may bring the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate even below its most recent record-low of 3.

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