Prepositions used with "absence"

of, in, to, by or for absence?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 71% of cases absence of is used

Leave of absence may affect your visa.

There I had an involuntary leave of absence.

Three weeks of absence! I only blog once in a blue moon.

However, you need to remember that there are procedures governing this type of absence.

In most cases, a medical certificate will be required on or after the first day of absence.

A leave of absence for more than six months may result in the cancellation of your student visa.

He took a six-month medical leave of absence, during which time he had a liver transplant, before returning to work.

Payment is made from the fourth day of absence up to 26 weeks, when Disability benefit or disablement benefit may be paid.

The data, however, only indicated the presence of absence of wasps without identifying the species or counting the number.

The temporary relief that comes as a result of absence of armed conflict has been interpreted as progress on the part of people.

In 13% of cases absence in is used

Record of evidence in absence of accused 512.

The procedures of the Court was also conducted in absence of Sayedee on yesterday.

In absence of such a connection, the routing will happen through one of the hub cities located in the hub zones.

Achievement, and success is a sweet fruit, which everyone of us wants desperately, but is impossible to achieve in absence of conception and belief.

In absence of specific agenda in that regard, it was not open to the General Body to examine those matters at all, in the adjourned meeting held on 20.

A committee member Abdul Quddus presided over the meeting in absence of its Chairman Hasanul Haq Inu, who was appointed as Information Minister last week.

Am I too bold? Do I say that on the tablet which my tongue has hesitated to breathe? Alas! it is in absence that I feel most the spells by which thou hast subdued me.

In 8% of cases absence to is used

He left her, resolved not again to trust so much to absence, but to visit - to watch her - every day.

Earlier, tax officials had to collect VAT from different points due to absence of specific guidelines.

Thereafter, the matter was adjourned from time to time on many occasions owing to absence of the Bench.

Applicable Laws on Absence from Duty Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all laws relating to absence from duty.

In 3% of cases absence by is used

Unless otherwise stated, all figures in this bulletin relate to employees on adult rates whose earnings for the survey pay period were not affected by absence.

In 3% of cases absence for is used

Apologies for absence are received, minutes are approved and signed.

Payment is allowed for absence up to a maximum of 13 weeks in a calendar year.

The Client agrees Developer is not liable for absence of service as a result of illness or holiday.

In 1% of cases absence about is used

This underscores the cautionary warning embodied in that old adage about absence of proof.

In 1% of cases absence as is used

If the private communication of a person identified in the authorization was not intercepted, for reasons such as absence, technical difficulties, etc.

In 1% of cases absence including is used

Get to know all applicable legislation on employee misconducts including absence from duty, the organization's disciplinary rules and.

In 1% of cases absence on is used

Applicable Laws on Absence from Duty Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all laws relating to absence from duty.

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