Prepositions used with "consciousness"

of, in, to, between or for consciousness?

Word Frequency
In Top 1000 words
In 77% of cases consciousness of is used

In a very stream of consciousness.

The Law of Continuity of Consciousness.

This is the fifth station of consciousness.

Farima spent nine days in the hospital, flickering in and out of consciousness.

The practice of understanding is the main transformative agent of consciousness.

The three fundamental states of consciousness are waking, sleeping and dreaming.

So after New York, I had a week to record something stream of consciousness style, and that was the first EP.

Every higher sphere or inner sphere of consciousness includes all the lower or outer spheres of consciousness.

Hobson came to believe that the interplay of these chemical processes is responsible for all of consciousness.

I don't know who to blame, Is it me or is it you? Violent death and viruses, And lack there-of of consciousness.

In 8% of cases consciousness in is used

It takes a change in consciousness.

It is this interruption in consciousness that leads to the illusion of the stopped clock.

The tyrants and controllers will become lost in consciousness most not even knowing their name.

The neuromaniacal conviction, as Tallis sees it, wants to explain consciousness in terms of physics.

Symptoms include nausea, bloating, lapses in consciousness and seizures due to swelling of the brain.

Such inhibited feelings and impulses may appear in consciousness in the high state, often without effort of the person.

The ' alteration in consciousness ' we experience via our experience of the numenosum is therefore not a comfortable one.

It would seem that if a change in consciousness were to occur, then musical expression would have to play a part in that process.

If our theory of the universe that we have does not explain consciousness, then maybe we do not have a good theory of the universe.

In 3% of cases consciousness to is used

After about two hours she returned to consciousness and awareness.

He was brought back to consciousness and mounted the animal again.

Everything around me was moving slowly all that I can see is her smile I started to shiver I came back to consciousness as my cousin called.

Others, and probably the bulk of the responses, autonomously operate without being consciously attended to, and come to consciousness only when necessary.

In 2% of cases consciousness between is used

There, filling every gap between consciousness, lies the capacity for our very existence and assists in every action we then take.

The relationship between consciousness and zero-point energy affects our ability to manifest a free-energy technology in our world.

Searle thus admits a crucial difference between consciousness and electricity or liquidity or digestion: consciousness is special in that it can not be explained.

In 2% of cases consciousness for is used

In 1990 Koch and Crick claimed that this oscillation accounts for consciousness (i.

Many cognitive abilities are important for consciousness, and we don't yet have a complete picture.

In 2% of cases consciousness into is used

Slowly, the reality seeps into consciousness.

Little by little and somewhat reluctantly, I came into consciousness around the wisdom this new power animal had for my life.

In 2% of cases consciousness on is used

Vision: A window on consciousness.

His ideals on consciousness and suffering does not only dehumanise the unborn it does also to those in vegetative states, infants and less able adults.

In 2% of cases consciousness without is used

A mind without consciousness is a mind gone astray; an individual who has lost consciousness is one who has gone astray.

As Tallis writes: ' The very notion of a complete account of the world in physical terms is of a world without appearance and hence a world without consciousness.

But his mind was elsewhere? with death, with his grief, and his remorse; mechanicaly, without consciousness of what he was doing, he began to shoulder his way through the crowd.

In 1% of cases consciousness from is used

Since despite the duality of the nervous system, the vegetative life can not completely evade from consciousness, it was important to know the scope and the modality of their reciprocal relations.

In 1% of cases consciousness with is used

This has a great deal to do with consciousness.

None of us exist alone, and we are all vast beings with consciousness that extends to the far reaches of the universe.

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